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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

on 10 April 2017
My friend loved this musician. CD was in good condition.
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VINE VOICEon 13 April 2008
Frank Turner is genuinely a phenomenon. It has been ten years since, in the height of Brit Pop, any musician or group of musicians completely engrossed me. But Turner, in the last five months since I first came across him, as totally got me. Frank Turner is a songwriter of great talent - if it wasn't (probably) against his code of ethics, he could probably make a fortune writing for others. His music - as the acoustic folk artist he has become since his days with punk rock band Million Dead - is all melodies and lyrics. The melodies are weaving and exciting. They are never derivative and the fit sweetly with the lyrics. Turner's voice has an impressive range, and is full of emotion. As a lyricist, he has an amazing knack of writing exactly what you are thinking, of being honest and open, and of saying all the things you wish you'd said - to yourself, your friends, current and former lovers, and to the world.

Here, on his second album, the sound is fuller - he uses his band more than on his previous releases. There are plenty of guitars (electric and acoustic), drums and even some strings. This feels totally natural, as once again Frank treats us to songs about life as a musician and a young (although getting old) person.

For me, Frank Turner has the ability to send shivers down my spine in almost any of his songs, written about almost any subject. These vary from the spectacular Photosynthesis (I won't sit down, I won't shut up, and most of all I will not grow up) to the heart-rending Long Live The Queen. In between, my favourite is probably To Take You Home, an incredibly folky and wonderfully warm love song. Either that, or the amazing opener, I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous.

This is the natural development from Sleep Is For The Week, and contains a group of songs as good (if not better) than those on his first album. If you love Frank, you won't be disappointed. If you don't know anything about Frank, then you should.

I can't imagine he can go on without developing a huge following. If he ever does make the big time, I will be at once delighted (for someone who I feel a huge affinity with, and who I feel like I know having listened to all his songs) and disappointed - that our little secret is being taken away from me.

Buy this.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 July 2015
One of the truly phenomenal singer/song writing talents in recent years, Frank Turner followed-up his critically acclaimed debut album with the more accomplished 'Love Ire & Song' in 2008, which was combination of folk, rock and punk music, always with superb, passionate vocals, production (by Frank and his musician pal Ben Lloyd), and first-class guitar playing.

What I love about this man's music the most really, is the sheer rawness and honesty that comes through in the words of his songs. Despite what the frankly rather home-made looking front cover might suggest to you, this is one truly amazing album, made up of a variety of upbeat and slower folk rock tunes with beautiful melodies. If I was pushed to pick out a few of my favourites, I think I'd have to highlight the instant anthem that is 'Photosynthesis', the tender ballad 'Love Worth Keeping', the catchy 'Long Live the Queen', which released as a single benefit the Breast Cancer Campaign, and the quite brilliant 'Substitute', which could have actually been written specially for me, until he sings the final verse that is. Like I have said in the title of this review, 'Love Ire & Song' demonstrates both sides of love, and does this very well.

I don't think anything I can write in a review though will fully do justice in praising his huge talents, so I just highly recommend that you buy 'Love Ire & Song' and hear the brilliance of Hampshire's Frank Turner for yourself. I can almost guarantee that once you hear it, you'll want more of his albums in your collection.
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on 2 July 2008
The hardest working guy in music is back with his second full length solo album, a year after the debut - where does he find the time? Love, Ire and Song is musically more accomplished than Frank's previous output, though a little less energetic.

This time around the lyrical themes draw mostly upon his recent experiences as a solo artist who seemingly never stops, especially the impact of this non stop work ethic on relationships. This is nothing new, Frank has always sung about what is on his mind. Compare Frank's honesty to the majority of "production line pop" love songs and it is easy to see why he has such a loyal fan base. Frank will not short change you with fantasy worlds, false experiences or anything such nonsense.

Not that failed relationships and loneliness are the only themes here. Frank still has the knack for sharp social commentary and stinging one liners, many of which are crammed into the title track, Love, Ire and Song. Despite this being a folk album, the values honed in the hardcore scene are still abundant in Frank's current music.

All in all, this is a great album that continues down the path that Frank has been walking since 2005. Not many artists have the intelligence, stamina or balls to do what Frank does, and for that reason alone you should buy his albums. Your record collection will be all the better for it! And if you like what you hear, make sure you catch him live - he will probably be playing at a venue near you soon...
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on 4 August 2011
I bought this on the back of the excellent England keep my bones and wow was I not dissapointed, I'd even go as far as to say this is better.

Frank is a lyrical genius.

Can't wait to see him live.
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on 12 February 2015
Having heard Frank Turner's "The First Three Years", an album which reflected on his first few years work as a solo artist after leaving Million Dead, there was no way I couldn't listen to more of his music. After all, the genre he works in, mainly folk based but with frequent rock twists, was one I enjoy listening to and my first experience with his work proved that he was very adept within that field.

Compilations like that can be a bit patchy due to their nature, so it seemed only fair I judge him not only on that, but also on his studio work. Fortunately, the version of "The First Three Years" I picked up also came packaged with his second studio album, "Love, Ire & Song", so I didn't have to go too far to get a taste of Turner's studio work.

Apart from a couple of slightly weaker moments, this is another great album from Frank Turner. If you're a fan of folk-rock influenced acts like Mundy, you'll find a lot to enjoy in here. Those who prefer their rock a little more mainstream may find him a little too folk influenced, but if you want to broaden your horizons in that direction, then there is no better place to start. Even if the music isn't to your taste, the story telling in some of the lyrics is impressive and quite often highly amusing.

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on 27 May 2011
Frank Turner is the greatest export the UK has right now. Having heard him on Radio 1 at the back end of 2009, and getting hold of his entire back catalogue, I feel that Love, Ire and Song is his strongest effort of the lot. Not only does Frank manage to say what many of us feel about not only our own lives, but the state of the country in general, but he does so with such beautiful melodies, that his voice manages to make me feel more than music rarely ever does. Listening to the lyrics on this album fills me with anger in that I can't express myself in the ways that he does, and how easily it comes to him. My personal favourites on this album are definitely Love, Ire and Song itself, along with the radio tracks of Long Live the Queen and Reasons Not To Be An Idiot. The albums acoustic/folk/punk rock sound really is a breath of fresh air in the frankly stagnant music industry we find ourselves lumbered with, and gives a glimmer of hope that the British music industry isn't as dead as it seems.
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on 3 November 2012
This is one of my favourite albums of his. Buy it, it's awesome. Love Substitute the most I think. Oh and also Photosynthesis.... and Long Live the Queen. And all the other songs. Great album with a nice real, punk-folk sound =)
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on 20 January 2009
Frank Turner's second album, and it compliments the first greatly, with songs about heartfelt relationship breakdowns which anyone can relate to. This guy is real, and his voice just captivates me, with lyrics that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end (clichéd i know, but true). If you are knew to Frank, I would definitely recommend this album.

Frank incorporates realism, emotion and humour in this album, and makes it a truly great buy. If you ever get a chance to see Frank play live, go. He really is amazing, and the atmosphere in the room when he plays is just electric! Don't let it pass you by.
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on 18 February 2010
Perhaps the best albums from the decade I have heard, Frank's mixture of poignant lyrics and wonderful acoustic music stand out for me as being so different and effective. Perhaps not as consistent as other albums i listen to, there are some weak links, but these are more than made up by some truly unique and brilliant tracks on the album, I would definitely recommend this album to anyone interested in a different yet modern style of music to what you plastered all over the radio and T.V.
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