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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Satan's Circus
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on 15 October 2004
This is not Scorpio Rising volume two (Or Contino Sessions volume Three for that matter). Nope, this is new ground for DIV. Gone are the celeb vocalist on what is an entirely instrumental affair. It's a bit schizophrenic. Sometimes its an out and out homage to early 70's German music - 'Ein Fur De Damen' (great title) is a sweet Harmonia tribute, 'Zugaga' is Trans Europe Kraftwerk and 'Sons Of Rother' is something from Neu 1. Other songs tend to be a bit more vague - slightly sombre and moody ambient type things, sometimes with a big bad Wobble(y) bass - a bit akin to some of the darker Two Lone Swordsmen efforts. So it's all change, but is it a change for the good? Probably yes. I don't think that they have nailed it this time, but perhaps another LP in this vein that manages to marry the two sounds and come up with something that is more original but retains the motorik urgency would be a winner.
PS The free live CD is not bad. Its basically some of the best songs from the first three LPs without vocals (mostly). Shows off the grinding guitars in a better light! The Value For Money factor of this would knock it up to 4 stars
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on 30 November 2004
While almost universally panned in the press with long-time fans being much kinder, throwing myself in the latter category I have to say that this CD is a must for those who've stuck with the band thus far. Yes, it's stripped down, minus any bombast, but it's still undeniably DiV. A mellow affair, it will remain in my rotation for a long time to come simply because it's nice to work and read to. It's subtlety resolves itself slowly, like the long finish of a fine single malt.
The live CD is excellent, arguably better than the studio album if you're really attached to their older sound.
DiV have always slipped a notch with each successive release without ever falling off the edge. This album thankfully ends that trend, but simply moves the band in a different direction all together. Anyway, with 2 CDs, c'mon, it's a ganga!
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on 25 December 2008
Like others have said, different to other DiV albums, but possibily my favourite. In parts this can bring me to tears if I'm in a certain frame of mind, in the way some prog rock can. Not because it's so emotional, but because it just somehow relaxes the mind, the barriers, and the mind can wander with it. It's rare for modern electronic music to do that, but this is prime example of some that can.

Some tracks are nothing special, but the ones that are special make the album worth checking out.
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VINE VOICEon 26 October 2004
The Guardian concluded that 'casual listeners should say nein' to this album. It is a harsh but kinda fair assessment. Death In Vegas have made a reputation out of collaborating with big rock artists (Liam Gallagher, Bobby Gillespie, Mazzy Star) and for producing commercial-friendly pop anthems (Dirge, Aisha). This fourth studio album goes back to the dance/electronica days of Dead Elvis. It's a pure instrumental record and no high-profile vocals and collaborations are to be found.
Instead, there's a definite Kraftwerk theme littered across the album and tracks like 'Kontroll' and 'Eine Fur Die Damen' more than hint at the electro influences of the classic German band. They sound pleasant and catchy enough but in a more slow-burning style rather than the block-rocking style of 'Death Threat'. 'Heil Xanax' starts with haunting vocal effects before an infectious bassline kicks in. It's all quite lo-fi and simple but Fearless's musical genius qualities are obvious throughout the album. Parts of the record really did make mine spine tingle.
There's enough pleasant guitar and organ hooks littered across the record; 'Sons of Rother' starts of with basic synths, followed by live drums and a head-bopping melody runs throughout the track with smatterings of knob-twiddlings. Like I said, it's simple and fairly laid-back. 'Candy McKensie' is a bit more haunting and live instruments (bass, drums, pianos) are used to create a beautiful piece of music.
Yet the highlight is the epic 'Anita Berber' where subtle indie guitars slowly build up throughout and isn't dissimilar to '68 Balcony' on the first album. It's not a particularly accessible for those looking for quick and cheap music thrills. Fearless opts for a more sophisticated and subtle sound and Death In Vegas fans will truly appreciated this stripped organic album. The album maybe not for the 'casual listener' but a must for those who are familiar with Fearless's work.
A few words about the live album: it does need to be played fairly loud and the live versions of the tracks are pretty innovative. Highlights include the indie-spangled Leather/Girls, the psychadelic 'Flying' and the high-energy funk ditty 'Rekkit'.
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on 10 January 2005
This is a new sound of Death in vegas but i am a fan already.
this is daring record but if people do not take risks in music there would be no imagination. The vocals are gone and are replaced with a darker electrosound scape. carved out with samples and bass. I am already a fan of kraftwork so i like this record, my favourite tune is Head as it is a mixture of old and new death in vegas but ends up sounding fresh and new. My copy has a live cd with it which is excellent this is worth the price alone.
Keep up the edge on the music nice to see that that they have their own record label now! May not suit everyones taste but buy it if you are a open minded music fan this may surprise you.
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on 17 May 2005
DIV return with a stonker. Gone are the hit n miss collaborations and in comes bucketfuls of motorik neu and can influences. If you enjoy music that slowly grows on you ( eg Ulrich Schnauss, Afuken etc) this is a must have! It's almost bare instrumentation sounds very refreshing in this day and age. Whatever preconceptions you may have about Death In Vegas, i strongly recommend that you leave them behind and dive in! Fans of LCD Soundsystem, Kraftwerk and Vitalic will love this! I DO!
I wonder what the lost Oasis album would of sounded like?
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on 24 October 2004
It's a bargain, obviously: The live CD is worth the price of admission alone, especially if you're a longs standing DiV fan. Lovely chaps that they are, they included a whole new album with it. Satan's Circus is pretty good, they've gone for a back to basics approach, no guest spots, no huge orchestras, just a load of keyboards set to kraut. And it's generally good stuff, although the fetishisation of the Krautrock aesthetic does verge towards the comedic. The ambience is there also, but as my previous favorite DiV album was Dead Elvis - which had a strict 50/50 RAWK!/Ambience split - this is No Bad Thing to me. Your mileage may vary. However, if you're a fan of the band from way back then I heartily reccomend this for the live disc - And you get a nice kraut-synthpop album thrown in for good measure.
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on 24 January 2010
Excellant C D - 10 out of 10.
Very relaxing - it takes you to a different planet - without the need for any drugs,
Listen to this and open your mind - Electronic at its best. Glad I have found this band - just wish it had been sooner.
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