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Customer Reviews

3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 21 September 2013
OK so it kept my attention during the film.

But then very let down by the 'fizzle' of an ending.

The aliens leave and we are left with the impression that they have turned off the worlds power.
Very weak
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on 29 June 2012
Take a classic movie, show it to a 5 year-old and give them a jotter and a biro, ask them to write about it 3 weeks after they watched it... and this is pretty much what we have here.

One cliche after another. Total failure to build characters in a realistic manner... rediculous plot... I could go on!

In short this is a master class in how NOT to make a movie.

I can't believe such an iconic movie masterpiece has been slaughtered with such an appallingly bad remake. I mean... how do you do that?
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First off I'm not a fan of the original whining about how a classic has been destroyed. The original had some standout moments but was, overall, a bit of a bore.
Here the same set-up is followed with Keanu Reeves pottering around the Mountains in India, being taken and returned by an alien sphere that later returns,(this time to central park), and out pops a Reeves clone all ready to start the countdown to the apocalypse. Into this is thrown Jennifer connellys 'scientist' who at first befriends him but, once she learns his mission, is horrified and tries to stop him. She runs around with her 'moppet' haired step son who is a general pain in the butt. Lots of running around and then a hurried and frankly pretty obscure ending.
Dark and moody? Nah dull and cheap more like it. The middle section holds out some hope of a cool alien and a sombre message but of course Hollywood is only interested in cash so everything is sold down the river to get a 12 certificate and kerching those tills!
The real problem here is the truly horrendous CGI and some of the biggest clangers and lazy writing ever seen on a cinema screen. Roads are closed and security around the sphere is locked down tight but when the scientists arrive all suited up and wander in on their own they are eventually joined by a rag tag group of soldiers and NYPD squad cars with everybody talking twaddle and general mayhem. The budget was so tight that real helicopters could not be used and so we have them CGI'd, badly, changing size, shape and colour as they fly through one another and magically land without moving the leaves on the ground around them. The eventual release of the planet killer see's it eat trucks, roads and buildings in it's path but incredibly leave pylons unscathed. The scene of Reeves being 'interrogated' is hilarious as he sits with 2 stupid bits of curly wire slapped to his head while being interviewed in a sort of saturday night live style parody of the Matrix. Incredibly, considering he is a newly arrived alien scaring the pants of everyone, the interviewer is on his own and no one else is watching what is going on!
Apparently the army can build a 50 foot steel self locking tower to capture the giant robot that appears from the orb along with a giant elevator beneath central park to transport it below ground to a ready made lab in order to test it in just 1 day! They can't drill through the robots shell but miraculously someone claims they have carried out a PET scan!
Continuity laziness and graphics tat aside what really drops this into the file marked 'burn' are the actors. Connelly looks embarrassed, Reeves is just his usual dull character, we have John Cleese turn up half way through, talk rubbish for five minutes and then disappear again without a trace. Worst of all this films sins though is the decision that, in an effort to win over the brat cash, with 10 minutes left to go Connelleys step son suddenly becomes the major character and gets to bore us all to sleep with his lousy acting and poor dialogue.
This could have been a really strong and poignant movie but instead is just rubbish. It is so bad that it could have becomes the 21st century's answer to 'plan 9 from outer space' but is such an obvious cash in and so completely devoid of any charm that it can't even manage that.
One of the worst films I have ever seen.
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When the original version was released in the early fifties i suspect it carried an 'A' Certificate, which today would be a '15' maybe, being released now as ( a 'PG' )
This version ? i bought it because of what should have been a 'special effects' spectacle, truth is it could have been so much better in that department .
'Keanu Reeves' does what 'Keanu Reeves' does....walks...talks ?
The story line is about an Alien intent on saving the planet from the human race, eliminating...yes...the human race...who ( sounds familiar ) seem hell bent on destroying a great living space for short term gains.
Can the 'Alien' be convinced that rather than destroy us, we could actually change...and do the right thing ( in reality...probably not )
The film lacked the tension element that movies like this really need, probably not enough excitement for most ?
worth a watch at least..... to buy ?............well i did obviously...but I'd have to say 'rent' it on 'Blu-ray' first, then make a choice of to buy or not to buy.
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on 14 April 2009
This really is one of the worst movies that I have seen for a very long time. I go to the cinema 2-3 times a week but this is without a doubt the most fed up I've been in a film for quite some time. A genuine waste of time and effort. I'm not a Keanu hater but he has nothing to do in this film. Will Smith produces and so he sticks his annoying kid in as the main child actor. Skip this or get hold of the original. Don't waste your money.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 February 2015
I approached this film with an open mind and having watched Darren Aronofky's Noah the previous day was struck with the almost identical theme of man ruining Earth and having to be eradicated from the planet. The collecting of living species into various spheres present around the planet is very biblical as is the judgement of mankind's behaviour, in this case by Keanu Reeves' Klaatu, a representative of a group of alien races concerned at the destructive nature of mankind. In the original 1951 film the conceit was the need to stop the potentially aggressive military expansion of the human race whereas in this film it is the need to ensure the survival of Earth, a unique planet in danger of being destroyed by man. The first half an hour of the film was promising - the arrival of the alien spaceship, the expected hostility and suspicion about the alien being, the human race seen through an alien's eyes (the highlight of the film for me was the conversation between Klaatu and another alien observer who had been present on earth in human form for 70 years). However, as the film progressed the screenplay seemed dull and uninspiring, relying too much on special effects as poor characterisation and plotting resulted in lamentable acting. A thoroughly disappointing film which I will not be watching again.
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on 20 January 2014
The original fifties movie The Day The Earth Stood Still was a riveting, gripping and thrilling piece of moviedrama that for all its future primitive limitations actually had a well written script you could wholly embrace with characters who were warm and enduring. This however, the noughties remake is a dull overproduced piece of hollywood garbage at its worst! I'm sorry for such a harsh appraisal, in that i don't want to spoil it for the kids of today that like sci fi, my advise to you would be trash this rubbish (sorry i'm off again!) and get the original, its a great, possibly the best saucer movie ever made. This remake is difficult to understand as the plot is all over the place and the characters, shady at best. Even the robot that was so menacing in the original comes across as nothing more than an impotent doodle of computer animated graphics that bear no attachment to the scenery or set whatsoever. In fact its like gaming mine craft or something which is quite frankly where the old movies win over todays 'all the gear, no idea' productions. What they did with the most basic technology was mind blowing, they made you really believe it. Today, sadly they leave me bored, cgi overkill has destroyed the imagination and caters to a lazy audience where style over substance takes centre stage. Pass.
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on 27 March 2012
The Good - The effects of this are far better than the original which look weak now. I think Kathy Bates, Jennifer Connelly and Keanu Reeves do well with the elements that the script gives them (perverse I know).
The Automaton is very impressive,
The Bad the script. Some of the emphasis shift to Starman mythos takes too much away for me - Ultimately - I did not feel the threat was real nor the reason for it well enough explained. 2 out of 5.
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on 10 July 2009
Having never seen the original I can only judge this movie on its own merits, which - if it has any - are impossible to define.

The Big Glowing Orbs (UFOs) are so unimaginative it baffles the mind. Click on a decent Mexican-made UFO hoax on youtube and you will be more impressed (The morphing 'bundle of balloons' video for example).The Independence Day opening with the UFOs entering orbit is far superior and almost (if not) a decade earlier. Stars for UFO = Zero.

The Robot is a homage to the original design - Humanoid (two-arms-two-legs), bland with a red cyclopic lens similar (if not snatched) from Battle-Star Galactica. No originality there. Stars for Robot = Zero.

The 'Earth Killer' Bug-Swarm. Metal insects like in the Matrix, acting like Locusts. Chewing up the truck was fun and perhaps the only moment of the movie that I actually enjoyed. As a device for annihilation it is uninspired and unimaginative, visually unappealing (sans the aforementuioned truck) and overall unimpressive. Stars for Bugs = 0.5

The Plot/Message - Consumer society and humanity's warlike tendencies are wreaking irreversible damage to the Planet, therefore they must be wiped-out. Nothing new there. Plot/Message Stars = Zero

Sub-plot - Child growing up without his father, raised by his adopted mother. Annoying - especially as he is ill-controlled and a rat/snitch. Strangely genocidal and murderous child, claims his deceased father would have 'Killed the Aliens - just in case'. Highlights the above plot. Nothing original, barely emotional, doesn't raise sympathy, empathy or anything. Subplot Stars = Zero.

Keanu Reeves/The Alien - In human Form. Ho-hum. Nothing imaginative in creature-design. Acting is suitably devoid of emotion for a creature that does not understand humanity. Reeves need apply no further acting skills than acting in Neutrality. Stars for Alien = Zero.

Conolly/Protagonist - Stock-character. One-dimensional. Ellicits no real emotional response. Vehicle for Plot (lol). Nothing. Stars for Jennifer = 0.5.

Overall = 1 Star. 1 Generous Star.

Utter Garbage.
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on 20 August 2013
Enjoyed this movie,liked the original but this one is better.Keanu reeves is good as the mostly expressionless alien who has come to right the wrongs of the human race.Decent story good acting and great ending recommended
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