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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 10 November 2004
First of all i'll say that I'm a die-hard eminem fan, and I love all of his music... until now. Encore is nothing short of a lack-luster attempt to get people to buy the album by solely using his name. The sad part is that the beats on this album a lot of the songs are FIRE, but eminem starts to rap and screws everthing up by either trying to be funny or exhibiting a wack flow that Pee-Wee Herman can probably outshine.
I was SEVERELY disappointed at this CD since I have been waiting for this for years, but now I thing I'll just put about 4 of the songs on a mix CD (yeah, there's only about 4 good tracks besides Mosh). If he would have put the same effort into this that he put into The Marshall Mathers LP or The Eminem Show, this would have easily been another classic. I hope his next CD will be better because he has let down fans worldwide with this one.
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on 30 November 2004
Yes thats right no matter what anyone else says Eminem is on the top of his game!
Yes alright the album has a few strange songs mainly 'big weenie' and 'rainman' but thats what slim shady is about serious one minute and then joking around as we saw with 'just lose it'.
This album see's him team up with Dre, 50, obie, D12 and stat quo making for a great mix of shady humour with the seriousness of his life.
Totally worth buying if your a Em fan no matter what anyone says! Have Fun!
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on 26 October 2014
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on 12 November 2004
Being a massive fan of the whole aftermath/shady/g unit crew i had also bin looking forward to this Eminem album since the release of his last in 2002. But on my first listen of Encore i flet slightly dissapointed. Being an M.C myself an got my own group up2, i look 2 shady an others 2 inspire me with new, original stuff. But i found Encore not up2 scratch wiv tha likes of The Eminem Show an DEFFINATLY marshall mathers lp which i think is his best. Although many will debate this i also found the slim shady lp quite refreshing, eminem was still young, his spits were raw and there was no other like him. But now since hangin wiv g unit i think he wishes to b a bit like them. But on encore their are a few good songs on ther which r definatly worth a look, they r "Like toy soldiers" 1 of tha best tracks, tha depth of it reminds me of Till i colapse, also "spend sum time" like tha beat on it, an i fink each verse frm all 4 artists were gd, "Puke" quite amusing, not 4 tha faint hearted tho wiv tha sound effects, "one shot 2 shot" anotha gr8 d12 track, "Encore" is also ok, also "Mockingbird" so touchin an gr8 depth 2 tha track, u can tell its all real, i actually felt sorri 4 him wen he sed he cried caz he cudnt afford xmas presents 4 hallie, an kim sed they were frm him wen she bought them, others worth a listen is "yellow brick road" and "rain man" pointless but amusing. Avoid "Ass like that",and "Big Weenie" also didnt mention Jus lose it and mosh caz uve heard it already, u make ur minds up on those...
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on 31 January 2005
For Eminem, Encore is a very average album. Don't get me wrong, there are some very strong songs on this album, such as "Like Toy Soldiers", "Mockingbird" and "Spend Some Time".
Where this album falls down on is the middle 8 songs/skits. In my opinion, there are way too many "jokey" songs on this album. For example, "Just Lose It", "Puke", "Ass Like That" to name a few... On first listening, these songs irritated me. And a couple of months later i find my self skipping through the album straight from "Like Toy Soldiers" to "Spend Some Time". Which means i don't listen to even half of the album.
All these sorts of songs has given the album a very commercialised feel which makes me prefer his other albums to this one. He seems to have lost part of what i loved about "The Marshall Mathers LP", which is the crazy side to him. On MMLP it felt like he didn't care who he offended and you never knew what he was going to say or who he was going to talk about killing next.
I've heard rumours that this album is going to be Em's last solo album, which i seriously hope it isn't going to be or this would be a very dissapointing end to the solo career of one of the most inspiring rappers of all time. Hopefully, if there is a next album from him, it will be an all guns blazing effort to get back to his former excellence.
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on 9 November 2004
I have listened to this album over and over for the last week and i can confirm it is a good album.
However, it would of been a better album if he had cut out the immaturity, I thought I was the only one that thought some of the songs are just ridiculous.
If he put out a 14 maybe 16track album, cutting out the pointless records, it would have been a 5star album, these tracks ruin the high quility and flow of the album.
Eminem is not a GREAT producer, shame "the dre" did not do the whole lot really, but he did the majority them, and that is good enough.
There are some exellent tracks on this.
Crazy in love
Toy solder
One shot 2 shot
track 3 (sorry I can not be bothered to look at my ipod for the name)
Good tacks
Just loose it
Yellow brick road
With the rest being pretty poor
If he was more serous in the songs then the album would be taken more seriously, with the fans treating it more serously.
At first i thought it was quility, then I put on Toupac's, and immediatly his thoughts were passed through to me, THAT IS WHAT MUSIC IS ALL ABOUT, with Eminem failing to impress often in this album.
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on 12 November 2004
I've just listened through the whole album a few times in a row in case Im wrong, but no - its all pretty terrible. It is supposed to take off where The Eminem Show left off but doesnt match up in any way. Most of the tracks feel like theyve been thrown together and the lyrics are childish, often just becoming random words. The only tunes worth listenin to are Never Enough(just because 50 cent actually spits a good verse for once), Toy Soldiers(best song on album by far- more for the chorus and the beat than the rapping) and Mosh. Eminem seems busier cracking gross-out gags than giving us the genius lyrics we all know and love. Of course it'll still go multi-platinum just because its Eminem but the fact is if this was any other artist youd all be on here giving it bad reviews. Thank God we've got artists out there like Talib Kweli and Mos Def giving us real hip-hop
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on 14 November 2004
I'll keep this brief. There are some very good Eminem tracks on this album (Toy Soldiers, Spend Some Time, Mocking Bird, Puke, Yellow Brick Road) but the stinkers outweigh the good tracks. Many have suggested that Em has taken his eye off the ball and this would be an accurate assessment. It just seems unfocussed. Too many filler tracks, too many tracks trying to trade of childish gimmicks. Having said all that fans of Eminem will buy this album by the bucketful so he probably won't be that bothered, but I suggest that Em concentrates on his own music rather than his proteges, and puts his next album together with the care that his first albums were constructed with. Then he will have another classic on his hands. Unfortunely, this one will probably get filed as 'his worst album yet'
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on 21 November 2004
No, I'm not going to give it 5 starts cos' it doesn't deserve it! It is, however, a GOOD album. I was disappointed after the first listen because I was expecting too much after the genius that was The Eminem Show. The truth is Em just doesn't seem to have anything controversial to talk about anymore. That said one listen to Mosh shows you just how controversial he can be. Not my fave on the album - Mosh, that award goes to Like Toy Soldiers, surely his next single.
Other highlights include Rain Man, Just Lose It, and Ass Like That. I would much rather have an album packed full of good songs, rather than a mix of very good, average, and awful. This album falls into the latter category, but is still a very worthy purchase.
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on 13 November 2004
I can only assume the other people who "reviewed" this album did so by hearing a song here and there and then assuming they could review the album. Let me say were i do have done this i prob would have given it 2 stars and one just because it was Eminem.
However hearing the album straight through everything clicks into place. From least self respective song ever: Mosh to his first real party tune Just lose it this album is Ems best overall effort.
Ok there is no Stan, Superman or As the World Turns but it is a 5/5 album and the best rap album since the greeatest rap album of all time Life After Death by The Notorious B.I.G. All serious Hip-Hop fans will realise this
Peace Out
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