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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Man Mountain
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on 13 October 2002
Like many other people, I bought this album on the strength of the previous one 'Nothing Changes Under the Sun' - and I had to remind myself that when I first got that album it took several plays before it grew on me - it was exactly the same with this album.
This is not an album you should review after a single play - there's no rush to be first on Amazon! Give it a little time and you'll find there are some great tracks (some forgettable ones too - as with any album). The style is definitely different here - with more variety than NCUTS. What's impressive is there are proper songs on this album, rather than just instumental tracks with a few words over them. 'What We've won' has got a great build up (and is my fav track), while the ensemble singing in 'Season Song' is reminiscent of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall'. The songs really shine out over the instrumental-only tracks, perhaps this is where the other reviewers tripped up on this album.
In short if you liked NCUTS as much as me, I doubt you will be disappointed with this album. Give it some time, because the artist has moved on - let's hope it's not without his fans.
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on 19 January 2005
At 43 i am perhaps one of the older reviewers for this type of music.My interest started after going to Ibiza a few years back.
Being a big fan of Zero 7 and Air i was pleasantly surprised when i bought NCUTS.Its a mighty fine album.
I bought Man Mountain a few months ago and feel its as good as anything the 2 previous groups mentioned have done.
The use of Tahita Bulmer as vocalist in many of the songs especially for me Only Today and Adrift was a stroke of genious.There is a warmth and depth to her voice which works fantastically well with the rich orchestration of a terriffic album.
A close your eyes and let the music carry you to a higher level album.
I liked the album so much i decided to buy there latest album The Soundings.Every group has to grow i guess but for me they took to big a step away from the music i love them for.
I thank them for the pleasure they have given me with there first 2 albums and i hope for there sake they can create a new fan base for the new music or that fans stick with them regardless.
If it doesn`t work fellas start writing film scores you`ll make a mint.I wish you all well for the future.
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on 2 December 2014
NOT BAD! But not anywhere near as good as the debut. Yes there are some cracking tracks there for sure but it's not as good as I thought it would be im afraid. If you are new to Blue States you may love it, but me, I am a massive fan of album No1. Sorry! Even if I was to not compare this to anything else it does lack something FOR ME. Great production and nice vocals but it just didn't take me to another place which I expected. Above average but not as good as original album get nothing changes under the sun It blows this out of the water.
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on 29 March 2003
This is starting to become something of a habit, seeing people reviewing things on Amazon purely on the basis of a previous album that the artist has done. As with Kinobe's outstanding second album, 'Versebridgechorus', this album is being slated for being different to its predecessor. I have no idea why, as 'Man Mountain' is clearly fantastic.
This is the only Blue States album I have, so I am reviewing it purely on its own merits. It's smoother and silkier than a very smooth and silky thing in a silk shop, and unlike some, I actually enjoyed it from the first listen. Very lazy beats combine with sublime acoustic guitar and piano work, some brass, electronic sprinkles and strings. Some parts of it vaguely remind me of the awesome Air soundtrack to 'The Virgin Suicides', but not as dark or dramatic, and with longer tracks (The Virgin Suicides is fantastic but too many tracks are cut short). The vocals on a couple of tracks are excellent, but the music itself is way better - just the sort of thing to laze around to, always engaging, thoughtful and funky but never becoming a boring background like some chill that you find.
I actually consider the aforementioned Kinobe album to be way better than their first, so when I increase my Blue States collection I am geared for disappointment - This album is very impressive, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes quality chilled music such as Kinobe, K&D, Thievery Corporation, St. Germain, Zero 7, etc.
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on 2 March 2003
I read the first couple of reviews of this album and almost let them put me off getting this album but, after another listen to the first album, I simply had to judge it for myself. After the first couple of listens I have to admit I was dissapointed, it just didn't grab me at all. But after a few more chances it really, really grew on me. It doesn't quite match the quality of it's predecessor Nothing Changes Under the Sun but it's still a very good album.
The highlights, for me, are the opening track - Metro Sound and Season Song. Metro Sound could have easily fitted on to Nothing Changes... a nice slow beat with some blissful strings on top. Season Song is more representitive of this album. The impressive vocalist who performs throughout is backed up with an almost childlike chorus to create a really great sound.
If you liked Nothing Changes... you should definitely get this album. It's a bit darker and you might not be instantly impressed but persevere, it really is a great album once you get to know it.
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on 26 July 2002
Listening to "Man Mountain," with it's lush orchestration, broad cinematic sweep, infinitely catchy tunes you can't help draw comparisons to the likes of Zero 7 and Goldfrapp. Mainly because once again here we have an album of exquisitely crafted songs with plenty of heart and soul.
I must admit to being initially pleasantly surprised to see this album featuring far more vocals than the debut LP "Nothing Changes." These sweetly melancholic vocals provided by Tahita Bulmer permeate throughout and there is even a choir on the blessed and uplifting "Season Song."
It's not just more of the same from Blue States, "Man Mountain" is far more impressive and on a much grander scale than it's predecessor... and that album was essential, so you decide!
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on 18 October 2002
I had the pleasure of seeing a recent live show incorporating most of this album. Its a bit of a departure from the first, containing some beguiling vocals and generally at a slower, more languid pace. It doesn't try as hard to impress and uses fewer harmonic tricks, feeling less contrived and richer - not that there was much wrong with Nothing Changes...
Blue States are not a chill-out band, they just seem to have been labelled as one and it would be a mistake to expect something that echoes a 60's film sountrack, as the first album did at times.
Certainly a contender for album of the year.
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on 13 May 2004
I bought this album on a whim when I saw how cheap it was. I have to say that I was mightily impressed. It really keeps the interest going with some damn fine arrangements. And the towering Season Song is on repeat right now.
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on 4 December 2010
Blue States work is not as accessable as Air or Zero 7, but it is on par with the best chill-outputs. All BS albums are classic in their own way, "Nothing changes under the sun" is probably the best one to start and then "Man Mountain", but is a close call. I am not picking out any tracks as they all have merit in their own way.

BS music grows on you and the more it is played the more you can find to be able to shut out all other things on your mind. It does have it's own distinct sound which seems to arrive from a distant place and takes you off there. If you like this then the "Soundings" is a superb next step, but you will need to play it more.
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on 27 September 2002
After a glorious debut album, much was expected from Blue States.
Man Mountain however does not deliver.
Although not a bad album in any way, Blue States had a lot to live up to.
The style differs from Nothing Changes Under The Sun, with a great deal more vocals.
Buy this album if you're a die hard fan of the genre, but otherwise, buy the debut, or look towards Bonobo or Thievery Corporation.
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