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Hugely entertaining and stylish; this latter-day western might've been filmed 20 years ago but it's still a really enjoyable romp.
Both Bruce Willis and Christopher Walken turn in their typical, quirky, charismatic performances in a film which aims a little higher than the average shoot 'em up. Set in prohibition-era West Texas, Last Man Standing has the atmosphere of pulp fiction gumshoe hardboiled noir - and the sardonic, stylised voice-over to match. It blends tommy guns and gangster action with all the cliches of a traditional western, from the corrupt sheriff to the hooker with a heart, to the damsel in distress, to the run-down shanty town with its whiskey-soaked low-lives, dusty sidewalks, a well-equipped undertaker and tumbleweeds blowing by.
Last Man Standing neatly nods to every tradition without over-stepping the mark into pastiche or comedy. It delivers action and performances which feel fresh today. And Walken was perfectly cast as the shark-eyed psycho killer...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 August 2013
Last Man Standing is directed by Walter Hill who also adapts the screenplay from a story written by Ryûzô Kikushima and Akira Kurosawa. It stars Bruce Willis, Bruce Dern, William Sanderson, Christopher Walken, David Patrick Kelly, Karina Lombard and Ned Eisenberg. Music is by Ry Cooder and cinematography by Lloyd Ahern.

Walter Hill's variant on Yojimbo, plot basically sees Willis as drifter John Smith, who after arriving in the dusty town of Jericho, promptly sets about making some serious cash by playing the town's two gangs off against each other. Smith is one tough hombre, a deadly pistoleer who has a fear of nothing, which is why the two respective gang leaders want him to work for them. Noses get put out of joint, blood flows, scores settled and a anti-hero is born, complete with permanent scowl and dry narration.

The look and sound is terrific, Cooder's pessimistic twangs are all over the plot, while the visuals dovetail between sun-baked landscapes and the misty lensed ghost town of Jericho. Hill brings his trademark stylish violence into play, with slow-mos and rapid fire shoot-outs impressive, while his skill at creating an antique atmosphere is very much in evidence. Unfortunately the narrative isn't up to much, it lacks scope and characters merely exist, making this very much a style over substance exercise. It also means that much of the cast are given only morsels to feed on. A shame when you got Walken and Kelly on overdrive when on screen.

It's an odd blend of a Western with Prohibition Noir characters, but it's unmistakably a Walter Hill film. For his fans there's enough to like about it whilst accepting it's a bit of a throwaway on the page. For the casual crime/action film fan, however, it's likely to be much ado about nothing. 7/10
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 January 2010
Don't expect too many surprises here - you are thinking of buying a Bruce Willis film after all!
As usual, he is pretty good value for money in this prohibition era gangster story, set in a dusty Texas town. Based upon the classic samurai movie, Yojimbo by Akira Kurosawa (and copied in the Clint Eastwood film - A Fistful of Dollars), Willis plays an 'on the run' mobster, who accidentally walks straight into a gang war and proceeds to play one side off against the other.
Be prepared for plenty of gunfire, violence and Willis taking his customary beating (only to spring back as tough as ever). His interaction with the two female characters of the story helps to broaden the story a little bit.

I know this film is not a classic, but is good value for money entertainment on DVD. Don't try to compare it with Yojimbo or A Fistful of Dollars, just enjoy the movie for what it is - a good gangster film with Bruce giving yet another steady performance.
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on 18 April 2014
This item was received just as stated, very punctual and well within the time of delivery stated on the order. It came very well packaged, with no damage whatsoever, and the dvd itself was in perfect condition, no jumping at all throughout the film as have been with some previous purchases I have made from other sellers. Very, very happy with this purchase, and will definitely consider buying from this seller again in the future
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on 7 December 2017
Good film, modern western. UPDATE -on 2nd watching de-rated from 4 star (good) to 3 star (average)
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on 14 May 2012
Ok, So this won't be everyone's cup of tea but if you like ridiculous action and not much in the way of long winded unnecessary chat by the actors then this is for you. Bruce maybe a little over the top in - says little, kills a lot mode but if you leave your brain at the door and enjoy it for the hick town in the middle of nowhere, all guns blazing, corny one-liners (typical Bruce Willis actually) bad guys get their comeuppance that it is, then you'll like it. Not too hard on the grey matter and you don't have to think too deeply about the meaning of the film or even how Brucie came to be there or why - to enjoy it. Think of it as a 1920's version of the first Die Hard movie and you're half way there.
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on 8 November 2013
Though not exactly clean or pleasant on the eye in terms of graphic violence. Last Man Standing isn't a classic by any means, but Bruce Willis is in his prime here and the acting of he and his co-stars, as well as the story at hand, make this perfect fodder for an enjoyable movie to watch whenever.
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on 26 August 2017
Very decent gangster romp...still decent after 20 years. Bruce Willis at his best
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on 14 July 2017
Brilliant action all the way through and gripping Bruce willis
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on 24 January 2018
Was ok.
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