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on 13 March 2016
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on 18 January 2007
Well, we've got all sorts in here. Outkast spring to mind, the jaxx are as fearless as Outkast with their borrowing from different genres and they are wholly skilled at mixing it in there. I don't know their earlier work, only a few radio tracks. I'm too old to listen to radio 1 any more let alone go to a discotheque without a chair lift and oxygen and this sounds proper good to me. a very decent album with no duffers on it.

Now, back to my Glenn Miller records.
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on 11 March 2007
Basement Jaxx isn't an album which sits naturally in my CD collection but after seeing them support Robbie last summer, thinking I'd have to grin and bear their set, I was very pleasantly surprised and found myself participating in a non-alcohol induced 'bounce'! Equally I was surprised that I knew virtually all their tracks, just didn't ever know who sung them. Bought the album straight after and wasn't disappointed - my big favourites are Hush Boy, Take me back to your house, On the Train and Everybody. Also love the Crazy Itch intro! The rest of the album is at an ok-listenable level but I don't skip past any tracks which is always a good sign!
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on 4 September 2006
Okay so before I begin better make a couple of things clear... first, I'm a huge Basement Jaxx fan, and second, I've only just finished listening to the new album for the first time... so this review is based solely on that first listen...

It's not bad... it's not great... nothing stands out especially... if i think back over the last three albums, all of them leapt out of my stereo, grabbed me by the throat, and wouldn't let go until I'd thrown myself about for a bit... unfortunately, Crazy Itch Radio hasn't even lurched at me yet...

My favourite track on the CD is probably Smoke Bubbles ... very chilled, with a wicked opening rap that leads into a smooth female vocal... interesting subject matter too, that I can relate to all too well...

Take Me Back To Your House isn't bad and will probably be the next single...... nice banjo on it, and catchy chorus that I imagine many people will wind up singing along with, and the vocalist, Martina Bang (?), does a great job...

Hey You's classic Basement Jaxx... very bouncy, with nice chanting chorus, and weird trumpet sounding bits... nice pace to it, and great vocals...

The single, Hush Boy, sounds way too much like Oh My Gosh, the single from the Greatest Hits compilation... don't get me wrong, Oh My Gosh is one of my favourite Jaxx tunes, but the fact that Hush Boy is practically a reworking makes me worry that the Jaxx may be running out of steam...

Not keen on Run 4 Cover... bit aggressive for my tastes, and can't be dealing with the cheesy sounding sample in the background (even more annoying as I can't quite place where I recognise it from!)... saying all of that I can easily see myself jumping about to it at a festival or gig, and it's certainly relentless, if nothing else...

The rest of the tracks are okay... the radio style interludes don't really add anything in my opinion... would have been much happier if they hadn't bothered, and had put a truly belting track on the CD instead...

A word about the guest vocalists... had a brief scan of the cd inlay as soon as I got it home, as it's always interesting to see who the Jaxx have got this time around... loved Siouxsie Sioux on Kish Kash... now it could be my lack of musical knowledge but didn't recognise any of the vocalists by name... and even more confused when I read on Amazon that Grace Jones and David Cassidy are guesting on this album... if they are I haven't heard them as yet (and I'm fairly sure I'd recognise Grace Jones if I heard her!)

In conclusion, based on one listen, this is the weakest of all of the Basement Jaxx albums, with only a couple of tracks to save it from being a bit rubbish... the radio theme is an interesting idea, but not particularily well done... If you're thinking of buying this, and don't have all of their earlier CDs then that's a better bet... especially if you don't own Kish Kash, one of the best CDs ever made!
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on 8 November 2006
First off, this is nothing short of a decent album, albeit the Jaxxxs 4th best...

On first listen, I was disappointed with tracks such as 'Run 4 Cover' (definatly the worst, just skip it!) with a whole song about a 'minger'! WHAT!? Is going on!

But then of course the Jaxx come up trumps with excellence such as 'On The Train', 'Everybody' and the brilliant 'Lights Go Down' (keep listening as well for the hidden track).

The first 1/2 is a bit poor. With first listening we get a huge crescendo of 'Intro', promising something good! This glides into the, some might say the 'Oh My Gosh of the album, 'Hush Boy'. A catchy up beat classic Jaxx tune. Then comes the first radio themed track 'Zoomalude'. I do agree with most of the reviewers here that it does get a bit repetitive and dull. But this introduces 'Take Me Back To Your House'. First listen, the banjo gets VERY annoying. Give it time and will become one of the best. This then leads into 'Hey U'. With a great intro, with carnival style drums and trumpets, again we expect something big, unfortunately it's a bit bland but sill with an uplifting chorus. Moving onto one of THE BEST songs now 'On The Train'. A song about drugs (which comes up again as a matter of fact in 'Smoke Bubbles'!). Jazzy style drums with light chords and an altogether laid back song with an ending that never seems to end! Now coming to, in my view, the worst song. 'Run 4 Cover' A song with a VERY annoying and repetitive chorus 'Run for cova!!! Run for cova!!!' Musically, this could be a very classic Jaxx song, but lyrically, its just plain lazy that makes you cringe when listening! This then leads onto the next 'Skillalude'. A 35 sec track with a guy screaming and laughing because the tracks going backwards... The next two are two more examples of when they do try, they can come out tops! 'Smoke Bubbles' a chilled out track with flowing into one of THE best tracks I feel they've ever done 'Lights Go Down'. A stoned out track of 5 mins of pure genius with great harmonies and strings throughout. 'Intro (Reprise)' sets the tone again leading to another FINE song and the most upbeat party track on the album 'Everybody'. Reminiscent of 'Red Alert' and `Do Your Thing' a cut up mashed up song with a great house piano loop that is forever changing, great to dance to and a fantastic chorus. The last two then bring the album to a close with `Keep Keep On' and `U R On My Mind' (Listen out for the hidden track) Another two slow laid back songs with `Keep Keep On' a lazy guitar and `U R On Mind' written and sung by Felix, starts off with another great intro but lets itself down unfortunately...

Overall an average album but definatly a grower. The first ½ they do seem to be a bit hyper, but once they've calmed down, they produce beautifully crafted songs. A bit more laid back down beat album, but a few listens will weavel out the gems from the utter rubbish.
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on 25 September 2006
When you've listened to it once, you'll listen to it again and again until your singin' the songs without realising the CD isn't on.

This album features everything Basement Jaxx is known for. Awesomely big sounds, 'phat' beats, mixing music genres you never thought you'd hear together, amazing vocals & little ditty's of unexpected interludes which make listening to an album from beginning to end an essential and perhaps not much practised art in this day and age. It's a bit 'pop' heavy for the electro-heads out there ( at times me), but no doubt the 'nite dub' remixes which pop up later on in the PR album release machine will cover all bases for each songs particular sound.

For me whenever I've listened to it whilst heading into work it really pepps you up for the day and I can't wait to hear some of the traxx in a club with a proper sound system. Its a definite for anyone who already owns any of the Jaxx back catalogue.

Best traxx = Hey U.
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on 19 September 2006
'Crazy Itch Radio' seems to have received a mixed reaction in some quarters but pay no attention! Either those who criticise it are simply talking.. or have never heard (or can't remember) 'Remedy'. Great return to early garagey form, especially 'take me back to your house', 'smoke bubbles' and 'lights go down' (almost an extended version of 'If I ever recover' - a very underestimated tune from 'Kish Kash'). The boys done good. Only seem to get better.
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on 11 October 2006
First basement jaxx album I have bought, heard "Hush Boy" on Jo Wylie's live lounge and loved the track and the others they did.

Bought the album next week and can't stop playing it, I especially like "Take Me Back To Your House" with the banjo in the background and the trumpets on "Hey You"
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on 7 October 2006
The first time I heard this album I was shocked to say the least. I know that Basement Jaxx have such huge potential so on hearing this album it was a huge let down for me. To be honest, I would say that there are very few actual songs on the album, and even fewer worth listening to. The radio theme of the album may be something new when first listening to the album, however this soon becomes old. [...] I write these seemingly harsh words in the hope that they will bring out a less experimental album which has much more musical talent, and more along the lines of their upbeat and fun first album.
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on 1 December 2006
BIG BIG BIG disappointment! Loved the Atlantic Jaxx, and then the first three Basement Jaxx albums so was dead excited to find they'd released another. Hopes were raised at the wonderfully kitsch and overly dramatic introduction but then I found myself trying to convince myself it'd soon grow on me. After deciding this was written by teenagers for teenagers, in the end I gave up. Will save one or two tracks on my MP3 but will probably give the CD away in the hope that someone may like it more than me. Basement Jaxx, what is going on???
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