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on 11 July 2016
After knowing of the Pixies for many years I've never really listened to their music properly. I obviously, as a lot of people, heard the song Where is my Mind?'on the Fight Club film and from there I bought the Wave of Mutilation best of CD and really loved a huge majority of the songs on it. Now I have purchased Doolittle and also Surfa Rosa.

Doolittle is an amazing sounding album, which is one of the things I love about the Pixies, it's just got a sound unlike any other band out there. They are fantastically raw and all of the instruments are just sublime to listen to! The songs all run in a similar vain sound wise (not a bad thing by the way!) yet sound extremely individual which is another thing that is attracting me to them so much!

I really recommend this band and this album. If I could describe this album and them in one word it would be 'Flawless'.
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on 17 October 2016
I'd never heard any of The Pixies music, and only found out about this by chance. I play this when I'm washing up or cooking. It's a really great album, and I like all the tracks, though do have 4 or 5 main favourites. I can see why it is a top 50 or top 100 album of all time in many music charts. It's a cross between punk and Nirvana I would say. Gave Nirvana and Foo Fighters many of their ideas probably.

Not sure why the cover has the lyrics in the wrong order, but it is helpful.

Hey, Gouge Away, Monkey Gone to Heaven, Crackity Jones, and the base guitar on Number 13 Baby !!! WOW
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on 10 June 2012
Long story but due to complicated circumstances have been listening to music mainly from MP3 for 2 years, and have just upgraded my system so I can once more listen to my albums direct from CD. Coupled with this the player I've bought (Marantz Pearl Lite) plays SACD and this is the first disc in that format I've ever bought or heard. This leads me to a number of conclusions:

1. MP3 is atrocious quality and really fit only for headphones on the move.
2. Whining record companies need to stop bemoaning falling sales and promote CD as the superior format. If your hi-fi is even half decent the difference isn't just a matter of taste, it's glaringly obvious. MP3 is flat, over compressed, and in terms of reproducing what the artist intended, a huge step backwards.
3. Having been blown away by this SACD of an album I've loved for years I'm really sad to see that a quick search on Amazon seems to point to the fact that the format seems to be dying on it's skinny digital a**e.

Don't think there's much point telling you how good this album is. One of those times when a genius/lunatic manages to use sound and words to take you somewhere nobody even dreamt existed before. Been nothing like it before or since.

So in summary:
-if you've never heard The Pixies try this, Bossanova, or even Trompe le Monde. There's no accounting for taste but I can promise you won't feel bored, cheated or patronized.
-MP3 is fine for a portable format but if you love music do yourself a favour and buy the CD (they've never been cheaper!).
-Record companies get off your self pitying a****s and promote the valuable product you have.
-Shame I've discovered SACD just as it goes to join Betamax!
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on 13 August 2012
I've had Doolittle for ages on normal CD, and now I've managed to purchase the SACD original master recording. What can I say I've never heard the Pixies sound so good!! The CD is recorded at 176000HZ 24bit and if you've got a full HD3D system you'll hear it in stereo remixed into 7.1 Prologic II Z still in 176000HZ 24bit!!.....it sounds amazing just like a professional live performance, right in your living room!!! It's such a shame they don't do this for all music, SACD will play in all CD players anyway so if you haven't got the proper SACD equipment you can still listen to the CD quality tracks and you haven't lost out!!
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on 26 July 2014
Doolitte is a classic, what can you say about it that's not already been said, the only problem I have with this album is over familiarity from playing it to death back in my student days. But there isn't a duff track on there and in its 180grm vinyl format it sounds fantastic.
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on 25 June 2016
The album itself is amazing, but the quality of the sleeve and inner sleeve is quite poor. No protective plastic for the vinyl, instead it comes in side a pounch made of rough card and a page with lyrics to only half of the songs while using white text on a white background makes it hard to read the lyrics in places. If you dont care about any of that an just want to hear the music then by all means buy this.
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on 30 August 2017
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on 22 February 2017
Early work from the pixies
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on 22 August 2017
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on 2 April 2017
Good album
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