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on 6 November 2014
This is a great album and like all great albums it has a special track that resonates with something in your soul.

For me this track is Silver. Picture the scene...it's a hot dusty desert. In the distance in the shimmery bit between the hot desert and the sky, there appears to be a naked woman walking towards you wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and a pair of cowboy boots. That pretty much sums up this track for me.

It is slightly more laid back than Surfer Rosa which is also amazing.
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on 9 October 2007
It is nice these days to see Pixies getting the wider recognition for the impact they had in bringing underground rock to the mainstream, but the most important point about the band is that their music still sounds absolutely brilliant.

`Doolittle' is Pixies best regarded and most famous album and rightly so. Fifteen tracks of thrilling surf-pop-punk fly by in just under 40 minutes, delivered in the band's unique style. Black Francis's vocals range from yelps, gibbers, cackles, croons and downright screams as he delivers his gleefully manic schlock-horror lyrics; Joey Santiago's dazzling lead guitar whines, snarls and crackles with energy; Kim Deal's tight bass is high in the mix and her laconic backing vocals also provide the perfect foil to Francis's mentalism and David Lovering's ferociously tight drumming drives everything on at an incredible pace.

It is not an exaggeration to say that all the tracks are great, but personal highlights are the howling blast of `Tame' which steps into the glorious `Wave of Mutilation' in a heartbeat; also "Here Comes Your Man's' twangy pop; the demented eco-fable `Monkey Gone to Heaven' and the stunning opening and closing tracks `Debaser and `Gouge Away'.

The famous quiet/loud dynamic that Nirvana cheerfully confessed to trying to replicate with `Teen Spirit' pervades the whole record and gives it its power and energy, but ultimately a pop heart (albeit a mental one) beats strong in the wonderful `Doolittle', surly one of the best rock albums of the last 20 years.
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on 17 October 2016
I'd never heard any of The Pixies music, and only found out about this by chance. I play this when I'm washing up or cooking. It's a really great album, and I like all the tracks, though do have 4 or 5 main favourites. I can see why it is a top 50 or top 100 album of all time in many music charts. It's a cross between punk and Nirvana I would say. Gave Nirvana and Foo Fighters many of their ideas probably.

Not sure why the cover has the lyrics in the wrong order, but it is helpful.

Hey, Gouge Away, Monkey Gone to Heaven, Crackity Jones, and the base guitar on Number 13 Baby !!! WOW
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on 11 July 2016
After knowing of the Pixies for many years I've never really listened to their music properly. I obviously, as a lot of people, heard the song Where is my Mind?'on the Fight Club film and from there I bought the Wave of Mutilation best of CD and really loved a huge majority of the songs on it. Now I have purchased Doolittle and also Surfa Rosa.

Doolittle is an amazing sounding album, which is one of the things I love about the Pixies, it's just got a sound unlike any other band out there. They are fantastically raw and all of the instruments are just sublime to listen to! The songs all run in a similar vain sound wise (not a bad thing by the way!) yet sound extremely individual which is another thing that is attracting me to them so much!

I really recommend this band and this album. If I could describe this album and them in one word it would be 'Flawless'.
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on 31 January 2008
This is one of the best albums ever made, one of those rare albums where every track is killer, one of those rare albums where you think how the hell can an artist record perfection like this. I cannot recommend this enough. This isn't just a 5 star album it is musical genius. Fact. If you want to buy a Pixies album, this is the one. If you want to buy an alternative rock album this is the one. Infact, if you are a serious fan of music then this should already be in your collection. The likes of Nirvana's Nevermind and other so called masterpieces of this genre cannot hold a candle to Pixies Dolittle.
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on 30 August 2017
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on 22 August 2017
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on 13 October 2011
This is an album which shows how to make great musicianship and interesting songwriting look trivially easy. This seems to be a band that great music just happens around - no great agonising or soul-searching required - just put these guys in a room together like a bunch of highly-reactive chemicals and wait for the chemistry to happen! It's albums like this that make an argument for why people who get on well together should not be allowed to form bands. The ever present tension and ego-clashing of this band is part of what makes it so great, and the sense that they're constantly trying to outdo each other and to grab their own niche. Francis and Kim never sound like they're cooperating, although they're clearly working towards the same ends, but each acting independently as if the presence of the other is quite incidental and of very little interest. This band has one of those classic line-ups that you think of when you think of bands and the turmoil and greatness that they can achieve. As I said in my review of Surfer Rosa, great as some of the songs are, I think they are secondary to the overall experience and phenomenon that is (the?) Pixies. It's not surprising that people don't attempt to cover these songs very often, because the personalities of the people who created them are written so strongly into their DNA. I find it hard to imagine a Pixies cover working whoever did it. I doubt even Johnny Cash could pull off a Pixies cover! Anyway, I realise I haven't gone into many specifics about the album (again!). I'm just trying to emphasise the things I feel are really important about this band, so that you'll listen to them and get it for yourself.
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on 31 August 2005
It beats me why Doolittle, an album of such ferocious intensity and top-quality songwriting is always forgotten in those ubiquitous "Top 100 Album" lists run by any number of websites. Quite frankly it is the greatest alt-rock album ever created, crammed full of powerful rock songs and gentler melodies. Black Francis's voice - primal and terrifying on songs such as "Tame" and gentle and welcoming on "Wave Of Mutilation" - duels with Joey Santiago's angular guitar lines to great effect, creating a totally unique sound. Pixies are one of those bands who have no discernable influences. They sound like nothing else you will have heard, but for this review's sake I'll try to make some comparisons. The quiet/loud dynamic they pioneered really makes itself known here, turning "Gouge Away" from a quiet, sinister whisper into a massively loud roar of anger and making "Tame" one of the most unsettling songs yet recorded.
Any die-hard Pixies fan will already have this in their collection, but for anyone looking to get into this amazing band, "Doolittle" is a great place to start. It has the combination of poppy melody ("La La Love You", "Here Comes Your Man"), indie guitar anthems ("Debaser", "Wave Of Mutilation") and freaky scream-alongs ("Tame", "Crackity Jones") that will ease you gently into the world of the Pixies without scaring you off. You might not like some songs at first but give it time and within a couple of months you'll be utterly addicted.
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on 16 August 2017
nothing much to say but brilliant
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