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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 4 August 2009
After reading the book some three years ago back in 2006, and being completely blown away, I decided to have a Lives Between Lives (LBL) session myself to see where things would take me. After doing some Internet research I contacted an LBL practioner and had the session. For those who know little about the process I will summarise it here and combine it with my experience of the session.

Basically, to be able to experience this process requires going into a very deep form of trance (mind awake, body asleep). This usually requires about an hour or so of performing a series of deep relaxation exercises. Note that the whole LBL session takes about 3 hours. It is important to highlight that the client retains full awareness and is in complete control however, you operate on a different state of consciencenous.

Once in the correct state, the client is then regressed back, through the earlier years of life, to a child and then back to the previous live. I must admit that being a scientifically orientated person, I was dubious of the memories I was receiving thinking it was all my imagination. In fact at this point, if I'm honest, I was feeling a bit disappointed along the lines of - is this it?

Once the practioner asked me to go to the point of my death and to go "back home" things changed dramatically. I immediately dimensionally shifted from facing straight on to travelling at extreme velocity to my left (why the left and not the right?). OH MY GOD, at this point I realised this was the real deal - my imagination was not (is not) capable of making this up.

After a few seconds - bang! I was back home. What I saw was not what I expected, it was so abstract in terms of shape, colour and so forth. But oh, how it felt was beyond description. The is no human form of expression or feeling that comes anywhere near close. The closest I can come is to describe it as liquid love. I was connected to absolutely everything everywhere as a form of energy - there were and are no limits.

It is important to highlight that the experience is different for all of us. We each see, feel, hear what we are ready and able to work with. Anyway I carried on with the session and experienced the start of an amazing journey which I'm still experiencing to this day.

For those who may be reading this and other reviews wondering whether the work of Michael Newton is genuine or not. Absolutely yes it is. He has performed an amazing service. He has taken something so vast, so infinite and put it into a structure that we can understand. Personally, I have found the reality of the "magic behind the curtains" to be more fluid. This is not a criticism of Michael's work however. For those interested in getting additional perspectives, I would strongly recommend the books by Ian Lawton and Andy Tomlinson whose work has followed on from Michael Newton.

To summarise, the biggest things I have learned in my life are:

- Everything is a form of energy with varying degrees of density, structure and composition, even what we consider as matter.

- I now understand that everything that was, everything that is, everything that will be - everywhere is within each of us. Indeed in the world of physics, there are many who are starting to believe that reality is hologramtic in nature - a principle i agree with. I kid you not when I say that there are no limits.

- God is not a separate entity from us sitting in a higher dimensional realm that we aspire to reach. We are ALL God - you, me, cats, dogs, trees, suns, planets, galaxies.....

- At the highest state of our multi-dimensional being that I have personally experienced, (I suspect there is far more), there is a oneness in a brilliant form of all knowing, all seeing light. If this is so then the question is, why do we come here in a highly reduced state of awareness not remembering who we truly are? Going through the pain of seeing loved ones die, suffering the losses and hardships that many of us must face during our lives?

My Conclusion: When in a state of being when everything that has been discovered is known to all, how do you discover more?
We and an infinite number of beings break part of ourselves away from the source to travel to different planes of existence, physical and non physical so that we can learn, grow, discover and ultimately bring back all that is yet to be found.

I strongly believe that in each of you, there are talents which no one else quite has, things that you can do which no one else (anywhere) can quite do. That is how amazing you are.

I wish you all the best on your journey.
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on 27 November 2006
My Dad had terminal cancer during my time with this book, I got it on a recommendation after I told someone I was a bit spiritual and it was doing me in that my Dad might die.

What helped me so much was reading about how souls that you know come to help you from your physical body into the next life when you die, or go to the "between life" stage. Bear in mind I read the whole thing as I look at everything in life, part scientist - part spiritual - part skeptic. One day the Macmillan nurse took me into the garden to ask me how I would be when my Dad stops breathing and I told her that firstly I would never stop believing in a miracle to save him and secondly that I knew first aid and that I would find it hard to not breathe for him if he died. She said to me "I understand that you would want to do that, I can tell you love him, but everytime we come to see him we gently wake him to ask if he is ok and he says to us - Lady, can't you lot leave me alone...I have people that keep coming to meet me to take me away and you lot keep bringing me back." I let go of him that day, with a better knowledge and hope that he would not just "stop" and that his soul would go on. So in a way the miracle did come. The book was a friend and a teacher, I can't recommend it enough.
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on 26 February 2006
I read Michaels book and his subsequent book, Destiny of Souls, and then, because I am a hypnotherapist, went on to train with him to facilitate this life between lives process. What I now know is that, in fact, Michael regressed over 7000 clients in his research and of course put forward the cases that illustrated points he wanted to make in the books. I have been deeply impressed by his thirst for corroboration and his tireless cross referencing of his clients accounts. In as far as it is possible to carry out a scientific study of the afterlife (or between life state) then this is it.It does not make comfortable reading at times and does not fit in with many well known authors "cosy" view of the spirit world. If you are ready to read first hand accounts of our "soul memories" then this book is for you.
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on 28 November 2002
I used other Amazon reviews to select this book to research past-life regression and to help 'prove' my own personal beliefs about the transition of souls after death.
This book is superb - and I read it in just 2 days.
It explains what happens to your soul in the important time between death and reincarnation - and does so in great detail supported by scripts from actual regression sessions. The authors own notes are used to enhance and explain throughout.
I thought the soul just moved onto another life. How wrong I was.
If you are wondering about or researching reincarnation, this is an absolute must, and will open your eyes, comfort you, and almost certainly change the way you progress in this life.
I cannot recommend this book strongly enough - and no - I am not on commission from the author or anyone else !!
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on 7 July 2006
Quote from book - "...My work here is intended for good. By questioning your discipline, I wish to add my knowledge of healing and bring people closer to the higher creative power available within themselves. My larger mission is to combat the fear of death by offering people understanding about the nature of their souls and spiritual home..."

Michael Newton writes this book, `Journey Of Souls' with rather pleasing and interesting plot, that plot being what happens to souls after their human host has died, and before they are born again.

If you believe in the spirit world, this book is for you in that it will fill in many gaps you might have regarding this subject. If you are new to the subject, then this book is also for you, because after reading you will never look back, wanting to explore more.

Michael Newton has picked only 29 case studies on which to base this book, its format for the most part is in small interviews, but in-between the questions by Michael and the answers by the hypnotised subjects, Michael offers an excellent commentary which goes to great length to aid the reader to better understand the concepts being put forward. These concepts are nothing short of pure excellence in that while reading they educate the reader in more abstract thoughts, and once you start reading you will find it hard to put this book down.

Sceptics to the book's content will find 101 reasons why this book is the workings of imagination, my only argument to this is, if Michael Newton has written this book from imagination, then as well as gifted, he is a thoroughbred genius! Most individuals cannot fault his methodical approach.

Journey of The Souls is one of the best books I have ever read, and I read it in a couple of days it was so good. It comes highly recommended and Journey Of Souls should be on everyone's bookshelf.
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on 5 August 2002
Before I started reading this book, I had already read other books on a similar subject . I found it fasinating to discover a world of information which up until that point had eluded me.
The book gave such detailed information of the time people had between lives.It was something of a revelation to me.Prior to that the only information availabe was from a book by Dr Raymond Moody, which I had read some years before called "The Light Beyond"
The cases studies Newton used in the book were truely remarkable in their content.
I became engrossed in the sessions that he described, not wanting to put the book down.
I found the information that he revealed comforting and helpful in many ways. Although I had already read books on past life regression and NDEs, I was not aware that such studies as this had been done and was amazed at the findings of this man.

If you are at all interested in life after death or life between lives, i strongly recommend you read this book.
It changed nmy view of things beyond anything I had read before.
You will not be dissapointed.
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on 21 October 2004
_It's about_
This book is about the interlife between incarnations, what the Tibetans called the "bardo". The author's information comes from hypnotic regressions of his patients, a lot of which is quoted verbatim.
_It is orderly_
He takes you through each step; what it is like to die, meeting your guide (if you are at a stage where you need one), meeting the panel of judges, joining your group, planning your next life, entering your next life and lastly melding with your host body. This makes for an orderly and easily assimilated presentation.
_It is confusing_
However the book is confusing too. The reason is that there is a great big philosophical issue which is talked about a good deal but not really resolved and that is the exact nature of the relationship between the body and the soul. The soul is said to have character, a character that is being improved by having multiple lives, but equally, the body selected has its own emotions, thoughts and predispositions to behavior which may not be the same as those of the soul. At certain points in the book this strange competition between the two is very clearly embedded in the language but never properly explained. Why does it matter? I think it is a central issue because it bears so heavily on the nature of free will; it also brings up the question of "what is my feeling and what is the body's feeling?". To put this another way, in the language of Christians, how do you cleave in your decisions between spirit and flesh?
I don't think there is much room to doubt the author's sincerity, or the accuracy of his reporting. I *do* think there is room to doubt the entire method. Hypnosis is a very odd thing and may not be at all what it is taken to be in this book. On the other hand it may be...I, and you, need to look into it.
If you believe what you find here, it is the most detailed and easily understood presentation of the sequence and nature of the interlife I believe to be available. If you don't believe it, then it will appear to you to be a vast confabulation.
Do I believe it? Yes I do, mainly because I have seen the outworking of karma in my own life and also because I found certain parts of the book hit a massive chord with me ( a chord that is still ringing). That's personal stuff and if you are not convinced, you have every right not to be.
After reading the book I am left with the questions of (i) the soul/body interaction (see above), (ii) the concern that hell and purgatory seem to have vanished in this book and (iii) the question of the ending of karma; some of his subjects had been incarnating regularly since early man and were still at it!
Buy it, but only if you are ready to believe, and only if you are happy to be left with questions after.
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on 31 March 2006
Dr. Michael Newton's book takes you into a realm which most people regard with apprehension all of their lives. The techniques used to provided the source material for this book are tried and tested ; what Newton has done that is new, is take the subject into a Super Conscious state that has allowed the author to probe a state of consciousness beyond our own, in a 'world' beyond our dimension.
What is written correlates to other accounts that cover the same subject matter such as 'Life in the World Unseen' by A. Borgia; where this book differs is that it focuses on the experience of the soul more than the environment that it is in. This may be disconcerting to some readers who want to be told about the 'colour of their curtains' in the Spirit World. It almost seems like hard work when you cross the threshold. If you persevere, you are rewarded with an insight not only into a whole series of dimensions beyond our own, but also a framework that explains the whole complex of reincarnation and karma. This truly was a fascinating read for me.
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on 20 August 2003
I was searching for a book to do with reincarnation and finding out past lives that sort of thing, and i came across this and i read all the reviews on this book and thought i have to buy it! i haven't finished the entire book yet but i am on chapter 9, i am totally enjoying it, you can really understand the book and its not confusing like some, it tells you about displaced souls, our spirit guides, choosing a body for our next lives, rebirth and so much more.. also he (the author) tells you about when he hypnotises his subjects and finds out who they were in their past lives and what jobs they had, its such an interesting book i really recommend to people that are interested in this sort of thing.
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on 5 October 1998
I have read and Passed on this book to MANY , who are also on a Search. Like several of the other reviewers, I have had a NDE. The books that I need seem to find me. This one was a spectacular find ! It's almost as if I had "remembered" some of the information within the covers of this book. I found my life unfolding according to the Laws that Dr. Newton presented. The format of interviewing people , and then folowing them as they take their Journey, after physical death, made it almost impossible to put down. I also find myself using some of the techniques in my own meditation, with spectacular success. I am looking forward to seeing another book from this Author, as soon as possible !
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