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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 3 September 2009
having owned an iPhone 3g 8GB for 6 months, I can honestly say that in terms of usability, I dont think anything can beat it. From what I have used personally.

The major problem with this handset is that that battery just isnt up to scratch. This caused me to sell the handset and move onto something else.

I found consistently that taking it off charge at 8am on a morning, the phone was at 20% by about half 4. I couldnt get away with the fact I had to take my charger to work with me.

So apple, I might come back to the iPhone in a few years when you have solved the problem.

four stars as I couldnt fault it apart form the battery.
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on 3 August 2009
I have had by iPhone for a while now and still love the feel of it. The plastic replacement for the previously metal back for the phone is much nicer to touch and fits nicely into the hand.

The camera, although specification-wise is not as good as the camera on some other phones it is still brilliant.

The battery power is surprisingly good compared to the amount of energy running all these tasks must take up.

Literally thousands of applications download; some more useful than others. Your iPhone becomes worth the rather expensive original cost you paid for it.

The internet is quicker to open up and load a page than if you had to use a computer and is ideal for simpler tasks.

Also the inbuilt music player which is basically an iPod touch makes playing music amazingly simple.

Typing using the "QWERTY" touch keyboard is a lot easier than it may initially appear. Although one suggestion I would have is the possibility of having an additional stylus allowing hand-writing recognition is you so desired.

An excellent buy and the money will be well worth it.
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on 9 April 2010
Ok this is the 3g version I am reviewing and not the 3gs, so I am not aware of any improvements that may have been made on the newer model.

Good bits:- I do love the iphone, but unfortunately not as a phone. It's brilliant for everything else, a lot of the apps are really great and are either free or really cheap and there's virtually an app for everything! The calendar is great and easy to create a reminder. The Ipod function is really good and I think it sounds better than the separate Ipods themselves! Video player is great. Wifi internet is great and had no problems connecting to my wireless network at home.

Now for the bad news:- I don't like the fangled way it organises your text messages. They are stored as a continuous conversation, rather than inbox and sent box etc, fine if you like it that way, but there's no option to change it. You can use your own ringtone, but it has be in AAC format and it's a real long winded way to get it on the iphone, you can't just transfer the mp3 file via bluetooth and be done with it. Bluetooth, aah yes. It has bluetooth, but it's picky about what devices it connects to. Will only connect to other iphones and not to my laptop (which has bluetooth built in) or another brand of phone. Text message alert tones, you can only use the 6 rubbish pre-loaded ones and not your own custom one, which I have done on previous phones with no problem. Sending a text message to a group of people is long winded, you have to add everyone's name individually. There is an option to mark contacts as "favourites", but for some unknown reason this doesn't integrate with the text messaging function. The camera:- for the price apple are charging for these, you would expect them to put a better camera on it and at bare minimum a flash! It really is awful. And last but not least is the horrendous battery life. This device really is a juice guzzler and don't be surprised if you have to charge the blessed thing everyday.

I have sent some feedback to apple about some of these issues and they really need to sort these issues out, as some of the phone functions are really backwards.

To conclude this review, my advice is this. If you want all the apps, ipod and games etc, then buy a Touch, they are fab. If you want a mobile phone with a good camera, then I suggest you go for a manufacturer that know how to design one, because it isn't apple.
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VINE VOICEon 21 November 2009
I've had my iPhone for a few months now and I absolutely love it. You can chose from thousands of different applications to keep you entertained, plan journeys, order online etc. I use the map feature quite a lot when travelling round cities.

You get the full Internet on the iphone (not mobile Internet) so you can browse and buy without having to navigate some bad mobile website. It's also pretty fast.

As a mobile the iPhone is obviously not that small, however it is extremely thin. So fitting into your pocket is still no trouble. I would recommend you get a protector for the outside casing though, just in case it gets dropped.

The sound is okay via the speaker, and texting is done via the 'qwerty' keyboard, which makes it much faster and easier to text.

The camera isn't all that great. Compared with some lesser mobiles it's certainly not what you'd expect. However it takes a decent enough picture.

Battery life could be better. I find it about the same as any other mobiles I've had. However since this also plays your music and movies I'd expect it to be longer.

Overall a good gadget, but there's certainly improvements to be made.
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on 14 August 2009
I have had the phone for six months and I use it mainly for business. The sounds are a little weak, particularly the calendar appointments reminder which is virtually useless, hence late appointments. The qwerty keyboard is not up to scratch. Too many re-enterings. The touch screen does not always respond immediately and some times like ending phone calls not at all. Away from the strict practicalities and necessities of business it is a great novelty and fun. For business: No. Paddy Murphy
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on 23 October 2009
I have an iPhone 3G and my wife has original iPhone, neither are clear quality on voice calls compared to Nokia & Sony Ericsson previously owned. It drops calls more often as well. Signal strength meter bears no relation to actual signal!

Also the sim card slot has to be held in with sellotape as the inside spring isn't working properly. They won't cover it under guarantee because the bottom strip inside the charge socket has turned red (google it) so voiding warranty even though nothing to do with mechanical fault!

They accused me in the Apple store of getting it wet, which I haven't, apart from using it when it's been raining (!)

There's also another sensor strip in the headphone socket, whcih is OK on mine, but some users report it has gone red when using in gym or running.

The Apple logo on the back has partly rubbed off, so I have now bought a Belkin sleeve case (very good) to cover this and the sellotape!

It's an expensive toy, but does email and internet well. The downloadable Apps may swing it for you if you like games and stuff.
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on 13 January 2010
I have now owned my iPhone 3g for roughly 18 months, I mostly use the phone for recreational reasons but also for business occasionally.

I have not gotten board of this phone even after 18 months, I seem to be using and messing about with it all the time like I only bought it yesterday! The main issue with the addictiveness of the phone is that the misses really really hates it! (even though she wants one her self!).


1.Durability, in my case the phone has held up extremely well, I do not keep the phone in any proper cases but it is kept in an old Oakley sun glasses case which does a very good job of keeping it from scratching in my pocket. I have dropped it about 5 times onto hard floor including the drive outside and to my surprise it hasn't damaged it at all, I also have a friend who has the same phone and he threw it against a wall in anger once and that didn't break ether! (don't ask why he did this?(nothing to do with the phone)). So even after all of this dropping my iPhone hardly has any scratches on it and functions the way it did when I bought it.

2.Applications, this is my favourite part of using this phone, there are constantly new applications on the app store to stop you getting board! I don't care what anyone says about other smart phones and how they do everything the iPhone does, this is complete rubbish! My girlfriend has the newest blackberry and the apps on this are so minimal and are not user friendly atal, one of my work colleagues has one of the Google phones (cant remember which one but this is quite good for apps from what I saw but still didn't look as user friendly but I cant really comment as I would probably like it if I had one. Anyway, apps are very good on iPhone 3g. Some of my favourites are iFooty, Sky News, Shazam, Around Me, Facebook, ebay and Wikipanion.

3.Look and Feel, I love what this phone looks like and feels like to use, the screen is big and bright, the touch of the screen is amazing and is very accurate compared to other touch screens and never gets frustrating for me to use atal, can imagine it would a bit if you had massive fingers but not a problem for me. This also looks better in the plastic style rather than the 2g with a metal back.

4.General phone use, very good works fine for me, the one thing that frustrates me with a lot of phones is the volume of the speaker or loudspeaker as I am a bit hard of hearing in one of my ears but the iPhone is fine and I can here it fine even from the load speaker when driving.

5.Internet, this part is absolutely amazing, I remember when I first looked at this phone in the apple store and I could not believe how good the internet (safari) browser was, its just like using the real internet! It is especially good if you use it with wifi or 3G.

6.Email, this also real impressed me when I first got the phone and it still does, the way it sends you emails just like your receiving a text message is amazing! I think quite a few phones do this but still impressive.

7.Calendar, I use this a lot to remind me of things I have to do as I have quite a bad memory, looks good and very easy to use and navigate round.


1.Camera, this really annoys me! The phone is so sophisticated but they cant put a decent camera and flash in it from the start?? Of course im aware that the 3Gs has a better camera but its still C**P, no flash low mega pixel? Its obviously because they want to make more money by making the phone better gradually so people like me end up buying about 20 different iPhones over the course of my life!!

2.Battery Life, I have gotten quite used to charging this every night but I remember the days where I didn't need to charge my phone for at least a few days! This issue may be due to me playing on this phone more than others but apple should compensate for the obviousness of what people are going to do with this phone.

3.Not very compatible with a lot of hifi's etc, I find that the phone does not work with a lot of things that ipods are although I think this issue is getting better now.

4.Better Bluetooth, I also think this has been resolved with the new 3Gs now but I am reviewing the 3G here so I am allowed to moan!

5.Im with O2 and the contracts could be a little cheaper. ( may look at a different provider next time)

I cant think of any more pros or cons now but im sure ill think of some just as I post this review.


My final thoughts about this phone is that it is an extremely good smart phone that does almost everything you want it to and I strongly recommend it to anyone. I personally am not going to spend all my hard earned cash on upgrading to a 3Gs as its quite obvious that apple will probably bring out something better this year and I think il wait for that as I can imagine it not being to long till they announce it. Plus 3Gs isn't in my eyes worth hundreds extra for the stuff it does over the 3G.
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on 29 May 2013
do not make the same mistake I did about the I phone 3g. I didn't know much about phones and the fact that apple still allow these phones to be sold is criminal. apple stopped updating the software for this phone so it is completely useless and nothing works. save your money and don't make the same mistake
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on 28 February 2012
I've owned a number of phones over the last few years. I've had a couple of Android phones and found them to be idea rich but execution poor. The screens are overly sensitive and it seems like any attempt to scroll with the screen activates a menu item that then needs to be cancelled in order to get back to where you were before. The sound quality is not as good, the media player not as good, the camera not as good.
The iPhone, on the other hand, is 2nd to none in terms of User experience. The sound quality is great, the camera is good and the screen is easy to use and behaves as you would expect. It is, put simply, a delight to use.
If you're umming and erring over whether to go with Apple, or a cheaper Android phone, my advice would be bite the bullet and get an iPhone.
You won't regret it.
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on 8 March 2010
I love most things about this phone, except poor reception in weak signal areas,and problems with wifi, battery replacement and contacts storage.

Where my £50 LG Cookie shows 4 bars, the iPhone has either no service or one bar - not sufficient to make a call.
Fine if you live in a strong signal area, but a disaster if not.

It is so puzzling that Apple, with its excellent pedigree, does not make a more sensitive phone.

Now I've had the phone over a year, the reception has improved slightly,maybe owing to more powerful transmitters in my area, but it's still not as good as my old LG Cookie on the same network. But three other iphone problems have arisen:

(1) The battery has deteriorated, so now I have to charge every day.Happens to all phones,but when iphone battery fades away,you either send iphone away for a fitted new battery at £30+ or buy a £5 new battery and take the iphone to pieces to insert it - quite a daunting task. Why doesn't the iphone have an easily replaced battery like all other phones ?

(2) The wifi has stopped working.In settings, it's grayed out and says "no wifi". Looking at various forums, this appears to be a common iphone bug. Solutions seem to involve losing all data stored on the phone which brings to light the third problem.

(3)Contacts on the iphone are stored in the phone, and there's no option to store on the sim card. Bad news if you want to replace the phone and still use the same simcard and contacts list, or if your wifi packs up and you have to lose all data ( including contacts)to re-instate the wifi. My old LG Cookie and all other phones I've had, included an option to store contacts on the sim card. I haven't worked out the best way to save my contacts. There is a software solution from Dekart costing about £20 or a free app Simanager from Cydia for jailbroken iphones, but I haven't found out how to get it on an officially unlocked iphone. If only Apple had the simcard option for storing contacts!
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