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on 23 March 2011
this was the 2nd dongel i got
i got this one as the 1st did not work
and thought i'd spend a little more
this one was still inexpensive but it does the job
i got this to connect from my laptop to my mobile and polaroid pogo printer
it connects well and \with very little fuss it installed on windows 7
i got this smaller type of dongel as i wanted something to leave in my laptop
this takes up very little room and you can still get your laptop/netbook/naotebook in your case
with no probs i use the LUPO Pink Notebook/Laptop Neoprene Pouch Case Sleeve - Fits up to 15.6" Inch Notebooks/Laptopsfor my notebook pc.
delivery of the product was fast.
all in all happy with the product.
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on 15 March 2013
I got this to use on my netbook to transmit my music to my "Logitech Wireless Speaker Adaptor" connected to the sound system. I was a bit afraid because I use Debian Linux as my operating system. Everything worked fine out of the box! The device was automatically recognized, I paired with the receiver and started streaming my music. The signal strength is very good (tried it up to 5m in the same room with obstacles in between). Sound quality is the same to wire connection for my mp3s.

Only negative is the size. Although it is very small, it sticks out with danger of pressing it by accident.

I suggest this to everyone.
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on 24 June 2013
The bluetooth dongle works as described, plug and play feature was just that, i pluged it in and it set itself up in about two minutes.

The Good
1) Fast transfer speeds
2) Plug and Play
3) Not a hugh dongle

The Bad
1) The software is lacking a little (feature wise)
2) The red light constantly blinks, which can get annoying sometimes

On the whole for its price it is a great buy, but i would look for something with better features personaly.
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on 22 July 2011
You know, you're always looking for a bargain and you just want to believe that when you find something so unbelievable cheap it's going to be OK.
But as the old addage says, you get what you pay for. And ol' boy how true that is. This has got to be the most useless pieces of electronic giz I've
ever bought. OK so it turned up unbelievably fast ( I think they were waiting up the road knowing I was going to fall into the trap and make an order)
in the usual, over the deep blues sea, junkie packaging, but we've got a bit use to that by now. The only thing is you nearly devour yourself
trying to get into this stuff. Finally, after ruinning 3 pairs of scissors, 2 pairs of pliers and a hacksaw I managed to get the item out.
And I have to say as I looked at how small it was I started to forget of the blood-curdling horrors I'd already experienced. But, I should have
known. After the assault course I'd already endured and waiting for the doctor to arrive to sew up my hand I settled back to get this little gem
working. Well, not a chance. I plugged it in and felt a mighty click as it assumed it's location. Thinking that it was not in right I decided to
remove it....sorry, I thought I'd try and remove it. That's when I realised that small is not necessarilly beautiful. I could hardley get my little
fingers to grip it. After turning the laptop on it's side to get a better angle I pulled and hey, presto....1 became 2. Yes the blinking cheap
and nasty little item broke in two with the usb plug section, now half the size, left in the side of my lovely Toshiba...ahhhhhh. My wound now
re-opened and blood dripping every where, I had to go grab the tool box and run the risk of breaking yet another tool, which by the way cost me far
more than this 'very affordable' little gem. Using my none-damaged hand, the pliers gripped the almost invisible part of the plug hiding on the side
of my now blood smeared computer. I blowed and I blowed and the house....oh no, wrong story. I pulled and pulled and eventually, at the risk of
loosing a limb, with one last tug the tough little half-bit came out. The Dr came and found me on the other side of the room hugging my laptop in
my arms singing it a llallaby and hoping it's memory would not remember this little incident.
Little wise man say...yooo pay ur money...yoo tak ur chose. Be sure not to 'chose' this little blighter. And I never did find whether I could
connect to bluetooth!!! Thank God for Amazon's fast and very efficient returns policy with a very speedy, no fuss refund. Thank you Amazon...but
plse plse plse, do something about checking the quality of this stuff that comes across the deep blue sea. This was a complete waste of time and
effort, which of course I will not get refunded for AND I was left nearly maimed!!! Daffodil??? Not for me, my little flower! Back to the main stream
reliable manufactureres, even if I have to pay 4 times the amount!
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on 8 February 2013
I bought this cheap usb dongle for work, thinking it was like the one I bought a yea ago for my personal laptop. They are not all equals;that one is more complicated to make it work and cannot be disable when not needed (unless if unplugged).
I'm not saying the "Daffodil 06H" doesn't work, but I cannot recommend it? instead I would suggest the "Kinivo BTD-300". It's 3x dearer but it works (comes with a mini installation CD, this one doesn't).
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on 6 September 2013
ordered 2 of these...
2 different ones were sent (which was odd).
The one photo'd (square ended) didnt work in 3 (yes three) machines... but the other one (half circle ended) did work.
both same software, both same Daffodil devices... different designs and different on working.
Poor device (listed), but good device (not listed)
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on 16 February 2010
I have a Windows Vista PC and it was recognised instantly. The driver software took about 1 minute to install. It has worked faultlessley ever since.
The only bad things (and they are tiny) is that everytime you unlpug it tends to reinstall the driver software, it gets very hot and it was a bit over packaged but to be honest I am clutching at straws here its well worth the money.
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on 2 September 2013
Purchased this item for daughter-in-law to enable her to Bluetooth photos from her phone to her laptop. Visited last weekend so opportunity to install it for her. Oh gloom: "Device not recognised" - laptop with Windows Vista.

Thus tried it on my laptop (Windows 7) with exactly the same result - I should have tried it out as soon as I received the item and not waited until my visit.

Total waste of time and money, although not expensive nevertheless highly annoying.
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on 5 May 2012
Product arrived quickly and set up on my pc straight away. However whenever I attempt to connect it to my HTC Desire S for file transfer, it can't find my phone. I have turned on discovery on both devices but it keeps saying it is unable to pair. Anyone have any ideas for an otherwise useless product?
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on 21 March 2016
IIRC this did not work on my W7 Ultimate laptop and finished up buying something else
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