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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 7 March 2010
Friday the 13th 2 looks really good on blu-ray, standing miles above the dvd release and also better than the Friday the 13th blu-ray. It's not perfect, some grain exists but given the age and source this is understandable. The image is sharp and clear with good detail. The night scenes hold up well too.

This is the R rated version, so no new gore has been reinstated. Which, as is suggested in the extras, may not even exist any more. Don't hold your breath for a better edition of this film being released. Paramount doesn't seem to care a great deal for this series of films, which is a shame, you can only think that is someone like New Line had the rights to these films there would be better editions. Never the less, Paramount has done a good job with the picture quality at least.

The extras are ports of the dvd edition. Brief and not too interesting. Worth upgrading if you have the dvd. The film has never looked better.
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on 7 May 2017
Decided after the recent rubbish horror movies I would update my old school horror collection and glad I did great transfer ..
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on 19 June 2017
The plot was dramatic and thrilling. I watch it with my mother. The ending was wonderful. The film is ok. At that time, the special effects of the film were good. The two main characters of the emotional performance of people laughing.
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on 26 February 2012
As a fan of friday the 13th and jason - part 2 is my fav in the series, it has intense moments which make jason quite eerie, the now debated 'bag look' really sits well and adds to the atmosphere of the film, set in 1981 the film looks a quality peice the steady cam moves the camera angles and the down and dirty feel is something that later films loose in order to just get jason on screen and slaughter as many people as possible, (which is okay) but here there is alot of getting to know the characters and the plot isnt as thin as one would think being the sequel, amy steel's character looks deeper into the myth of jason and has the notion that jason (although supposed drowned years before) just might be something real,
agaisnt all odds this film is right up there with the original, the look of jason is still in my opinion excatly what you would excpect rough long hair beard..the deformed head and teeth is the best, even his clothes the checked shirt and overalls work..
its a real shame that the film makers were to abandon the look (and the quality) of jason in the rest of this series, but like most fans of the films it would be great if a commentary track from actors and director could be included aswell as a documentary behind the scenes, with an unrated verson with all the missing scenes,
for people looking to see classic horror from the golden age friday the 13th and friday the 13th part 2 are among the best out there!
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on 24 September 2002
The time between myself viewing the first and the second part was about 5 years, but the continuation works very well in Part 2. Jason makes a much better serial killer than his mother (even if he does have a pillow case over his head). The film has a great way of being gory and making the viewers jump, and what you think is predictable sometimes works out differently. I watched this film twice in a week and thouroughly enjoyed it more the second time around and I gave it a better rating than 'Friday the 13th'. It is one of the few sequels which may, actually, be better than the original. So, if you didn't really enjoy the first part, watch Part 2 and I'm certain you will want to watch the rest!
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on 26 October 2009
For a film pushing 30 years old this is a surprisingly good transfer. The opening sequence which recycles scenes from Part One is unpromising, with unnatural looking colours and a generally low amount of HD credibility. But this reveals itself to be a stylistic choice when the film gets rolling. The picture from then on is very sharp and clear, colours are great. The only criticism would be that close-ups don't offer the absolute wow factor for depth and plasticity; long and medium shots sometimes look better than close-ups. But when/if you see Part III on Blu you will think that this disc is a miracle. The True HD 5.1 soundtrack is also well-balanced and forthright.

The film itself is right up there with the original. The plot is not quite as good, but this is the film where we really see Jason get to work and establish the identity of the franchise. The 1980 original, for all its merits, was not always clever enough about hiding its debts to "Psycho" and "Halloween". For much of the film Jason (or often Jason's shoes and legs!) has real threatening presence, only late on does he occasionally turn a little goofy, perhaps a sad precursor of how the film was to eventually lose its way. When he reveals his deformed face, this is done no favours by HD, and it is clear that the deaths are both tamer and less well done by the FX standards of the recent "Friday the 13th" film from Marcus Nispel. But none of this should detract from a film that has spawned imitations and cultural quotations far and wide. Better than ever on Blu, and if you hate black bars on your TV, you'll be pleased to know that like the first and unlike the third this is in aspect ratio 1.85:1 so you're bar-free. Happy Halloween!
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on 17 November 2014
This film, first released in 1981, was the first sequel to Friday The 13th and the first to feature Jason as the killer. He doesn't get his trademark hockey mask until the next film, though, so in this one he wears a sack over his head, which kind of makes him look a bit like a one-eyed scarecrow. As everyone who watches slasher flicks will know, a good slasher needs plenty of blood and gore and inventive kill scenes. Sadly, though, although this film does have some good murder scenes, it is relatively bloodless and the kills are all very quick, so it is unlikely to satisfy gorehounds. I don't think that this film was ever cut by the BBFC, but I think the American MPAA had a field day with it, as well as the other Friday The 13th films and these have never been available completely uncut in this country before. You would think, in these days of relaxed censorship, that now would be the ideal time to release the uncut versions, but apparently Paramount don't feel the same way. Anyway, this is an okay slasher flick, but nothing more, though I would recommend it to fans of the series or 80s horror in general. However, Part 3 was even worse. The acting is not too bad in this film, either, unlike some of the others in the series. Two stars from me, for this watchable but far from classic film.
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on 16 December 2011
A follow on to the original movie but now we have switched killers with the diabolical Jason hell bent on revenge.
The 'easy' killing of Alice the hero from part 1 does make one feel cold afterall she seemed like a real survivor. Anyhow on to the movie in general. The characters really make this movie work as they are likeable and Jason with a sack over his head is genuinely quite scary, well at least he has some sort of presence which was clearly lacking in the later films. There are some great inventive kills, but even at Part 2 you are thinking 'haven't we seen all this before?' Also something that the film cannot get away with is how it take almost a quarter of an hour to actually start up as it recites what has gone before, zzzzz.
Also what in the hell happened to the character of Paul?
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What would modern horror be without influences like the famous Friday the 13th movies? It was movies like this that set the rules for horror as we know it (have sex, be murdered, do drugs, be murdered, don't do as you're told, be murdered).

Five years after the Camp Crystal Lake massacre, a fresh-faced set of camp counsillors are arriving at a nearby camp to start the summer before the kids arrive.

One by one, they begin to become subject to a horrific death in time honoured slasher tradition as Jason Vorhees arrises from the dead, hell-bent on revenge.

The storyline isn't up to much, but storyline is never completely the point of these movies. They're still enjoyable, fun, and gory!
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on 14 April 2011
Growing up I was never interested in Jason. His idea of a bogeyman just never seemed that scary, and very similar to Michael Myers in the Halloween series which I did watch growing up but was never scared by. It was only recently when rediscovering Freddy Krueger and subsequently Freddy vs Jason did I decide to give the Friday's a chance and I bought the 1-8 boxset.
I found myself rather disappointed by the original - poor pacing and acting, with the only moment worthy of merit the over-played twist ending. It was ok just nothing special, and so my expectations dipped.

And maybe that's why I was absolutely blown away by this sequel. Sure I started off riffing on it slightly with some early hamfisted attempts for rehashing the original, but then I found myself getting quite a good jump about 8 minutes in, and the film continued this way - at times you could enjoy some of the hammier aspects (no pun intended) and at times it was incredibly tense and eerie.
Infact of all its niggling flaws the only thing I'd actually change for it would be to cut down using the infamous "ki ki ki ma ma ma" sound - it was used FAR too much for this installment; largely at irrelevant times, leading to this example:
*woman goes skinny dipping in Crystal Lake*
*a hand appears and steals her clothes* "ki ki ki ma ma ma"
- rather than coming across as "oh no, Jason's watching!" its use there just came across as Jason stealing her clothes and giggling to himself like a child.
Aside from that gripe and one or two dips in acting and scripting, this film is definately worth a watch and has given me more interest in watching the rest than the original could!
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