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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 August 2007
Everyone reviewing this album seems to have to choose either the can't-beat-Funeral-EVER or wow-WAY-better-than-Funeral approach. To me they are two different records, and you should appreciate them both in their own way! This one is certainly bigger, darker and slightly more experienced, and if that's what you like buy it RIGHT NOW. The gradually building layers of different instruments are just beautiful, and I keep finding random bits of lyrics swimming agreeably round in my head (MTV, what have you done to me? Save my soul, set me free!...). Every single song is my favourite. They are all fantastic little masterpieces.
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VINE VOICEon 11 October 2007
'Funeral' was an exceptional album, one that for lesser bands might have also immediately signed a death warrant for any subsequent outings. Thankfully, Arcade Fire are not a lesser band. 'Neon Bible' is an album just as wonderfully rich and textured as the debut that preceded it. 'Keep the Car Running' and 'No Cars Go' perfectly bookend the album, both wonderfully intricate, uplifting anthems that suffer none of the banal simplicity that usually comes with such a tag. There is more orchestration here, a facet that only fails on a couple of minor occasions, but the trio of 'Neon Bible', 'Intervention' and 'Black Wave' are simply fantastic, the latter two proving equal to, if not better than, the majority of the tracks on 'Funeral'. The Arcade Fire are one of only a few truly original and interesting bands around at the moment. If you didn't manage to catch their debut, then by god you need to make sure that this follow-up doesn't pass you by.
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on 23 February 2007
Once again, Arcade Fire entertain with a panoply of sound that is as diverse as it is complete. They show themselves as adroit at creating a sound that reveals anthems in their songs yet breaks down to eclectic simplicity in sections. There are gems of gorgeous riffs on Neon Bible that emerge from the very large scale sound that Arcade Fire are able to produce.

There is progression from Funeral but whereas I didn't feel I wanted to part too far from the formula of that album, having enjoyed it so much, the change is enough to feel the distance while retaining their uniqueness and character.

I may have listened to an advance copy but I will help their chart position by buying the album from an appropriate source. Record company executives take note: where the music is of a quality worth buying, people will do so. This definitely comes into that category of worth buying.
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on 16 March 2007
I heard this played recently and asked what it was, never having heard of the band - I then went and bought the album. I've been playing it near-constantly since then and it just gets better and better. Some reviewers say it is less good than the first album 'Funeral', but as a new fan who bought Neon Bible first and then went and bought Funeral, I'd say the reverse, its clearly a 'second' album, being rather better put-together (although I agree, Funeral is stil amazing!). This is a stunning and inventive work and will surely join future 'great album' lists. I've been having a really tough week and listening to this has kept me going!
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on 14 June 2015
This beautiful baroque album, is in my veiw, by far Arcade Fire at their best. A hauntingly, bruised, darkly, gothic album. Track four being the best. The uplifting organ music recorded in an old church they purchased is also a treasure. Inspired by the poet Charles Darnells' 'Neon Bible' this is a real storyville of purple prose. A rough, hewn diamond with just the odd weak number, such as track five, a poor homage to 'siouxsie & the Banshees'.
If you like your music with electric intensity and depth then try this album.
Likened to Ian McCullochs lyrics, this is far superior penmanship and in my opinion an unfair analogy.
I hope this reveiw was helpful.
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on 27 February 2007
How can you top "Funeral". It never was going to be possible but at least Arcade Fire have had a go. The weird thing about "Funeral" was that although it was written in a time of sadness for the band, it still managed to be lively. Here we have a different kind of album altogether. I find this much, much darker. It's nowhere near as consistent as "Funeral" but it does contain outstanding tracks along with some more mediocre fare.

The opener "Black Mirror" has a sense of impending doom running through it. Where "Funeral" seemed to imbue a personal, almost private, grief, this seems to grieve for us all. The mood and the pace changes for the next track "Keep the Car Running", a much pacier track. The title track "Neon Bible" is an excellent dose of apocalypse. beautifully understated.

Then we get to one of the two absolute stunners on the album. "Intervention" is just stunning. The sound of this is utterly overwhelming. It has more than a hint of "Saint-Saens" organ symphony about it. This just may be the best song they've done in their short career so far.

The problem is the next track "Black Wave/Bad Vibrations" is such a let down after "Intervention". The female vocals are not good and the song doesn't pick up until Win Butler kicks in. "Ocean of Noise" marks a return to form. "The Well and the Lighthouse" is perhaps the only track on "Neon Bible" that sounds like it belongs on "Funeral". This is lovely, great strings underly the pounding drum and guitar-based rhythm. "Antichrist Television Blues" is an old fashioned rock number, but very good.

Then we come to the close of the album. "Windowsill" is good commercial fare. This could easily be released as a single. "No cars Go" is a reworking of earlier material from the "Arcade Fire EP", but sounds better for being made over, a much fuller sound to me. The comes the finale and the other outstanding track of the album. "My Body is a Cage" has some similarities to "Intervention". The power of the organ music really overwhelms on both tracks. This really is a great closing track, and in its own way like "Intervention" must stand as one of Arcade Fire's best moments.

I really wasn't too sure of this on first listen, though "Intervention" grabbed me straight away, but the more I've listened the more I like. Is it as good as "Funeral"? Make your own mind up. The problem is that they are so different from each other they really are hard to compare. Without doubt though this wil be one of the albums of the year. (9/10)
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on 23 April 2007
This album is amazing, original and really atmospheric.

Most of the criticsm comes in connection to comparisons with Funeral, which is not fair. They are two totally different albums and the fact that Arcade Fire have made two totally different albums marks them apart from a lot of bands who are trying to do what they are doing but just keep churning out the same stuff.

Despite reviews saying the opposite, I think that Funeral is definately more commercial friendly than Neon Bible, so probably a lot of people who were disappointed with it are those who just bought it for the hype surrounding the band and didn't really invest much energy into getting to know it.

Every song on the album is different and stands alone; there is a tremendous variation in mood throughout, which also works as a whole. Many of the tracks might be seen as very dark but I don't see that as a bad thing, especially with the state of mainstream music at the moment.

If you don't know Arcade Fire have a look at Funeral first which will ease you in to Neon Bible, which I think is much more intense and experimental. It's an album that I didn't really connect with immediately but once you make an effort with it it transforms into something really special.
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on 7 March 2007
If you have one essential purchase to make this week, this is it.

Arcade Fire have produced a stunning second album that perhaps is more easily accessible than the first. Gone is much of the atonal Talking Heads quality of Funeral and although the idiosyncratic instrumentation is still fully in evidence (harp, hurdy gurdy etc) the resulting sound is far more easy on the casual listener's ear. And in the way that we love Meg White for her simplistic drumming, we can love Regine Chassagne for her slightly off-key singing.

This is a dark and emotional album and there's a sense of peril lurking at the edge of the field of vision - nameless dangers fill a landscape of swollen seas, water lapping at the windowsill's edge and falling bombs. But although there's a pervading sense of impending doom, Neon Bible is by no means a depressing listen. There are moments of such celestial beauty that goosebumps are guaranteed.

It really is a great second album and if you're new to Arcade Fire, the one worth trying out first.
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on 15 April 2007
This album would appear to have received a very mixed bag of reviews. The main talking point, seems to be the comparison to Funeral.

Both albums are very different in my view and this set is far more commercial with several tracks reminding me of past songs, sorry guys along the way, did I detect a bit of Abba and The Beautiful South ?!

Played from start to finish, it gets better as it goes on and is a clever piece of work with superb instrument back up. The church organ on both Intervention and My Body Is a Cage, blew me away the first time I heard them, with other highlights personally No Cars Go and Ocean Of Noise.

Expect a 50% helpful vote here, on current track record.

Personally, I think its a brilliant album.
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on 6 July 2007
I first heard Arcade Fire on some music channel whilst channel hopping. 'Wake up' had just started and I was gripped. One of the best songs I've ever heard in my 52 years.(so I'm not 'studenty type)Straight onto my computer, on Amazon and purchased Funeral. Now funeral took it's time to grow on me, but it did. So I waited with great anticipation for the second album and purchased that as soon as it came out. Neon Bible doesn't need to grow on me, I loved it right away. One or two tracks are not that great, but in the main, thanks to Keep the car running, No cars go and Windowsill in particular, this is a damn good effort for a second album which follows a greatly acclaimed first.
But, to anyone who doubts Neon Bible, I say catch Arcade Fire doing it live, then you can really judge an album. I'm seeing them in October and I cannot wait, although at my age perhaps I should learn to wait!
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