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on 11 April 2017
For the price is a good product. You can still play with it and have fun. Don't expect to have best quality, branded fisheye lens are expensive.
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on 11 May 2017
Good value for the money well pleased
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on 15 March 2013
Good value for money, great fun but a bit limited in its use. You need to be careful in connecting to your camera mount but otherwise simple to use.
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on 10 January 2014
OK I know that people write things and for the most part they sound really professional, I'm not, I'm a very happy amateur but this lens does exactly what it says on the tin... Sorry for the pun.... I have a Canon 450D so not totally modern but I do really enjoy taking photographs and this lens does so much for those interesting shots...
You do have to attach it to an existing lens but that is it. For the price its really great and for those who are starting out like myself and cannot really afford a fisheye lens as they are expensive this is an amazing alternative ..
I would recommend it to all of you who are taking of buying a fisheye Len to try out....
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on 12 January 2017
Excellent value for Fisheye attachment without spending £100"s on full fisheye lens
Comes with adapter rings for 52 and 58 inch lenses
Fits Canon EOS 58mm lens
I bought it for my Canon 1300D and added it onto my 18 - 55 lens and it takes great quality photos
Not really suitable for low light shots
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on 22 December 2011
this is a good quality attachment for your DSLR, unfortunately when i ordered the item i purchased the incorrect ring size, but it came with size adapters, GREAT IDEA! I have a 500D and the attachment works really well with auto focus, manual focus and video mode.
I used it for all of these within the first day and was very impressed. If you do not wish to have the black circle on your frame then simply just zoom in, the attachment is really great and i seriously recommend it!
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on 31 March 2010
Hello Team, Just been doing some test shots of my new "Fisheye" which arrived in 2 days from 47th Street Photo by FedEx this morning and what seems customary, it came with a 10 piece free gift which even included a mini tripod, wow what a company. I took some shots using the Canon 18 - 55mm lens which came with the 500D, set at the 18mm end, I then added the Opteka Fiseye, which screws onto the filter thread by means of the supplied 52 to 58 ring and took the same views. The resulting shots show no deterioration in image quality from those taken using the Canon lens on it's own. A great lens at a great price. I will be ordering further Opteka products. Kind regards, John.
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on 15 January 2013
For the money spent on this lens I got a good starter lens a lens that for not much money allows me to try out the effect a fish eye lens has when taking a photo and is worth spend this amount amount of money firstly to see if I like the effect before buying a dedicated fish eye lens that will cost 4x as much now the lens is a good quality lens for the money it comes in a metal body that has quite some weight to it it is by no means a cheap plastic add on by any means now be carful when you first get the lens as the lens body consists of two parts that are screwed together and you need to make sure that the body is screwed tightly together before use.

The fish eye will not work on larger lenses at all so I will only use it on a 55mm lens the quality of picture taken is not so bad at all but you will need to circle crop the picture afterwards as you can clearly see the rim of the housing after the picture is taken also you should be warned that the edges of the picture are no where near sharp but don't forget you are buying a cheap lens so don't expect professional results but you will still get a very decent picture effect.

Now the macro part of the lens works very very well and I have managed to get some very decent pictures using this lens in macro.

So this having been said for the money a worth while punt and if you're interested in taking fish eye pictures I would advise you give this lens a try before you spend a great deal more on a dedicated fish eye lens.
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on 13 May 2011
Rubber ring around lens is loose, quality of image (connected to EOS 550D) is poor, seems to mess up the AF..... Save your money, don't diminish the much better optical quality of your existing lenses by slapping this in front of it; search the 'net for a free "photoshop" type program and manipulate your images to a much higher quality yourself. Not even a bit of cheap and cheerful experimentation value.
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on 18 November 2010
I bought this after trying home-made peep-hole fisheyes just for fun. I'm not using the fisheye effect so much to justify the price of buying a fisheye lens, so I decided to upgrade the DIY one with this add-on lens.

On full frame, where it was going to go, it's fun but you should know you need a 28mm lens in order to get the perfect circular shape. Over 28, the circle gets cut.

Not perfect on 400D Canon, using the 18-55 kit lens: although 18mm is approx 28mm on FF, even with multiplying factor 1.6X, the circle is not centered and gets cut on the lower side (in my case). I've seen more pictures with this problem on web. Then I wonder why use that on APS-C cameras, if you have to use an ultrawide angle already in order to use this Opteka fisheye, but you can still have fun and circularly crop in PP, I guess.

I'm generally using this on a sharp Nikon 28mm prime lens with a nikon-canon adapter, which is also very easy to focus manually, is metal so you don't have to worry too much about plastic components deteriorating under the opteka weight, and delivers above average image quality. I recommend such coupling for your canon camera, using a manual cheap and very sharp prime 28mm lens via cheap adapter.

Focusing is all right with your auto-focusing lens, it's easy to use and put on your lens, and the image quality, well, it's fine for the price and definitely fun, especially with FF cameras that can take video like the 5D mk II Canon... Yes, it's MUCH fun.
Flare is always round the corner, but not that much, and sometimes it's pleasant. The contrast is not usually spoiled in harsh conditions and I've been able to shoot nice shots even at live shows with direct stage lighting.
Field of view is apparently nearly the 180 degrees declared, and let me say that's what you're asking from such lens, circularity is flawless on 5D mk II FF camera, but borders are quite marmelade and chromaticly aberrated, and when you move off from the center of the image, the quality drops quickly. Center is quite acceptable actually.

The quality is obviously not the declared "professional" quality, at least on 21 MP camera, but this should be quite expected for a 60 - 70 EUR add-on lens, and is not that bad either.

I can say I'm happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone who wants to try a Fisheye POV and have such fun with his/her camera. But not to "professional" or to anyone that may think that this can replace a branded fisheye lens... you (nearly) always get what you pay for, and often you get less than you pay for, but you have a fair bargain here, in my humble opinion.

I'd love to try the opteka super HD fisheye for camcorders, which sells for much more money, but for now I'll stick to this and any other very cheap ultrawide adapter to see if I really need it on my 3CCD camcorder... which is a hell to find in Europe due to the rather uncommon 43mm filter thread (thank you Panasonic).

Hope this helps!
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