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  • Human
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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 17 January 2009
This is, without a doubt, the most beautiful album she has produced. The lyrics are wonderful as well as the smooth tones of her slow jams (True, Long Distance) and the amazing beats (Piano Man, Warm It Up, Torn Down). Every song on the album is brilliant!
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on 4 February 2009
This is a suprisingly good album - lots of smooth upbeat original tracks - great for listening to before a night out. Her voice is in great form, there's a lot of passion in her voice and the songs flow well from one to another.
I really like the songs:
'1st and love' (continuously playing - very catchy, upbeat, feel good song)
'chamoflage' (very good lyrics and very emotional. Catchy chorus '...these flaws I got, are a part of who I am. Take me or not...'
'Torn Down' (Really good voice and music. Why isn't this the lead single?)
'Piano Man', 'True', 'Fall' (really fresh and original songs - very well sung.)
The lead single 'Departed' is also very good, but I think there are even better songs on the album (mentioned above).

I don't like the song 'a cappella' made up of only Brandys voice - there's too much going on and it sounds messy and I don't like the talking interlude/intro/outro. But apart from that it's a very good album.

(I have her previous 2 albums and I found them disappointing. It was clear she had a talent and a unique singing style but overall the albums were quite bland and songs didnt make best use of her talents. But with this new album everything is spot on!)
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on 16 December 2008
This is the best album Brandy has produced. It has such powerful messages and is such an inspirational album. Definitely a purchase that will be worthwhile.
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on 1 April 2009
This album is just brilliant from the Definition to Fall. I have all the previous album and i was disapontied with Afrodisac compared to Full Moon. I also have the Best of which don't know why i got it just a stupid impulse buy anyway Human. The best song has to be Piano Man and the song I don't like has to be Long distance but I do love how the end of Piano man takes you into Long Distance. Even though i don't like the track I don't jump up to change it so it's an album for me which I can listen to right till the final track and how many of them make me do that.
Humam is a great track just reminding us of how we arn't all perfect and have our flaws wow it's actually depresing lol.
Sorry for the Bad spelling on this review and the others fro that manner.
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on 21 August 2011
Brandy, alongside Toni Braxton, is the most consistent of the R&B singers who emerged during the 90's. This is her fifth studio release and is a reunion with the accomplished producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins who she worked with on her second and most successful album "Never Say Never" and third offering "Full Moon". "Human" is what you would expect from Brandy - a mixture of catchy up-tempo R&B tracks and some sweet ballads.

The first four songs are very upbeat and current. "The Definition" has a cool beat and "Warm It Up" has a nice melody. The lead single and first highlight "Right Here" is a very infectious track with a thumping bass and "Piano Man" continues with a similar vibe with another sweet melody. The second single "Long Distance", co-written by Bruno Mars, is a nice ballad - not her best, but very pleasant. "Camouflage" is a better ballad and is very catchy. The same goes for "Torn" and "Human". "Shattered Heart" is a very different sounding song to the rest of the album and is very cool and slick, reminiscent of "Apart" from "Full Moon". The album ends with four cool ballads, "True", "A Capella", "1st & Love" and the second highlight of the album, "Fall", co-written by Natasha Bedingfield.

I cannot really find any fault with this album as it is pretty well thought out and arranged. I am not sure why Brandy is no longer as commercially successful as she used to be, but I am guessing that she will one day shine again. She has a great talent and deserves a 4 star rating for "Human".
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on 5 June 2016
This is a very nice, cohesive R&B album, which marks the reunion between Brandy and Darkchild following his absence on her previous album, “Afrodisiac”. Her vocal performance on the album is probably her best to date.

I could do without the spoken tracks, i.e., “Human (Intro”) and “Long Distance (Interlude)”. Those two tracks aside, the album is near-perfect.

1. Human (Intro) – 4/10 – A spoken introduction with Brandy explaining about her definition of being “human”.
2. The Definition – 10/10 – The base synths and beat is really nice. It is a nice hip-hop/R&B song on which Brandy sings about the definition of love. I like the entire song and how it is structured. Brandy’s riffs at the end of the track are superb.
3. Warm It Up (With Love) – 10/10 – Another song with a great beat. This is my favourite track on the album. The layering of vocals and harmonies on the track are quite nice. The bridge is very passionate and I like the adlibs, with Brandy’s voice climbing higher and higher as she sings.
4. Right Here (Departed) – 10/10 – The chorus is great. The layering of vocals is nice, as are the adlibs.
5. Piano Man – 10/10 – The verse-chorus-verse-chorus transition is great. A very nice subdued production from Darkchild, with a very prominent piano background. Brandy sounds passionate on the bridge as her voice climbs higher and higher.
6. Long Distance (Interlude) – 5/10 – This track introduces the next track and is structured as a telephone call between Brandy and her loved one.
7. Long Distance – 8/10 – The vocal performance on this track is immense, with Brandy singing in her upper register for most of it. The instrumentals on the track are very sparse, allowing Brandy’s singing to shine.
8. Camouflage – 9/10 – This is a nice mid-tempo song, and is similar in respects to “Right Here (Departed).” The background vocals delivered in a lower octave are really good. Brandy’s riffs are very good.
9. Torn Down – 8/10 – This is a song with a positive message and a good vocal performance by Brandy.
10. Human – 8/10 – Another song with brilliant vocals from Brandy. The song starts out in the lower register, but by the end, Brandy is singing in her upper register and in full force. The latter half of the track is really glorious and you can hear the passion in her voice as she sings about how she is only human and asks for forgiveness and love.
11. Shattered Heart – 10/10 – My second-favourite song. A very nice mid-tempo song, with a nice and intricate production. The chorus is a highlight for me, as are the ending riffs.
12. True – 7/10 – This is a slow track, similar to “Human”. It however carries on nicely throughout and the ending is more subdued.
13. A Capella (Something’s Missing) – 7/10 – This is an acapella track and is very stripped-back.
14. 1st & Love – 10/10 – Very interesting production featuring handclaps. Brandy’s voice is very smooth on the track, and the layered harmonies work well. Again, she steps up the vocal performance on the second half, with some glorious riffs at the end.
15. Fall – 10/10 – This is a great track and is the perfect closer for the album. It is very much piano-led, with a passionate chorus. The bridge is very touching and Brandy’s delivery conveys the message nicely. The closing adlibs are great.
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on 10 February 2009
I'm not a big R&B fan, but I do enjoy a few selected artists, like Brandy and Toni Braxton for their distinctive and beautiful voices.

'Human' is Brandy's best album yet. She builds on her strengths with each new release. This really is a superb piece of work.

Best tracks:

1. Definition
8. Camouflage
9. Torn Down
10. Human
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on 25 June 2009
What a great album! chilled, catchy, with a real edge. Best songs would be Definition, Piano Man, Shattered Heart, Right Here (Departed). Still listening to songs from this album most days. Brandy never dissapoints with her albums, great songs and no album fillers like most! Worth a buy.
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on 8 May 2012
I was disappointed with the previous "Afrodisiac" album, but this album brings Brandy back to where she should be. A beautiful album which I will play over and over.
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on 31 March 2015
Truly her finest album! Forget the singles she released, the real gems are the album tracks. Such missed opportunities with this album.

Listen to : Torn Down, Camouflage, 1st and Love, Warm It Up

And if you get the deluxe edition, the bonus tracks "Gonna Find My Love" and "Locked In Love" are amazing!
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