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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 19 May 2017
Not her best album but she better than some singers
Blackout is a bit better album
Circus album is good but some songs are easy forgetable
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on 11 April 2017
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on 18 November 2008
It has been a turbulent time for miss Spears, but it's time to take note, this time Britney is most definitely back, and this time she's not holding back.
Following on from her previous attempt at a comeback, Blackout, Britney has put a little more effort in. this time She sounds much more engaged and it's obvious she has had much more input on the work she has produced.
She often falls into the trap of producing an album which contains the same song 12 times over, the variation on this record compared to the 11 tracks of constant electro pop on Blackout is astonishing. She takes many more chances and it more than pays off. We have slow and fast tracks; happy and sad, bouncy and sultry... it's all good!
The first track from Circus is Womanizer. The notorious lead single, and the one, which has propelled her back into the top 5 the world over. This song may lack substance but it makes up for it with its hook, which lodges itself firmly in the listener's brain and refuses to let go. You'll be singing this one to yourself for months.
Second comes Circus, the title track is the second single due out some time in December. Personally I feel that this track surpasses Womanizer, it's just a better song. It's understandable she would wait to release this song to coincide with the release of the album, if this song doesn't help it fly off the shelves then god help us all. The song itself is arrogant, cocky and very self obsessed, it's perfect Britney. It's almost like her "I'm back" song. The chorus of the song is simply wonderful, it hits hard and fast, like an assault on your ears... bound to be a favourite and one of her best in a long long time!
Track 3 is the beautiful Out From Under. It has been quite some time since Britney has produced a decent ballad, ignoring the not so good Someday and Why Should I Be Sad from last year, the last I can re call was Everytime. This song is lovely; it is typical Britney and would have sounded in place on her Eponymous Album. This would be a brilliant follow up single to Circus, the perfect break from all her electro heavy beats!
Kill the lights comes next. This has to be one of the catchiest songs I have EVER heard! Produced by Danja, this song is a drug in musical disguise. I found myself coming back to this track more than any of the others simply just to get my fix. It's the typical Britney affair, with a loud stomping chorus and breathy vocals. It also contains one of the lines in any pop song ever, keep your ears open, it's pure satisfaction.
Next, we have Shattered Glass. This song took a little time to grow on me, it's a little too cliché for it's own good, even for a Britney song. This, as with a few other's, harps back to an older Britney sound, which is a nice change of pace. It's a little shallow and lacks a truly great killer hook, and the way she says "glass" is horrible. The music saves this song and gives it some replay value, definitely a grower.
La La La La La La, If You Seek Amy is the next song on the list. Quite simply, my favourite track on Circus and possibly my favourite Britney track ever!. If you haven't realised why she is seeking Amy yet, wait until you hear this, it's a rather clever play on words. As with Circus, this track gets a hold on you and refuses to let go. It's another up-tempo track, you could dance yourself to death with this one, and it has one of the sexiest beats on the album! Love her or hate her, but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging too... ;)
Another contender for my favourite track on the album, Unusual You is rather different from anything Britney has produced before, part of the reason I like it so much I think. It's an odd mix; it is neither slow nor fast and I'm not sure if you could dance to it or not. It sounds a little experimental, and has a beautiful chorus, if not a little morbid. This will divide fans, either you will love it or hate it. I love it!
Going for a much more urban feel is track 8, Blur. This track is much deeper than the rest, and wouldn't sound out of place on In The Zone. Britney's vocals suit this song extremely well, it's not really a song you can dance too, maybe a swagger. It has great sing-a-long value though. A very sexy song.
I'm not sure where to start with Mmm Papi. It's very pop and very playful, but I really don't like it. I can hear the appeal, but it just hasn't grown on me yet, maybe in time. Quite a few people seem to love this track, as with Unusual You I think this will divide people, but Kudos to Brit for trying something new.
Mannequin took some time to grow on me. It gives itself away a little too quickly and lacks and real build up, it just kind of kicks in straight away and doesn't stop at all for 4 minutes. It's one of the most edited tracks on the album and sounds quite a lot like the Brit-bot from Blackout. Once you know the words you will have fun singing along to this one!
Next up is Lace and Leather. This song really is pure Britney, and I mean Britney circa 2001. She sounds like a teenager again on his track, it's fun and it's catchy... and it's oh so bubblegum. It may not have much lasting appeal and is definitely not single material, but take it for what it is and you'll have fun with this one too!
Another ballad is next; My Baby is a bit of an odd song. It's pretty and Brit sounds lovely but it doesn't ever seem to really go anywhere. It's by no means a bad track but it isn't as good as Out From Under. I guess it's a nice ending to the album, and great for just relaxing too.
There are quite a few bonus tracks worth mentioning too. Amnesia is a brilliant pop song, it's a crime it was cut form the final track list, if you have chance to get a version of Circus with this song, you owe it to yourself. Phonography and Trouble are also worth a listen, although I can see why they didn't make the cut, they are not on par with the other 12 tracks (well not quite)
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on 2 January 2009
Once again Britney creates a musical masterpiece that surpasses the quality of her cd "Blackout". "Blackout" was a good album but "Circus" from my modest opinion is an even better album. I would even go as far to say that because of the greatness in the "Circus" album she will go on to sell many tickets for her upcoming tour which will make it one of the most successful musical tours of 2009. The following are a rundown of my opinion on the songs that led me to feel this way.

Womanizer 10 out of 10 A tongue in cheek of song regarding how even though the man she is singing about is charming that there is no way she is going to fall under his charm. A couple of the places that this exciting video to this song can be viewed through yahoo music and youtube

Circus 10 out of 10 This song is even better than Womanizer. This song she sings very confidently about the exciting show she puts on for others that is entertaining. Plus she emphasizes in this song that when it comes to men she likes the ringleader who calls the shots and she likes a firecracker where she can make it hot. Either way this song is a very fun song that also has an exciting video that can be posted on youtube and yahoo music.

Out From Under 9 out of 10 A very touching song and a unique ballad on how she can't look back in her love life on what could have been. I love how she beautifully sings that she will just figure it out when she's out from under.

Kill The Lights 10 out of 10 A song that is reminiscent of "Piece of Me" but expresses how she is more ready to face the paparazzi on her own terms.

Shattered Glass 10 out of 10 A great standout song about her asking an ex lover in her life if it was worth throwing away what they had for the end of their love relationship and confidently expressing that the time will come when she will be missed and wanted back. On a side note (admittedly just my opinion) I would not be suprised if her musical art ended up imitating life and one of her unnamed exes does possibly end up missing her and desiring her back.

If U Seek Amy 10 out of 10 It is very cool and unique how she starts off the song and how she carefully expresses her voice when she says lalalalala and then allows it to raise as the song starts to begin. She expresses how people can say what they want about her regardless how they feel about her but she artistically sings in a rhetoric tone "but can't you see what I see"

Unusual You 10 out of 10 A very beautiful song on how she finds someone in her life that calls when he says he does and is so good to her that this is unusual to her and how she expects this unusual person to break her heart because in her words only an angel can be so unusually nice and kind to her. This is an entertaining song but it is my hope that this song is just entertainment to her and that she does believe and realize that she deserves to be loved for who she is in real life. Aside from these few caveats this is a good song.

Blur 9.5 out of 10 A fantastic song about how the morning after is a blur to her because she is trying to recall how she ended up next to someone she is unfamiliar with and figuring out what she was doing the night before. It would be interesting to play this in a club and to see what a video of this song looks like.

MMm Papi 10 out of 10 She is expressing in the song how she desires the person in her song and her faith that the object of her desire will be there for her. Its funny and cool when she sings mmm papi love you A catchy song that will surely stick in your head

Mannequin 8 out of 10 Truthfully after a few listens to the song I am still trying to understand the full meaning to this song. What I get from this song is that someone wants her and that she will do her thing and that they will like it. I give her credit for her artistic creativity and innovation in this song but admittedly there are other songs on this cd that I like more.

Lace and Leather 10 out of 10 She sings about taking charge for her and her lover in the bedroom with lace and leather but that she is the one who will call the shots because its her show. She tells her lover to take a seat in the song because the fantasy will be on her. An erotic, sensual, and catchy song rolled into one.

My Baby 7.5 out of 10 Admittedly even though this is a song that I like least on the cd it still has grown on me each listen. This was especially the case after someone at my job told me how this is her favorite song on the cd so I decided to listen to it again to give it more of a try. Truthfully this is the only song that was just a 7.5 on my cd but thats mainly because it was so quiet and slower compared to the rest of the songs. This is a good song to listen to when you want to relax for the day because she beautifully sings about how much she loves her baby. Even though baby is obviously singular you can tell she is metaphorically paying tribute to her two beautiful children that I feel she loves very much. So even though I may have felt it was a 7.5 there may be others who will understandably rate it higher.

Radar 10 out of 10 An exciting and fun song from the "Blackout" album where she expresses some of the qualities she desires in a guy with some of her lyrics "confidence is a must" "cockiness is a plus" She turns having a crush into a stylish and fun situation with this song.

Overall if you liked the "Blackout" album you will like this album even more. Even people that are new to her albums will also like this cd. The $9.99 that I paid for this cd was definitely a good value for the various great songs that are on this cd. You can tell by this album that she is definitely getting better and better. Anyhow, whether you are a fan of Britney Spears or not if you are fine with listening to pop, top 40, and/or dance/club music then you will definitely love this album. You will definitely find yourself singing along and moving to many of these songs on this album.
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on 12 November 2008
I don't really get this; isn't "Phonography" and "Rock Me In" supposed to be on the deluxe album and the Europe edition in general? If so, why doesn't it say so in the description?

I don't really want to pre - order it without knowing...

Hope someone can help.

Can't wait for the album!!!
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on 3 March 2009
I listen to a lot of,Smiths Joy Division Velvet Undergound and Radiohead,but whilst in Cambodia,last year picked up on Blackout,in a bar i used to frequent,and came to love it,so much so,that i asked for circus at xmas,and wow,what a glorious slice of pop,i cant fault it from opener womanizer to last track,amnesia,forget the music snobbery of,wanna be music critics,and music critics,themselves,this is one hell of an album,16 brilliant tunes,that have you singing along moving your body,and feeling good,hell isnt that what musics all about,a feel good,moment in all the doom and gloom,whilst doing something has mundane,has cooking a curry,and not with your head against the speakers dissecting,the album piece by piece,nothing in this world is without fault.JUST ENJOY
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on 13 November 2008
It didn't happen overnight, but Britney is back to the one woman pop machine she used to be. While 'Blackout' was a great album it got lost along the way during all the drama, but it's here, album number 6, and what an album it has turned out to be. The albums sound seems to be an equal mix of Blackout and the Britney of years ago. It's not quite as electronic as Blackout and brings back more of Britney's personality in to the album. This is the first album since 2001's 'Britney' that she has collaborated with Max Martin, also Danja is back producing along with Bloodshy & Avant. New producers (The Outsyders & The Underdogs)have been brought in too to make sure the album isn't too predictable. The only slight let down is (surprisingly) the Bloodshy & Avant production. 'Unusual You' is just not up to their previous work together, its not bad just a bit bland next to the other tracks.
This album is every bit as solid as Blackout was, whilst not every song is amazing, none are at all bad. Lead single 'Womanizer' is certainatly a great song, catchy, fast and not too deep, but that's just for starters. It is definately not the best song on the album. Next single lined up is Dr Luke produced 'Circus' which is 100 times better again than Womanizer. It moves at a slower pace but the beat is heavier & the songs feel overall is darker. Pure brilliance!! Other great tracks include 'If You Seek Amy' which is a really catchy song (helped along by the play on words (",)). One thing that Blackout was missing was a genuinely emotional ballad and Circus serves up a great one 'Out From Under' which discusses finding your feet after the breakdown of a relationship. A really genuine song from Britney. 'Lace & Leather' and Danja produced 'Kill The Lights' are yet more great tracks from the set. 'Kill The Lights' runs the same track as Piece of Me - an anti-paparazzi track which although not as catchy, is definately better written than 'Piece Of Me', 'Lace & Leather' delves into something a little raunchier. Despite all these great tracks, there is one which stands head and shoulders above the rest, and that is 'Mannequin'. Produced by The Underdogs this song is fueled by a thumping bassline, swirls of synthesisers and so much energy the speakers nearly melt. Yurn this track up and feel the hairs on the back of yor neck stand on end!! A brilliant song brimming with energy. One of the best she has done.
Overall, this a great great geat album, a total return to form for Britney taking her current sound forward whilst reincorporating the good bits of the old Britney back in again. With several bonus tracks about too such as 'Rock Me In' 'Phonography' 'Trouble' and 'Amnesia' (depending on what edition you get) there is plently of new Britney to enjoy. This is the last step in achieving the full comeback. Fantastic.
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on 1 December 2008
I've kind of grown to like Britney - I like my superstars flawed. I've been listening to the over the last couple of weeks and have come to really like it. Apart from one awful number(mmm papi), all the rest are great pop tunes. Kill the Lights and, especially, Blur are the standout tracks. Its not as grown up as Blackout was in terms of lyrics, but Brit doesn't have much to do with that side of things anyhow. She has used the same producers as on the previous CD and they have produced results - weird sounding, quite progressive. All in all one of the best pop CDs of the year and sure to spawn a bunch of hit singles.
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on 14 September 2013
With her 6th studio album, Britney returns to pop, and offers some refreshing ballads after the strong and confident beats of "Blackout." The beautiful "Out From Under," which has been released by numerous other people including Joanna Pacitti for the Bratz movie, Ali Campbell, and Emilia de Poret, who changed the lyrics and the title to "Now or Never," should have been released as a single for Britney, perhaps instead of "If U Seek Amy". Although it received negative reviews from critics, the fact that so many people have recorded it just shows what a beautiful and likable song it is, and I believe a Britney ballad is overdue. "Unusual You" is my absolute favourite track from the album, as it is haunting and hypnotic. I also love the lyrics to the chorus, which remind me of those teenage years where you write lyrics that hit a note with you on notebooks and in forum signatures: "Baby, you're so unusual / didn't anyone tell you you're supposed to / break my heart, I expect you to / so why haven't you?" Another beautiful track from the album, "My Baby," is overlooked by many as boring and a filler, but I disagree. Upon first listen it is a little lacklustre, but hit replay and sit back; the notes are beautiful and moving. "My Baby" is about her boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James, and the lyrics convey that her sons have given her meaning, joy, and clarity in her life: "How did I get through / all of my days without you / now living with you / see everything true / my baby."

If ballads don't do it for you, there are some uptempo tracks to get you going. "Mannequin" could have been on "Blackout" with its urban sound and confident lyrics. "Blur" reminds me of "Early Morning" from her 4th album "In The Zone," as the lyrics are about a late night clubbing, getting intoxicated, losing control and finding the consequences next morning. "Kill the Lights" is a fun, feisty song with attitude, which I suspect is about the paparazzi. The line "You can't handle the truth / what happened to you?" strikes me in particular, perhaps asking what happened to the Britney we all knew and loved.

There are some fillers here, unfortunately. I barely notice when the CD player gets to "Shattered Glass," and only notice the music again when it moves on to "If U Seek Amy." "Mmm Papi" is slightly annoying, and I often skip it. I'm not too sure what this song is about... When I first heard the chorus, I assumed it was about her father, who has conservatorship over Britney, but upon closer inspection of the lyrics, that would be quite weird. Double meanings? "Radar" from the "Blackout" album appears again, for reasons I can't fathom. They could have filled the space with a song that never made it to a release, but should have, such as Sugarfall.

Great album from Ms Spears, but a star deducted for the fillers.
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on 9 December 2008
Britney attempts to create an album with fast highly energetic pop sounds, some dance vibes, and a few ballads. Does it live up to the hype or does it come as a mediocre attempt to impress in a "come and go" fashion? Is it a classic comparable to her signature hits like "Oops! I Did It Again" or "...Baby One More Time"? While her previous album titled, Blackout had electro dance pop styles with no ballads this one explores deeper emotions and more events as they happen in Britney's life. Is it a classic?

From the jaw dropping hits like Womanizer and Circus to the slower sounding ballads the album delivers what fans from her start have enjoyed for years: pop and ballads. From all my favorite Britney Spears albums I'd say In The Zone is my most listened to. In second place I'd say this one.

The "in control" Britney attitudes are very appealing. Like Blackout, this album doesn't leave out the in charge Britney. While this brings out a more subtle approach the sensual styles on some are quite raunchy and definitely seductive. Like "Lace And Leather" which is a big favorite of mine. It really is a shame the concert to promote this "The Circus Tour" was not released as I feel it is one of her best. I hope her management releases one down-the-line. The songs from this album are present there and the dance choreography and show are amazing to get a better idea of this album. It has many In The Zone/Blackout songs too which also makes it a sensation.

My favorite songs are many but to name a few I'd say, I liked "Mannequin" since it reminds me of the previous album along with followed by "Kill the Lights" and "If U Seek Amy" for its catchy beats.

The DVD portion, has the video "Womanizer" with no cuts and has an Interview in which Britney explains the meaning of the album, the sounds and producers she used, as well as some studio clips and dancers. The menu includes a photo gallery. The lyrics are not included but there is a fold out poster with a picture on each side.

The Bonus tracks tiled "Rock Me In" and "Phonography" are quite diverse. "Rock Me In" sounding very pop and "Phonography" using the play of words like Janet's Sexhibition album which I love too. Ironically, "Amnesia" was not in this edition which could have been an added sensation. This album is a great buy and has stood the test of time as being relevant and classic. If undecided of the different releases I recommend the album with the extra track Amnesia which would be the Japan Import and the Taiwanese Edition for the tracks "Rock Me In" and Phonography" which includes the DVD and box with lyrics.
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