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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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A loyal Imperial Guard sets off to America to rescue a kidnapped Princess that he serves in China. After the train he is on is robbed by Outlaws, and his uncle is killed, a set of circumstances will put the guard in the company of a rapscallion cowboy named Roy O'Bannon, to form an unlikely a duo as you are ever likely to see.

Laden with Cowboy clichés and trumpeting that it is a West meets the East fish out of water shenanigan, Shanghai Noon could so easily have been a film to roll your eyes up to heaven with. Thankfully it turns out to be a non pretentious, non moralistic mess that entertains those looking for a comedy that just wants to cheer you up. Jackie Chan as Chon Wang (say that real fast to get the joke) opens up his bag of martial arts joviality and impresses as much as he amuses (check out the horse shoe set piece). While Owen Wilson as O'Bannon leaves behind some previous stinker pictures, to engage us royally as a comedy actor and provide us with dynamite chemistry playing off the charming wonder of Chan (the sequel was inevitable). With both men clearly happy to run with it and let each one share the limelight.

It's a positive delight is what it is, blustering set pieces go hand in hand with cheeky in-jokes and Western genre standards, whilst the end credit out takes are some of the funniest out there. Highly recommended viewing to those in need of a pick me up and to those who know that sometimes harmless fun can be a cinematic treat. 7/10
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on 4 August 2006
Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson star in this funny film.

China the forbidden city, a princess is kidnapped. She is taken to America, and forced to work as a slave.

Chon Wang (Jackie Chan)is one of the imperial guard in the forbidden city. He goes along on a rescue mission to save the princess before it is too late.

Roy O'Bannan is a cowboy who robs trains.

All he wants is money.

These two come together to create a funny pair!! Great dvd.

Every time i watch it i get great laughs out of it!
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on 30 January 2016
An entertaining and funny movie. Big effort by Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson to keep it going. OK to watch on a rainy day,
I wish Owen WIlson, chose something different, he is a very talented actor, I saw him only once doing something really good,
and that was it.
I am sure kids will love this film.
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on 24 July 2013
I bought this for my kids who love Jackie chan. it is 12 rated, they are younger but then so is lots of DR Who and they love that. overall in my opinion is safe family film, lots of action and comic moments, no blood or gore. really moral story behind the action. just a couple mentions of one off, milder swear words which mine don't seem to have noticed yet.
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on 26 July 2014
Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in a great action-packed entertaining film with superb fight sequences and colourful plot. The settings of the Forbidden City and Imperial Guard are awesome .... Definitely worth a buy. Later sequeled by Shanghai Knights
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on 23 October 2014
Good movie, Its what I personaly like to call a "sunday movie" ....Somthing you expect to find on T.V. on a sunday afternoon that is suitable for the whole family to watch or atleast be around.(Its rated 12 but has no real violance or such in it....perhaps some of the comedy takes an older mind to grasp?)
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on 28 August 2015
My son adores this film and I bought it for £10 as an HD digital copy via Amazon Instant Video. Less than 3 weeks later he is unable to watch it because Amazon have removed it from their digital catalogue and my facilities for playing my purchased digital content from Amazon on my TV (Wii U and LG Blu Ray player) can therefore no longer play the film and just present me with an error code: amzp-6. The film still appears in my video library as a purchased film, in all the Amazon Prime apps, but it will not play.
I could find no mention of this error code online and phoned the helpline to have it confirmed by Amazon that despite having purchased the film and it belonging to me it can no longer be watched by me because it no longer exists in their catalogue! Ultimately they agreed to refund me. But beware: Buying digital content is not what it seems!
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on 18 August 2013
As a massive Jackie Chan fan and disliking lots of his modern films this had all the hallmarks of another flop but in fact this one of his best. Jackie's fight scenes are up there with his best and Owen Wilson adds more laughs in this good well told story with great fight scenes.
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"Shanghai Noon" is a five star film when judged by its enjoyability and not by more presumptuous artistic standards. But in a world were so many movies fail big time and fall short of their potential there is ample reason to celebrate a fun movie like this one. Besides, when it comes to martial arts films it is clear to me that Jackie Chan is a perfect combination of the athleticism of Gene Kelly with the ability of Fred Astaire to work with whatever is laying about the location. Seriously, think about it; Chan doing a fight sequence with elk antlers just like Astaire dancing with a hat rack.
The point of the plot is to get Jackie Chan's character, Chon Wang, into the Wild West of the Nevada frontier in 1881. Princess Pei Pei (Lucy Lui) of the Imperial Court becomes the victim of a kidnapping plot and is taken to the United States. Three warriors are sent to deliver the ransom, along with a royal interpreter; Chon Wang tags along to carry the baggage. Unfortunately the train on which the Chinese are traveling is the target of wannabee outlaw Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson) and his inept gang. The two become partners in rescuing the princess, although Roy is more interested in the gold. Consequently the plot is a model of predictability but serves its purpose of getting us from one amazing fight sequence to the next.
The pairing of Chan and Wilson is similar to that of Chan and Chris Tucker in the "Rush Hour" movies, contrasting Chan's halting English with an ultra-verbal co-star. But there is a significant difference in that Wilson is more low keyed in his verbosity, making for what I think is a better contrast. The point that I knew this movie was really going to work was when Chon comes across Roy buried up to his neck in the sand. Instead of digging Roy out of the hole, Chon simply gives him a pair of chopsticks and suggests Roy dig himself out. Of course, Roy does, which is important because it gives the character credibility for holding his own, at least on some level, with Chon, which he certainly does in their first fight scene together. More importantly, they are both fish out of water when it comes to the Wild West.
Jackie Chan's creativity in fight sequences is astounding and setting the action in a Western gives it an added vitality. However, Chan also has an opportunity to do some "real" acting in this film with several early scenes that require emotional responses. Across the board this may well be Chan's best performance. There are also references to at least two dozen westerns, from the attempt to blow open a safe on a train from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" to a villain being named Van Cleef just liked the actor who played the "bad" guy in "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly." These assorted homages, nudges, and winks to past westerns is just part of the general sense of joy that permeates this film (and give you something to do when you watch the film a second time). "Shanghai Noon" is just a fun film that avoids insulting the intelligence of its audience. We need more movies like this one (which explains the recent sequel).
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on 17 February 2014
I go back to this film every now and then when I don't want to have to think too hard about the plot and have a good laugh. If you like slapstick then I think you'll like this film. It's worth looking at the outtakes at the end too.
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