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on 28 January 2016
This is a great gadget for anyone who fixes their own car or who simply wants to get rid of a pesky check engine light on their dashboard.

Since 2001, every car sold in the EU has to have a little socket on it for on-board diagnostics. This gadget plugs into that socket and communicates with the car’s on-board computer. The computer stores information from various sensors, such as emissions sensors, temperature sensors, knock sensors, as well as performance data and generates a code if the car detects any problems. Using this device, you can read that code and get some idea of what’s causing the issue.

Much of the time, if that little check engine light comes on, you’re probably going to want to get your car checked out. However, sometimes it can come on following a misfire, or if the engines too cold or sometimes just for no reason at all. This little gadget can turn that pesky thing off with a couple of clicks.

Knowing the code for a fault can save a lot of time and money on trial-and-error repairs. It can also save you taking your car to a garage for a very minor resolution (such as changing spark plugs, etc). In that respect, this device could end up paying for itself many times over. Definitely value for money at the price being sold.
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on 22 March 2015
perfect no problems saved me and family a fortune as one member did visit a garage just as i got this and was charged £45 for diagnostics
in desperation they rang me for best way to deal with car
i said bring it to me i have a CODE READER now they then told me of the cost they just paid out !!!!
if only they had rang me first that money could have bought the parts needed to stop the warning lights coming on

this tool is a good simple tool to find what is wrong with car
its not a fix you still have to sort the car
but it points you where to look for the problem
best bit of change I've spent its been out to more family then me ??? and saved us all £££££
so pop one in your tool draw you never know !!! basic is better then not knowing where to start
stay dirty !!!!!
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on 17 March 2013
Great little product for the price. plugs into the socket under your dash and reads your codes in less than a minute.

It has allowed me to (with the help of a car-savvy friend) diagnose my car's misfiring engine problems without needing to take the care into a garage and pay £50+ for diagnostics. the product doesn't however give very detailed information about the problem. for example it just told me i had a misfire on cylinder 3. I then had to do my own investigations as to what was causing the misfire (swapping spark plugs/coil packs, testing compression levels etc.)
Turns out there was low compression in cylinder 3, which every now and then is causing the fuel injectors to turn off. I found out i can also use this diagnostics scanner to erase the fault codes - and therefore turn the fuel injector back on if the car starts misfiring while i'm driving. Possibly not the best option for the health of the engine - but seen as how the repairs would cost about as much as the car is worth, it's a very useful little function to have.
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on 11 November 2011
Works a treat on my Hyundai Coupe. Took no longer than 5 mins quickly flicking through the manual to fully understand how to use it, and even less to actully do the job. Not much can be said about it, its just brilliant, £25 at my local garage for diagnostic test when i could have this? I know what I'd recommend.

As a follow up, its been a couple weeks since I used now and still no check engine light again, garage done it and was on within the hour despite no actual problem so well and truly happy.
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on 23 November 2012
Received this item and plugged it into my skoda fabia, read first time, no codes. I had checked skoda with a friends simlar device a few days previous which brought up a fuel fault code, cleared, done gone etc, probably been there since before I bought the car as it has not re appeared, no problems. Also plugged into ford fusion again read first time, no faults. Had front control arm bushes done on skoda today, took this into show one of the guys in the garage who I know, he was suprised at the cost and what it could do, he said, "this will save you alot of money" you could almost hear the word bugger! under his breath. good buy!!
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on 16 May 2012
The scanner retrieved an EVAP error code on my 2007 Mustang GT, which turned out to be a damaged petrol cap gasket. Cap replaced, the scanner then allowed me to erase the code so that the Check Engine Light (CEL) on the dashboard went out.
However, it failed to retrieve any error codes on a friend's 2004 Jeep Cherokee CRD, despite a CEL on the dash. It connected OK, and went through the scanning process, but reported "no codes". We subsequently retrieved 2 error codes by using Jeep's unique ignition key method, which the scanner should have picked up.
So, when it works, as it did on my car, it's great, but it would appear that not all OBDII compliant vehicles are covered, as claimed.
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on 28 November 2013
used this product three times since I purchased it and it has been bob on every time even crossed checked the codes shown with an expensive code reader at work. would recommend this product.
People are often asking questions as to whether this gadget will work on their vehicle, the answer is simple, the purchase price is cheap enough to take a gamble if it does not work on your car it will work on someone's car that you know.
here is a list of vehicles that I have successfully used it on:
vw sharan- Hyundai getz- kia picanto- mg zr- Renault meagne scenic.
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on 5 June 2013
My Vauxhall Corsa 1.2L 2004 model car stopped once and some strange light popped up on Dashboard. I took to a mechanic and he stated he will charge 45 quids to diagnoze the fault and then further to repair. Luckily i did not went for it then and asked a friend who told me about one of these things. I searched on amazon and found this and saw the reviews. Immediately bought it, it arrived, i checked the fault and checked the Ref no against the booklet provided. I called mechanic and told him the fault no and the details. He said he will get the part. Hence, i booked the appointment, took the car. The mechanic fitted the part, re-checked that no light is coming using his diagnostic scanner and everything is working fine. No light is coming.

I am feeling a bit elated that i who knows nothing about cars was able to find the fault and saved 30+ quids. :0)
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on 10 June 2013
I bought the Maxiscan Diagnostic Scanner because of an antipollution fault on our Peugeot 206cc 2006 1.6hdi allure.Fantastic service from Amazon. Bought on the net one afternoon and arrived next day! I will go through my procedure as I suspect this is a very common fault. I had already been to a garage and their machine just said it was a fuel fault and they were not prepared to give an estimate.Cost £50, So I left it. Here I must tell you that the car had gone into limp mode (max 3000rpm) I plugged the scanner in and it came up with 2 fault codes P0087 (fuel rail pressure low) and P0093 (large fuel leak)I knew there was no leak of fuel, but I suspected that my wife had put petrol instead of diesel,(but had'nt) to make sure, I syphoned as much fuel out of the tank as I could, replaced the fuel filter and put £40 of fresh diesel in BINGO! Does anyone know where I can get a plug in thingamebob to fix the ASP/ESR fault? Get a maxiscan good kit but don't get a Putrid, sorry Peugeot!
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on 19 April 2016
Doesn't work on the Jaguar XF

Just throws loads of error lights up and then finds comms error codes but not the actual codes... The seller was brilliant though and refunded me straight away.
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