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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Young For Eternity
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on 4 July 2017
Excellent. Rock and Roll Queen should be up there as one of the best all time anthems.
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on 1 July 2005
YOUNG FOR ETERNITY,is quite possibly the best debut album from a band since Oasis! I have had the privilege of hearing this album quite a few times now, and it seems to get better every listen.
Highlights include No Goodbyes,I wana hear what you got to say and the closing track Somewhere. If your looking for a hard rocking album with emotion, passion and character then i seriously suggest you order or go out and buy this album straight away, cos it's going to be a classic.
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on 23 September 2005
Judging by the reviews here, I'm in the minority regarding my opinion of this album. It's far from being terrible, but somewhere along the line The Subways went from being a fantastic live act to delivering a rather average album.
My first encounter with the band was around 18 months ago at a gig in Cardiff, which I attended purely on a whim. They were astonishing, with Lunn thrashing about the stage like an electrified whirling-dervish (quite literally bouncing off the walls at some points), and Cooper oozing the sort of rock-chick cool that prompted several enthusiastic propositions from the crowd.
Meanwhile, Morgan, stripped to the waist, went at the drums like Animal from the Muppets made flesh.
I left there convinced I'd witnessed the Next Big Thing(TM), and enthusiastically extolled their virtues to anyone who'd listen. Finally, at long last, the album came out. And it's become rather (gasp) poppy.
There's still a bit of the original swagger in the likes of "Rock & Roll Queen", "1 AM", and "Oh Yeah", all of which have been knocking around for quite a while, but even these older tracks sound like they've been smoothed down when compared with the "taster" CDs that used to be on sale at the gigs.
This isn't necessarily that surprising, but with the sharp edges taken away, it all sounds rather sterile.
Maybe it's a problem of expectation, but I'd assumed The Subways would get the sort of stick-hitting-a-tin-can production of The White Stripes, and instead they got... Ian Broudie? The Lightning Seeds' Ian Broudie?! No wonder it sounds like it's been hit with the pop-tastic stick.
All-in-all then, a bit of a let-down, but still a few glimmers of hope in there. And I just can't help singing along to "Mary"...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 July 2005
Top notch punk garage rock from the best band of this genre in England.
Ignore the bizarre/lazy comparisons with Oasis this band really make ballsey rock 'n roll.
So if not Oasis who do they sound like?
To my veteran ears they are a mixture of: Biff Bang Pow, Julian Cope, The Nomads (Swedish garage kings), The Prisoners (Medway's finest), Solar Flares and German angst punkers EA80.
Put simply it is catchy, angry and yet strangely melodic. Buy it and ignore the manufactured pop that it has been compared with elsewhere.
1234 let's go.........
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on 23 July 2005
Well, what can I say? This has to be one of the best debut albums that I have ever heard! The album oozes with talent, passion and energy.
After seeing The Subways perform as the support act to Charlotte Hatherly I was hooked, I could not get enough of them, the 2 track demo I had could not meet my needs and I could not wait for the album, a couple of gigs, a few downloads, 2 singles and 10 months later my prayers were answered and out came the album! And I was not disappointed! The songs were still short, the lyrics catchy and the vocals dripping with pure passion and a love of what they do.
The songs have remained mainly the same as the live versions, although the fantastic opening track 'I want to hear what you have got to say ' has had a bit of a lyric change. The album boasts 2 top 25 tracks, ('Oh Yeah' and Rock N Roll Queen') which isn't bad going for a band that 2 years ago were barely out of school! (Actually I think Mary-Charlotte may still have been there, that isn't important though.) Then they were thrown into fame after winning the unsigned bands competition at Glasto, where they then played there again this year.
The stand out track for me has to be 'Mary' which I had heard live and could not wait to own! The song is of course for Billy's wonderful beau (and bassist) Mary-Charlotte. The track is all about young love and the catchy chorus sums up every teenager in the country in one easy sentence 'I'm so lazy, I ain't done much lately.' Purely and simply, genius. Don't get me wrong the other songs are just as fantastic, coming a close second has to be 'I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say' followed by the melodic and frankly spine tingling 'With You.'
There are only two things that I would change about this album, 'At 1am' would have its own track and the album would be longer! Although I could still listen to it all day, at under 45 minutes, it is a tad on the short side.
It's amazing how a debut by a relatively unknown band can contain only good songs, many bands that have been around for years cannot boast such an achievement. So if you like rock and good music then this is definitely the album for you.
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on 5 August 2005
I'll keep this short and sweet. Because sweet is the word to describe The Subways' bubblegum rock, yet it is delivered with serious edge. And quite simply, this album is very, very good. The contrasts of Billy and Charlotte's sharp and sweet voices, and the magnetic hooks contending with jagged riffs create one of the best amalgams of sound you will hear this year.
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on 4 March 2012
The LP title seemingly lives up to this trio's ambitions as they have the energy & enthusiasm to just do that as all three work together so well. Opener 'I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say' sets the scene and is a brilliant start as the responses between guitarist vocalist Billy and bassist Charlotte are contagious (her voice certainly is not that of a perfect singer but its trashy overtones are beautiful) on which is perhaps the albums best offering. 'Holiday' is a noise blast & though the title is nice is probably my least favourite here. Next up 'Rock & Roll Queen' is "their" song & a classic plus in live performance is something extraordinary. Billy puts so much into this as he screams at fever pitch & also (as on all rock numbers) the wonderful drumming by Josh. The gentle 'Mary' has a distinct busking 60s flavour with a catchy melody & is a slice of excellence. Back to punk rock & another noise blast in 'Young For Eternity'. The acoustic 'Lines Of Light' builds into a slow fuzzed assault but still with a beauty. 'Oh Yeah' (back to punk with great vocals & beat), 'City Pavement', 'No Goodbyes', 'With You' (heartfelt punk with some fine words), 'She Sun' (more majestic sounds) and 'Somewhere' slip out in a staggered light & shade way via nice gentle moments mixed with some hard edged punk. The Subways prove here that they are one of the very best bands to come out these past 10 years.
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on 22 August 2005
A cracking debut album, kicking off with a brilliant reworking of "I want to hear what you have got to say" "Oh Yeah" and R & R Queen still stand out, along with "Mary" and "City Pavement". Be patient with track 12 and you get the Stones-like "1 a.m." which was the original vinyl single and really marks the Subways out as a tight rhthm and blues band with a cutting edge. Thanks Mr Broudie for not knocking off the rough edges. Look out for them on next season's "The OC"
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on 30 July 2005
I saw this band live in early 2005 and was impressed by how catchy their songs were at first listen and as this record proves I was not fooled.
The strength of this record lies in its catchy pop sensibilities, clearly aided by Ian Broudie's production. Right from the fantastic duet of I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say to the insanely catchy At 1AM this album is full of Pop Rock gems.
The singles, Rock & Roll Queen and Oh Yeah are fantastic slices of upbeat rock and roll but don't think they are alone in their brilliance on this record as can so often be the case with singles from debut albums.
Equally brilliant are the two later tracks With You and No Goodbyes but the album fails to get 5stars because there are a few dud tracks that aren't awful but are not that great either.
In conclusion I can't help but compare the album to Feeder's Echo Park, not necessarilly in sound but in its overall quality and pop appeal.
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on 21 July 2009
This is a very good album. The production could be a bit more coloured but there is no doubt the tunes are good and it's an album packed with life and energy. I couldn't believe some of the ad-homonim attacks by a couple of reviewers on here actually suggesting the band shoot themselves and that they disgrace the industry.

Talk about over the top envy! No matter how good or decent some people are it seem there will always be some a**hole there to take swipe at them for no reason other than their own inadequacies and under achievements.

Buy this record. It's a cracker!
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