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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 February 2005
Great album. I have enjoyed SEAL's music since the early 90's but anybody looking for an introduction to his work has found the perfect compilation. As a fan of SEAL I was disappointed that this collection did not include 'Newborn Friend' from his SEAL II album but all the other main ones are here really....
Interestingly I play the bonus acoustic collection cd more than the main one. I love the acoustic versions of Bring it on, Kiss from a Rose and Killer especially but the whole arrangement is great and really demonstrates his amazing voice and keeps you captivated.
Fantastic CD, if you like SEAL the acoustic collection is a must-have.
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on 9 November 2004
WOW! Words just cannot do justice to this. If you are a fan of Seal, no doubt you will already have all of the tracks on the first cd, and the well produced cover of Walk on By is a nice addition to the mix. However, I would recommend everyone getting this 2 CD set for the acoustic bonus disc. 13 great tracks that will blow your mind! Great vocals from a real singer with soul, and an almost jazzy tempo and recording style. Buy this, and enjoy a very rare musical experience.
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on 25 January 2005
An interesting greatest hits work. The album spans from the early tracks such as 'Killer' to his less commercial recent work. The album opens with the hit 'Crazy', a downbeat dance track with its familiar beat and Seals empowering vocals. It is not until you hear the distinct sound of his frosty voice that you remember just how good a singer he is. He flows gracefully from low to high notes, from reserved to free, but always controlled.
The dance tracks eclipse the slower material. 'Killer' erupts with a bass line so heavy and brooding it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, the maximum volume on your hi-fi were made for tracks like this.
Although the later tracks are never weak, and are probably better suited for Seal's voice, they don't seem to pack the same punch as the first half of the album, perhaps with the exception of the funky 'Fly Like An Eagle'. There is a dignified cover of Burt Baccarach's 'Walk On By', which Seal carries off soulfully.
A varied album in all, including a handful of powerful tracks, and a good display from a very talented vocalist.
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on 25 November 2004
If there was a male version of Sade, Seal would have to be that person. Like Sade, Seal has a voice that could melt butter. Although I don't really consider myself a diehard fan of his music, I still enjoy his music whenever his songs would air on the radio. I thought his "The Best of: 1994 - 2004" would be the ideal collection for this casual fan. I bought the gold version which comes complete with a second disc of acoustic versions of his hits. It may have been pricey but I felt I got my money's worth. The acoustic disc is definitely worth shelling out the extra $$$. If I thought the original version of "Love Divine" was emotionally moving, the sparse acoustic version is even more breathtaking. I love both versions equally. "Love Divine" is my favorite song in the past few years that I have not gotten sick and tired of hearing. I also adore "Don't Cry", "Kiss From a Rose", "Crazy", and "Prayer For the Dying". I used to be sick and tired of those songs but since it is rare for me to hear Seal on the radio nowadays, those songs have once again became favorites of mine. I also loved Seal's version of Echo and the Bunnymen's "Lips Are Like Sugar". It may not be as good as the original but I thought he did a great job covering the song however I did not like "Fly Like an Eagle" but then again I didn't like the original song by The Steve Miller Band to begin with. For anyone who is contemplating getting Seal's best of compilation, get the gold version. You will definitely love hearing his songs acoustically.
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on 5 September 2005
If you have DVD-Audio capable surround sound, a very worthy addition to your collection. The range of singles is excellent and Seal's ability simply shines in this collection; surround versions of his regular hits followed by accoustic versions.... and then some videos... awesome value, but the quality and sound is brilliantly mixed. I do feel that a good surround mix on DVD_Audio or SACD makes an otherwise "OK" CD just way ahead in the listening experience - not everybodies views though.
If you have DVD_Audio, like Seal - you have to get this.... have to!
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on 17 February 2005
If like me, you hate music that's around at the moment, but love a great melody, then buy this album. I can't fault it. Soulful, tuneful and passionate!
'Love's Divine' gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it, his voice makes me melt!! Just make sure you play it loud!!
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on 10 January 2006
OK, the first thing you need to know about this CD is that the recordings are NOT the originals. To take nothing away from the songs or the artist, there is nothing worse when buying a greatest hits/songs cd than finding out they are not original recordings. You lose all sense of time and perspective of the artist when all the songs are re-recorded at pretty much the same time in the same tempo and same style. The CD clearly states original versions of the hits but I already have most of the original Albums and these recordings are not originals.
I am a big admirer of Seal and I like all his work but I feel seriously ripped off and I am going to return this cd. If Seal wants to re-record all his work like this then fine but, call it something like re-hashed versions of my old songs and not The Best of Seal (Original Recordings)!
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on 25 April 2005
Not bad at all. good collection of his best songs and perfect for any occasion. defenetley worth buying
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VINE VOICEon 5 December 2004
What's not to like about this CD? It's just what you need when you want to remember the best and the worst of your love life the past decade or so. Seal's voice is just gorgeous. He takes you through, in and around every heart ache you've ever had...scrumptious.
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on 16 September 2006
As i said while reviewing Massive Attacks greatest hits i very rarely buy them because most of the time they leave too many good songs off and either include rubbish ones or remixes when you just want to hear the originals!.Since 1991 Seal has been wowing audiences around the world with his silky smooth soulful voice although this was released two years ago i've only just purchasing it after being given his muchly underrated album "Human Being".

1.Crazy - A fantastic song which broke him into the mainstream being a hit all around the world (peaking at #2 in the UK).One of his most beloved songs and one of my personal favourites he sounds excellent and even though it was released in 1991 it still sounds fresh 10/10

2.Kiss From A Rose - When this was released it was played to death! it was the theme to the Batman Forever movie it can actually listen to it now it's been a few years!.This song also scored him his first #1 in the US and won a grammy,I love the words to this song so sweet! 10/10

3.Killer - I'm glad this isnt the Adamski one (which was a #1 here in the UK)It's not a bad version but i prefer this one much more it's less electronic therefor making it sound less dated.Has a great edge to it.I think the chorus is so good lol he sounds absolutly fantastic if you've never liked this song then your so strange lol one of the best singles ever! 10/10

4.Prayer For The Dying - This is my favourite Seal song it has such a great message if i'm not mistaken he wrote this after being in a motorbike accident so it was released at the right time for him even though this wasn't as big as his other songs i feel this is his strongest 10/10

5.Waiting For You - This song steps up the tempo and was released from his 4th album "Seal IV" Has a great jazz feel to it like a throwback from the 70's he still sounds as good as he did back in the day lol,Too bad this song didn't do very well 'coz its really great and funky 10/10

6.Don't Cry - Is one of his more depressing songs it's still very good though it starts off with a great acapella if you didn't know how good he sounds! But it gained him alot of attention after he won grammys as this song was nominated for a VMA award and reached #8 in the US 8/10

7.My Vision (Featuring Jakatta) - This put Seal back into the mainstream which peaked at #6 in the UK it's a great dance song and Seal later re-recorded it for his Seal IV album very good feel good song although it does seem a bit out of place but great song 9/10

8.Love's Divine - This is one of the highlights of his acclaimed Seal IV album such a sweet song could be dedicated to his wife Heidi Klum? this is a favourite of mine from this album 10/10

9.Walk On By - His version of the muchly covered classic by Dionne Warwick.It's produced by mega producers Soulshock&Karlin (702,Christina Milian,Mary J Blige,Monica)It's a very good cover which earned him a grammy nomination i'm actually not a big fan of this song in general but his along with Gabrielle's version make it enjoyable for me 10/10

10.Get It Together - This was a massive hit on the dance/club scene it's a funky song,It sounds like hes singing in bar and i like that makes it sound live,I love the band really good song reminded me kinda of Earth,Wind & Fire 10/10

11.Fly Like An Eagle - Is a remake which it's gotta be said makes the original sound like a cheesy cover.I love sing song one of his best songs it was one of the theme's for the movie Space Jam. 10/10

12.Lips Like Sugar - Such an odd cover but it's really cute it was from the movie 50 First Dates giving the Echo and the bunnymen classic a slight reggae vibe.Not really a massive fan of it but its listenable 8/10

13.Human Beings - Very dark song that was lifted from his highly underrated masterpiece "Human Being",He said that the inspiration of this song was the passing of Notorious B.I.G and Tupac.I love this song it is one of my favourite the production is so good 10/10

14.Future Love Paradise - I felt it could have been left off it's not really a favourite of mine and i rarely listen to it, That doesn't make it a bad song i just get so into 'Human Beings' i just play it alot 7/10

The second CD is acoustic versions of the previous songs (with inclusions of Just Like You Said,Touch,Colour & Bring It On)which i felt was really good "Prayer For The Dying"

is one of the best as is Killer,Colour,Crazy and Love's Devine.

Top 5

1.Prayer For The Dying


3.Human Beings

4.Fly Like An Eagle

5.Walk On By

Seal is one of our best soul musicians sometimes greatly over looked but he can blow you away with his voice. Get This Now!!
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