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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
UFC 2009: Undisputed (PS3)
Platform: PC|Change
Price:£5.46+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 7 July 2009
Bought thus game for my son who says it is amazing and has played on it for hours.
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on 19 July 2014
Supposed to be great condition but it turned up scratched and ripped etc
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on 8 September 2009
Bought it for my husband who is really into UFC - he really likes it
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on 9 July 2009
purchased this game about 6 weeks ago. I'm a big fan of ufc and was looking forward to playing this title.


Nothing i havnt seen before... very realistic though. All charactors look very much like the real thing.

Sound - 7/10

Game music is pretty sound. Well theres nothing there that will get on your nerves anyway. Commentating dialogue is good. It seems they could work on the match atmosphere a little. Would be good to hear the crowd abit more to rev the fight up, all abit quiet for my liking.

Gameplay 7/10

Although there are some fun elements to the gameplay i found the moves quite limited especially when standing. High kick.. mid kick low kick. High punch, mid punch, hook uppercut. The punching in particular doesnt quite work on this game. It will only do certain punches if you are a given distance away from your opponent. The moves are very generic from fight to fighter. I just dont think the styles are different enough. And combos. Dont think they really exist in this game. Spinning back fist. Round house kick. Flying knee...... That just isnt enough to keep me interested. Ufc supposed to be a multi disciplined fighting platform. The Ground game is good and adds a whole new element to fighting your mates. It does give the feel that a fight can turn around in a matter of seconds which can be a bad thing when you've been beating the hell out of someone for 2 rnds and then they submit you by catching your fist when you are puttingthem out of there misery in ground and pound. The clinch... All Abit annoying really again there could be more variation in striking the opponent. Blocking... not responsive enough. Someone can kick you in the head a couple of times before you can block.

Career mode
has some good ideas but i have feeling that the end product wasnt thought out enough. you get to spar and build stats. Also you can choose different training camps to learn new moves but i'm still failing to see what moves you actually gain from this as you dont actually spar with those people... for instance if you have a kickboxing style you want to be able to do superman punch and spinning back fists and i was picking my camps with people who had those skills yet my moves stayed the same. Same with the wrestling style. My charactor never learnt to slam someone on the floor even though i was picking the fighters in the camps who could do this. Either i'm doing something wrong or this is a big floor in the game.


Really fun. Like the idea of going up levels unfortunately though is completley ruined by the fact that people can quit even though you have beaten them, making the fight invalid which is rather annoying. People who do this are probably the same type of people who request friends on social networks just to look like they have more friends than they actually have. LOSERS

Overall 8/10

definatley one for ufc fans. I dont regret buying i just wish they could use the potential because believe me a game with these fundementals has bags of it. Will interesting to see what improvements can be made on the next title
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on 30 May 2009
In my opinion WWE game shave been going down hill as of late and with the same peopel making this game I was dubious. I had to buy it though and am thankful I did. This game is truly outstanding.

The crowd is fantastic. Not like other games where you get a generic boo or cheer. Here, if the match is poor and repeated you get booed (there seem to be varying ranges with this) if it's going well you get a massive pop from the crowd. The commentators are fantastic too. They sound so original compared to tired commentary on other games.

So easy to pick up. There are standard punch and kick buttons but simple combos make it easier to pummel your opponent to a knockout or make the tap. Can be slightly irritating when your created fighter hasn't upgraded in his skills yet as you try to do moves that don't work. Another fantastic aspect of the gameplay is that your fighter acts as you want them to. They fall like you would expect, with more than one animation which is a nice change, the punchlike you want and whats more if you and your opponent throw at the same time, chances are you hit hands or arms and nobody gets hurt, rather than every move landing. Every fighter acts like their real life counterpart. Rampage will want to smack you in the face. Lesnar takes you down and beats the living snot out of you. Evans will beat you up with speed and power. The list goes on.

HOLY COW! The most incredible graphics. The fighters, the cuts, the blood, the ref, the octagon, the training room. Everything is amazing. I simply cannot describe how good some aspects of this game look at times.

Could last for ages, could last a few weeks. I can see how it is easy to loose interest in this game. Career can be become a tad repetitive. I won the title and won the next ten fights, seemed quite easy aswell. It can however if you use all of the modes last for ages. Classic matches, use of virtually any fighter you can think of (slightly annoyed there are no legends in the game such as Shamrock or Couture), and the fantastic career mode. The career mode only lasts for five years I think, you can fit in about 25-40 fights in this time depending on ranking. Lower rankings get more fight offers whereas champions simply get title fights every couple of months.

Overall this really is a fantastic game. It has bee kept basic, nothing extravagent just the grit and style of the true Ultimate Fighting Championship.

If you're not a fan give it a go anyway.
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on 10 August 2009
The game is fantastic fun! different techniques mean u can play many different careers, fighting ur way to the top and learning new moves.
u don't always win, u need to be slightly strategic in the way u fight, instead of simply doing the same thing over and over...obviously u will have ur favourite techniques but if u are not careful u can easily find urself knocked out after 20 seconds from ur oponents first flurry of kicks or punches (not to mention a takedown and submission).
the one majorly annoying thing with the game is the frequent loading screens, which, when in ur "zone" and wanting to just get all the career sponsorship badge placings and what not out of the way so u can go and spar or fight, can be extremely frustrating!
However, it is the best fighting game i have yet had the pleasure to play.
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on 24 May 2009
Initially I thought making a game that uses mixed martial arts would be hard make because of the controls. However, I am impressed they managed to pull off a lovely control system.

In terms of graphics listen to this, I was playing this game with a couple of my friends in a room, as we were playing 3 people that walked into our room on separate occasions thought we were actually watching the real ufc. It was only until they looked properly they found that we were actually playing it.

Online play is good, however I did came up with some lagging which put we off my timing and made me get knocked out. I contacted THQ and they said they are looking into it. I did find that the more I played Online the less lag occurred.

Overall, this is a good game to buy, very fun when playing with friends too.
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on 6 September 2015
100% recommended
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on 23 June 2009
I have always been a lover of the UFC and therefore had few expectations that the game could live up to the real thing. What you actually get is a gaming experience as close to the real thing without the pain and cauliflower ears. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is easy to get into from the start. Im still struggling with the grappling, ground and pound and submission controls but I think its only a matter of time. Great game.
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on 11 February 2015
Quality game
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