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on 13 October 2012
' Unrelated' is an extraordinary, unusual film that lives with you long after it ends. There is no background music, there is a mix of professional actors & [ may I say it? ] real people. The performers live & eat together in the Tuscan villa in which it is filmed . They sleep in the bedrooms that are theirs in the film. The unrelated outsider, playing Anna, arrives after the other performers have bonded. The result is a sort of collective method acting. It is convincing & powerful. It makes ordinary films look acted.
The camera is still; you feel as if you are there with them. It is really happening.

The central performance of Anna would win an award in a better known movie ; she is luminous, outstanding.The hotel scene where you discover Anna's sadness is perfect, brilliant.
The most interesting character is young Oakley, who is generally condemned by most who see the film, yet is the only one to take notice of the ' unrelated' Anna & to listen to her.
It was the film debut of Tom Hiddleston, who worked easily , brilliantly , intelligently in this collective setting . Oakley could have a whole book written on his fascinating character ; he should be seen again. There is a furious,disturbing off scene row between Oakley & his ghastly father that truly shocks.

Watch it!
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on 19 December 2011
Having quite, but not thoroughly, enjoyed "Archipelago" (and encouraged by excellent reviews), I watched Joanna Hogg's previous film with favourable anticipation...but I was disappointed. The basic plot of an 'outsider' rather foolishly trying to take a holiday with a rather unwelcoming group is interesting, and the moment when she asks them to quieten down their late night enjoyment so that she can get to sleep perfectly underlines the clear separation that exists between her and the younger group of holiday-makers.

Both my hearing and sight are excellent, and although I appreciate the subtle use of both background and natural conversation etc., I found the general sound level to be sometimes conspicuously unbalanced and the script, whether it was written or improvised, was unmemorable and, even allowing for my preference for the subtle over the obvious, gave the main actors some difficulty in establishing their characters...and the filming of the initial scene of arrival was poor rather than atmospheric.

One reviewer has remarked on the rather obvious influence of Eric Rohmer on Joanna Hogg's work, and I would agree. I both admire and appreciate Joanna Hogg's efforts, but I feel that although much of the early work of Eric Rohmer is, and will be, remembered as landmarks in the history of the cinema, I suspect that neither "Unrelated" nor "Archipelago" will be similarly remembered.
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on 17 September 2015
I am not a huge fan of Joanna Hogg, but out of the films she has made to date, I think, this, her debut piece, is the best.
Featuring the "young aspiring " - and inspiring Tom Hiddleston ( and his sister), it features the trials and tribulations of a family on holiday
together along with a childless friend who accompanies them at the mother`s invitation.The fact that the friend is childless and envies her friend`s
turbulent family and causes her much grief which,in turn has strained relations with her husband who we only know through her brief talks on her mobile. There is also an obvious attraction by her to the character played by Tom, but she finds she cannot fit into the world of the younger or the
groups she is with.
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on 5 February 2013
English screenwriter and director Joanna Hogg`s feature film debut which she wrote, premiered at the 51st London Film Festival in 2007, was shot on location in Monteroni d`Arbia and Siena in Italy and is a United Kingdom production which was produced by producer Barbara Stone. It tells the story about a woman named Anna who goes to a holiday resort in Italy. Some of her old friends are staying there with their children and after Anna has gotten settled, her friend named Brianna begins noticing that something is going on with Anna.

Distinctly and precisely directed by English filmmaker Joanna Hogg, this finely paced fictional tale which is narrated from multiple viewpoints though mostly from the main character`s point of view, draws a perceptive portrayal of a woman`s relationship with her friends and a young man named Oakley. While notable for its naturalistic and atmospheric milieu depictions, reverent cinematography by cinematographer Oliver Curtis, production design by production designer Stéphane Collonge, fine editing by Danish film editor Helle Le Fevre and use of sound, colors and light, this character-driven and dialog-driven story depicts an incisively internal and heartrending study of character.

This inventive, atypical and at times humorous drama from the late 2000s which examines themes like generational differences, interpersonal relations and belongingness, is impelled and reinforced by its cogent narrative structure, subtle character development and continuity, silent moments, natural dialog, interesting characters, underlying emotional substance, distinct aura and the authentic acting performances by actress Kathryn Worth, English actor Tom Hiddleston in his debut feature film role and Zimbabwean-English actress and director Mary Roscoe. A tangible, contemplative, efficiently understated and acutely framed character piece which reminiscences some of the great masters of cinema.
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on 15 September 2014
I wasn't expecting too much from Unrelated given it has such a mixed bag of reviews, but, found it to be a very watchable and thought provoking film. It is in essence, a very English movie, with its main themes being unhappiness, embarrassment and a desire not to cause a fuss no matter the circumstances. The performance by the actress who plays Anna is wonderful - you can feel her awkwardness at being the outsider in the group and her relief when one of them finally befriends her - even though this leads to some cringe inducing moments. It is an honest, well acted, understated film and provides a cautionary tale for those who try to relive their misplaced youth or cling to friendships which have long since passed.
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on 8 May 2016
I liked this film and hopefully it will be released on blu-ray where it will be a bit sharper because for a DVD this recent the quality isn't fantastic.
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on 16 April 2014
What a good film this is ,but beware it could be a bit of a "marmite" film in as much as some people are going to hate it .Set in Italy it brought back many memories for me ,and if you have been to Tuscany it is surprisingly industrial and even urban in places, and this is caught very well in the superb filming. Give it a go
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on 23 March 2016
Arrived on time and as advertised
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on 22 August 2015
I loved this, it had a beautiful dreamy kind of atmosphere.
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on 4 February 2014
It was a wonderful movie that I truly enjoyed watching. One of the things I liked the most is the music is intradiegetic. It is played and/or listened to by the characters. And this is a nice change from more mainstream movies.

Tom Hiddleston, fresh out of RADA when the movie was shot, shines as Oackley, the eldest of the teenage characters.
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