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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 September 2017
Very good
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on 11 May 2017
very good
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on 22 April 2017
Amazing and quick delivery
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on 26 April 2017
Thank you
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on 19 April 2014
I love this movie and had it on my sky box for ages and watched it every other day then moved house and got new sky box so it was gone :( and it hasnt been on tv since so I decided to buy it online. It arrived quick and on time even after good friday there. One thing wrong with thr disc is that it skips at the part when shelly asks how long joanne has left in that back brace thing... then skips to the party meaning its missed the bit where she runs and the brace falls of and shelley talking to the other girls from the house cross the road from them... bit disappointed but overall love this movieee
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on 3 September 2009
The house bunny at first glance is a teen comedy about bunny girls at the playboy mansion. But dig a little deeper and you will see many hidden meanings about life. This is a fun film which demonstrates that it is not only clueless big busted blondes that have fun. Anna Faris plays Shelley perfectly...she is simple, and has only what you would consider "bunny girl" traits to her personality. But stepping out of the playboy mansion she realises that there is more to life and starts to help a sorority group of girls who are intelligent but could do with a lesson in how to shop and style! It's a fun film that girls will like more than they first thought...and the boyfriends will watch for the eye candy! A truly win-win situation.
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on 20 August 2009
This film was very funny in places, but much of the humour was very adult and I felt the rating should have been somewhere less than 15 but greater than the 12 issued. I hadn't realised that the 'bunny' part of the title related to playboy bunnies, but thought it referred to the slightly naive, innocence and bounciness of the main character. My husband and I sat, largely cringing, through the film with our 12 year old daughter, hoping that the scenes where the house bunny bends down to give the policeman a 'bj' in the street and where she discusses her 'sexual gifts' would sweep over her head. We have watched many '12' rated films, but have not felt quite this level of discomfort previously.
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VINE VOICEon 8 February 2009
Once upon a time, there was a little bunny named Shelley. Shelley was bright eyed and bushy tailed, and lived with all the other bunnies in the bunny house.

One day, Shelley received a letter asking her to leave the bunny house. Shelley was very sad, but was determined to find her own way in the big world. She wandered and wondered, until she came across a big house full of ugly ducklings.

Now Shelley was a blonde bunny, and after thinking really hard for a few seconds, she decided to live with the ducklings and help them grow into foxes. She really, really tried her best, and even though she could not stop all the clichés from taking over the rest of the story, they lived relatively happily ever after.

The end.

Short Attention Span Summary (SASS):

1. Anna Faris plays the part of Shelley, a Playboy bunny evicted from the mansion after her 27th birthday party.
2. Hugh Hefner appears as himself
3. Shelley finds herself at the sad, sad sorority house of Zeta Alpha Zeta, inhabited by the likes of Katharine (Idol runner-up) McPhee, Emma (Superbad) Stone and Rumer (Why in the world did I have to inherit my father's chin?) Willis.
4. They need urgent help, and also to get new pledges to save their house
5. Help = Bunny + Makeovers + New wardrobes + Parties
6. Colin (Why aren't I more like my dad?) Hanks is a bland actor playing a bland role, and needs no further mention here.
7. Shelley has to make a big career decision

This is a comedy in the vein of a dumber "Legally Blonde" that's funny most (but not all of) of the time. Faris is a competent comedic lead actress (though she probably shouldn't venture very far from the comedy tree), and carries the movie, despite the fact that she's no Reese Witherspoon.

If you're in the mood for funny but formulaic, then this one's for you.

Shelley: Yes, I think I'll have the mahi-mahi, but can I get it with just one mahi?

Amanda Richards
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on 19 August 2014
Shelley Darlingson was raised in an orphanage, but when she blossomed into a hot girl and moved into the Playboy Mansion.

But she's summarily evicted on her 27th birthday, because she's too old. In desperation she takes a job as house mother for a sorority of misfits losing their house for lack of members.

They have a few months to find 30 pledges, or a sorority of popular girls will take over their place.

Shelley figures that girls will pledge a house that boys find interesting, so she sets out to make the girls alluring, not act too smart, and host great parties........

It's from Happy Madison pictures, so don't expect something too clever. If you like Adam Sandler side projects, like Grandmas Boy, and Deuce Bigalow, you will know what to expect.

It's as subtle as a sledge hammer, the humour is mostly gross out and inane, but there is also a little bit of heart to it.

Fairs is great as the playboy bunny, and she doesn't overdo the popular girl schtick too much, in fact, she's one of the most sympathetic characters in the whole film, showing that she probably could have been a success if she chose the right path.

As usual, the not so pretty girls turn out to be really hot ala She's All That, and despite connotation toward Mean Girls, there's not much reference.

Its a fun ninety minutes, nothing too serious, or too stupid.

It won't do you any harm.
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on 16 February 2010
I'll admit it. I watched this for the first time and thought what a load of rubbish. But i re-watched it about 6 months later, and its a lot funnier than when i originally watched it. So i'd give it a go, because you may hate it or you may love it, and in my case i hated it and now love it!!
All the reviews give a basic plot to the movie, so i won't mention it again.
I thought the plot was basic, but enjoyable enough, and the characters were well cast. I actually found the character 'Carrie Mae' such a hoot. She made me laugh SO much, i was in stiches. Shes so butch!
Anna Faris was brilliant as the typical 'air head' character she normally plays, and comes out with brilliant quotes. And i really like Emma Stone as Natalie. Shes great. Saw her in Zombieland and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. A dark horse this girl is, with a great talent for acting and i hope to see her in more things.

At first i would have rated 3 stars, but now 5. I do recommend it, its a good girly movie for a night in, and i think if your not to zealous about details than you'll like it. Give it a chance ;)
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