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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 June 2016
Absolutely hated this film it was completely unbelievable. *spoiler alert* In real life the man Steve would have actually manned up and gotten the car back, and not been intimated by a group of teenagers!! He was probably more of a little girl then his girlfriend!! And the part where Steve casually trespasses right into the kids home to talk to them and then hides in a bedroom upstairs would never happen!! The fact that when Steve is being stabbed to death repeatedly his girlfriend just watches in the corner crying doing NOTHING without stopping anyone is ridiculous or even trying to show them how wrong it is, and she never seemed able to call the police at any point!
It was such a mean film where none of the kids showed any real remorse and even the kid who didn't want to ended up completely going crazy and stabbing Steve in the mouth and tongue!! it was too far fetched when they all casually set that kid on fire for no reason. just a cruel film about everyone being tortured with no morals.
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on 17 August 2011
I watched this on TV last night (ITV4). Before doing so I read some of the reviews on amazon to see if it warranted a viewing. With mainly positive reviews I thought I was in for an entertaining couple of hours. Supposedly a film which portrayed todays 'hoodie' youth who terrorise society, and no doubt scheduled to capitalise on the discussions raised from the recent English riots.

Whether the TV version was edited as far as the gore and shock value was concerned I'm not sure, but a film which was an accurate portrayal of todays youth, as other reviewers have said, and the fact it could happen to anyone at any time. Give me a break. The gang responsible for the atrocities carried out in the film were led by a gang member who could only be described as psychopathic in nature, and not at all representative of the average youth. All the other members were led into carrying out their crimes against their will, and the regret of their actions became apparant as the film went on.

Some of the scenarios within the film were so far fetched that it lost all credibility, especially in the closing moments.

Horror? not quite, I was expecting a lot more from Eden Lake. If the DVD does contain more graphic scenes then it might warrant a 3 star, but with far fetched scenarios and little tension, it was a disappointing ride.
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on 3 February 2009
Eden Lake is a topnotch, thrilling and down right visceral experience. It's genuinley difficult to sit through as you know that some brutal stuff is in store just around the corner for the two attractive lead actors. You could argue that the film promotes hatred of all youths that go around in gangs but viewed as 'just a story' and setting aside any 'deep message' the film makers were perhaps aiming for, it's just simply fab entertainment. The true definition of the old cliche: 'edge of your seat'. Kelly Reilly makes for a terrific scream queen and really throws herself into the psyical scenes. Survival horror fans will have a serious good time with this one. With unexpected plot points popping up and a nasty sting at the end, I couldn't recommend this flick highly enough. Plus it looks wicked on Blu-ray.
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on 25 July 2014
"Eden Lake" still remains as one of the greatest horror movies ever made, and yet one of the most disturbing horror movies made over the last 10 years. I don't think I have seen quite such a disturbing British horror movie as Eden Lake is, and I don't think a British horror movie like Eden Lake has been made and if it has, please may someone tell me. I mean don't get me wrong I love horror movies and it is my favorite genre, and if a horror movie has a meaningful story with characters you care about, then it goes beyond just a good horror movie.

What makes Eden Lake so thrilling and so above any horror movie I seen for a while is there is true meaning behind the movie, it's not a simple torture porn horror movie like Eli Roth's Hostel movies or James Wan's Saw films which are equally great, but Eden Lake has a deeper meaning and a excellent story and message, it also has two characters you really care about and you are close too and feel like real people in real danger. Horror works so much better if you care about the people in danger and Eden Lake does a fantastic job of making you care about Jenny and Steve and that may be brilliant writing or acting but it makes the movie work.

What I also took throughout the showing is that Eden Lake does a smart job and does to the audience without you knowing about choosing sides, now from where I was sitting, when the kids who are the villains in the movie start doing these unthinkable actions to the adults, you want the adults to fight back and kill the kids, but as the adults start to fight back, it becomes quite clear that these kids, not all of them want to be there and you start to wonder is violence against violence appropriate when it is to 13 and 14 year's old. The kids are horrible and vial however they are still kids and the movie makes you choose sides and go back and fourth to see which side is right.

Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reilly do a fine performance as Jenny and Steve, they are two characters which are very relitbale and very human, they are two average normal lovely people who want a break from the city and go the woods for a break and when trouble starts they are very believable, especially Kelly Reliy character who goes on a whilwind journey and goes threw an ordeal and by the end you are so desperate as a spectator to see her win and break free.

The kids also play their part well, they have to do some very gory things and they handle the part well and you feel terrified and you hate them but at the same time you do have sorrow for some kids because these are lost kids with no guidance going down a dark part. One kid actor who stole the show with Kelly Riley is Jack O Connell who is going to be one of the best actors out there when he gets older. He is so evil, so violent, so daring and is a fantastic child actor.

The movie is shot beautifully, for a British film, the woods look stunning and James Watkins clearly knows how to direct, he has written and directed a stand out horror movie, the movie is shocking, violent, gory, disturbing and the ending is so horrible and upsetting it will stay with you for a long time but I urge all horror fans, and fans of youth gangs, and those kinds of stories to witness Eden Lake. A very tough and dark watch, but superb!
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on 12 March 2016
Absolutely abysmal, to the point where I am completely stunned that there are people that give it any rating above 1 star. I'm not horrified by the gratuitous violence-it was to be expected if you read reviews-but seriously, the plot was completely ridiculous and I am so disappointed that Michael Fassbender sold himself out to it. It was like watching a rubbish American movie but the actors were British-both in the scenery and sets in town. I can't remember the last time I shouted at the TV so much, not because of the acting, which was actually really very good, but the reaction of the characters to the situations were actually laughable to the point that it made a mockery of the whole movie. I can't begin to tell you how many times I said: 'Oh come on are you serious'; 'why the hell would you do that'; 'Nobody would do that; 'that's ridiculous'; 'he/she would've passed out'; 'why the hell are we watching this utter drivel'; Stay away. To be honest Wolf Creek and Hostel are amazing in comparison to this and I'm really not the greatest fan of such movies.
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on 5 January 2010
How many times have we seen the movie of the happy loving couple going in a remote place for the weekend to enjoy nature, and they ended up chewed up by some psycho?
Well, this is somewhat different, to the extent that I would not even call it a horror movie. It could be a real life story, unfortunately.
One aspect that keep this movie apart from the lot is that the "bad guys" is representeted by a gang of kids - of which one is the leader, and his mates feel more or less obliged to follow. Peer pressure is therefore an element, actually well played.
Besides, such kids are not coming out of the blue (as in many horror movies) but the link with their families in the village close by are well identified.
The movie does provide something to think about when it is over: how would you react when confronted to a gang that tries - apparently, at least to you - to provoke you. There is clearly no definite answer to this, as any situation is different, but the main elements such as the will of asserting the rights of the grow-ups, are always common.
Only one point left me a bit disappointed: the missing end. We can only hope that reason will prevail and ... the police will be called.
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on 30 May 2009
I only hope too many Daily Mail readers don't see this film, because it's only going to fan the flames of what is already a fairly unsavoury debate. This conflation of the recent escalation in knife crime in urban areas of the UK with some people's belief that all young people are potential menaces to society fails to take account of the fact that most children - regardless of their class - are decent, law-abiding people who only want a happy and successful future.

This is a film from a middle class director, told from the point of view of middle class characters, visiting a beauty spot which is soon to become a middle class gated community, while in the working class estate nearby, bitterness and resentment brew. Before long, the male lead gets into an altercation with some local hoodies over loud music, and finds himself on the receiving end of a stereotypically teenage tirade of ringtones, f-words and spit.

Director and writer James Watkins claims to be asking the audience what they would do if they, like the two leads, found themselves at the mercy of a marauding band of teenagers: stand their ground, or walk away? But who exactly is that audience? The middle classes, of course - not all of them, naturally, but a significant number who are scared of working class teenagers, equating them in their own minds to wild animals.

The funny thing is that by the time things began to escalate, I found that I really didn't like the main characters at all. She's a perfectly nice primary school teacher - I imagine at a private school - and he does someting else posh, and they spend the first act turning their noses up at the locals and getting wound up about their children's behaviour. Even the incident which moves things beyond the point of no return is largely the fault of the man, who does something incredibly rash on the spur of the moment, making me care even less about what might happen to him. He really only has himself to blame!

The chavs, by contrast, are a rather more interesting bunch, and I found myself sympathising with them a lot. Only one of them is genuinely hateful, and the rest are caught in his slipstream. This is the film's more interesting message, about group mentality, and how arrogant, disaffected leaders can urge others into ever more depraved acts. To Watkins's credit, this is reflected in the behaviour of the parents when they are introduced, too, so he isn't just having a pop at children, but these are working class parents (and Northern, too, just to ram the point home), so the class issue still looms large.

I can't rubbish this film, because in truth I rather enjoyed it, and as you can see it made me think a lot. The problem I have with it is that, ultimately, it fails to deliver a coherent message, or even to give the impression that it's being intentionally ambiguous. If Watkins wants to make a point about respect on the streets, then fair enough, but respect works two ways, and portraying a gang of murderous working class youths committing increasingly barbarous acts on decent, professional people isn't, for me, an intelligent contribution to the debate.
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on 4 June 2009
One thing Eden Lake does achieve is heart-felt opinion, as evidenced here at, where views are polarised from 5-star to 1-star by way of little in between. Why do feelings run so high about this film? It's fear of course: fear that this slight tale is a metaphor for our times, that every last kid on the street is carrying a blade, that the bad guys get the best lines. The 'see-its' advocate you watch it because it's well-made and -acted and scary (true) while the 'don'tsee-its' warn off its lack of plot credibility and extreme violence (also true). One or two touch on how Eden Lake is ultimately nihilistic and unlikeable. Probably too much in these troubled times to shrug off lightly. It's a flawed entertainment that will trouble the sensitive soul. I was unpopularly laughing at one or two points at the absurdity of the script. Or was it nerves?
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on 25 August 2009
Very disturbing as you can actually imagine this happening in todays society - actually felt on the edge of my seat throughout this film, was shocked and horrified by the film.

If you dont want to be stressed out by a film this is not for you! One things for sure, I will never approach another teenager again, its just not worth it...
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on 5 September 2009
I found this a pretty disturbing film as a whole. Yes it has its faults, and whether the ending works is debatable, but in this day and age of knife crime it made for some uncomfortable viewing. And that's the whole point of a decent horror. I give it the thumbs up.
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