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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2008
Although a bit dated these days anyone who remembers this from their childhood will love it.From its bouncy theme tune to the painted backdrops its pure nostalgia.Buy it if you want to relive your youth.>
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on 16 April 2012
this is plenty of fun. you can see the somewhat hard-edged charisma of a young up-and-coming robert shaw that he would use in some of his later hollywood films. to think that some 20 years later, he would play a similar character in "swashbuckler."
"the buccaneers" doesn't have even a third of that film's budget but nevertheless, this is a good and entertaining series that has a lot in the way of daring escapades, some fine acting from all concerned, fairly good writing and a catchy theme tune.
the fact that location shots are few and far between, does not matter that much as the above qualities more than compensate. personally, it fills my heart with joy to see robert shaw being cast in his own series. this was the first and only time that the general public got to see him in action as a regular character in front of the cameras and what a viewing experience it is! the only thing i can't quite fathom, is why shaw didn't make his inital appearance as dan tempest until the third episode. i was a little disappointed by this but no matter.
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on 10 July 2006
an early example of an action / kids programme that ran for 39 programmes in 1957.

this stars a young robert shaw ( one of my favourite actors dating back years ) as a reformed pirate who helps the british government in capturing thiefs, looters etc.

rather dated now, with a lot of it studio-bound and made on a low budget. still, worth watching if you like sword fighting and ships squaring off against each other.

glad to see these programmes being released on dvd.

for those of you unaware, robert shaw starred in an updated version of the same idea made in the 70s. being hollywood, the budget had been much improved with real landscapes, beaches, ships and all the rest of it. the film was called "swashbuckler" and shaw was the only british actor in it. worth watching and far better.
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on 23 March 2013
The Buccaneers is a fast moving and exciting show, with a large cast and a continuing story arc. It is a very old show and the picture and audio isn't always perfect, but the stories and adventure of thirty nine 24 minute episodes are timeless. Robert Shaw doesn't come into the show until episode 3, but once he shows up he is the star. There's a great supporting cast including acting Governor Beamish(episodes 1 - 26), Wasp(Dickon), Taffy, Armando and Gaff. There's also excellent guest stars such as Sid James, Joan Sims and Roger Delgardo(later to be the first Doctor Who Master). There's an interesting continuing(almost soap opera) story of the settlement on New Providence, with the Pirates being offered a pardon, to the building of homes and the introduction of ladies for the lonely men in the caribbean but sadly it eventually fizzles out with no real ending. This is a great show and it does make me want to see other 50's TV classics like Lancelot and Robin Hood.
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on 22 March 2007
Nearly 50 years before Jack Sparrow there was The Buccaneers.

I loved this series when I was 10. Allowing for the technology of the time, it's still a fun show, with good dialogue and good acting. Camera work is generally tight and the sets don't shake.

I am still in love with Lt. Beamish, and the wary relationship he and Tempest develop. But after watching and rewatching 50 years later, I find Hammond's Beamish is the best character in the show. Certainly the most developed one. (And this close to drop-dead gorgeous). Shaw was pretty much playing himself. But Hammond fleshed out what was essentially a comedy relief role of a naive bumbler with authority figure issues into someone with real grit underneath, added the touchstone orf "King and Country", honor and friendship, and went toe to toe with Shaw's ego and came out dead even or sometimes ahead.

The ad-libs and one-upmanship in this old series are just a tickle. I have no idea of what the professional relationship between Shaw and Hammond was, but the two characters really click.

Pity that Beamish disappears after episode 26. The show loses some spark as Tempest has no one to really bounce off of. Beamish was the only one who butted heads with him.

This is a Broadway musical waiting to happen. Someone please show this to Mel Brooks!

A terrific Yo Ho.

And thigh-high leather boots. . . .
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A Pirate, who swears loyalty to the King, is pardoned and then defends the colonies from the Spanish in this classic British TV series from the ITC stock.
This series was made before I was born and I had never seen it until getting this series on DVD. I had seen most of the ITC series before and took a risk on this vintage series.
I found it the most dated of all of the shows but it still has much interest. The quality of production is very good. There is a strong sense of historical realism and the atmosphere is powerful.
I can completely understand why the series was so popular in its day. It is a good production for a British TV series of the late 1950s. The basic idea for the series is interesting. And this is the first Pirate TV series of its kind.
In 1718 Pirate, Dan Tempest is the leader of a band of freebooters in the British Caribbean province of New Providence. However, he is persuaded by Lt Beamish, the deputy governor, to switch sides and fight on behalf of the Crown against the Spanish, and to disrupt other Pirates such as Blackbeard.
There are other great characters on board the ship Sultana.
The theme song was catchy and very popular when the series was first broadcast. And the whole production is great fun and a good slice of vintage British TV.
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on 20 February 2010
A happy journey back to my childhood.
Minimal special effects and good acting, especially Robert Shaw.
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on 4 March 2011
Had to purchase The Buccaneers purely for nostalgia. I can remember during the 50's watching this series with my brothers and only now realise how wooden the sets were and how bad the effects were. But who cares. It is a great trip back intime and I have enojoyed every minute of it.
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on 10 October 2014
I used to love this when it was on television, and I'm enjoying it again now, watching an episode each day while I'm having lunch. Yes, it's dated and in black and white, but still has plenty of action and a handsome hero. A nice change from all the superheroes with their electronic gadgets.
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VINE VOICEon 15 November 2005
First shown during the 1950s, usually around tea time to suit children coming home from school. This is an opportunity for a new generation of youngsters to sample the sort of tea time telly youngsters in the 50s used to enjoy. Its great fun to watch, despite its dated look and studio bound sets with some exterior shots probably filmed at the local sea side. Robert Shaw became a household name with this series and became one of Englands most popular actors. Only thing missing are no extras which is a shame. Still, a decent buy if you enjoy watching old television programmes from years back, they certainly knew how to make them on the cheap in those days.
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