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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 December 2004
Huh. Apparently I am a minority in my opinions when it comes to comparing Baduizm and Mama's Gun. Personally, I found Baduizm uneven, confusing and heavy (no, not in the sense of 'heavy rock'), whereas Mama's Gun was - to me - a perfect entity. The flow of the album as a whole was generally just so much better than in Baduizm. But, that's my opinion.
The album starts off with a funky kick. Penitentiary Philosophy surely is an interesting beginning; you're led in with whispers that lull you into the belief that this is going to be something calm, and then you're hit in the face with a two-by-four. In a nice way, that is. It's like a burst of energy that certainly will get your attention.
From there, the album moves to calmer, more swaying moods, but doesn't lose its grasp. Mind you, though, the first half of the album isn't necessarely the best of the best - songs from Didn't Cha Know to And On kind of blend in together a bit too much, even though the songs' lyrics are intriguing - but once you get to Hey Sugah and Booty... Yum.
Booty is definitely one of the gems in the album. Its mellow yet funky tone sends your hips swaying, the catchy tune humming along, and the witty and funny lyrics just enjoying the experience that much more. And it gets even better with the smooth transition to Kiss Me On My Neck, which continues with surprisingly fresh moods. Kiss Me On My Neck is full of joy and desire of life, both its tune and lyrics.
AD 2000 is my favourite song on the album. It's simple yet complicated, calm yet intense, a smooth, beautiful piece as a whole. The wicked use of stereo voice makes it even more interesting.
Orange Moon is somewhat classical jazz, smooth and dusky, taking you to a place somewhere on the hazy edge of dreaming. In In Love With You we're introduced to reggae-ish themes, and then brought back to the more soulful, funky tunes in Bag Lady and Time's A Wastin', both of which are delightfully comforting and loving in their lyrics. As a piece of story telling, Green Eyes is truly a masterpiece. It's a song that consists of three "stories" that are blended in together cleverly, each of the stories holding its own while being naturally tied up with the others as the song slowly builds up towards the end.
Overall, Mama's Gun is an album that makes you smile, relax, and think. The life philosophy that Badu portraits in her lyrics may not be something unheard of, but still leaves you pondering, and the humour and the story telling are truly something to enjoy. Mama's Gun is the CD I always turn on when I want to find that easy peaceful feeling.
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on 22 May 2006
Erykah Badu where too begin is without a doubt one of the most innovative singers of our generation, vocally she's compared to Billie Holiday with the passion and consciousness of Meshell NdegeOcello she manages to keep her own organic style of artistry.
"Mama's Gun" was released in 2000 around about the same time she split from her boyfriend one half of Outkast Andre 3000 (Ms. Jackson is about her).Filled with metaphores and ineuendo i think you can get the picture that Badu was a very vulnerable person at the time of putting this in production.
It start's off with the Sly Stone influence funk of "Penetentiary Philosophy" which is an ode to all the 'brothas' in prison then the confused "Didn't Cha Know" where we see Badu not knowing where she is or where she's going a very good song to listen to if your at this point in you life "didnt cha know/didnt cha know/now you never know where the cards may lay".
Other songs worth mentioning are "Cleva" where Erykah give a freestyle-like performance saying that even though she might not be perfect and have her flaws her mind and creativity is flawless. "Orange Moon" is probably one of the sexiest songs shes ever sung a very introvertive song and stands as a favourite of mine a song about how her and her man compliment each other and made her a better person for knowing him.
"In Love With You" is a song i think alot of people can relate to if they've ever been in a situation like this even though people say the person you with aint know good you go against it and go with your instincts a fantastic duet with Stephen Marley really go together as both artist having that bold raspyness in their voice.
"Bag Lady" although its commercial appeal it's quite a personal song about people with emotional baggage the original is a bit better than the cheeba sac remix that was featured in the video
The closer "Green Eyes" is split into 3 movements which is probably about Andre 3000 and is the most clearest indication of the Billie Holiday comparison the song runs for 10 minutes you make think thats long but it's such a great song you hardly notice it.

Top 5
1.Orange Moon
2.Green Eyes
3.In Love With You
4.Didn't Cha Know
5.Bag Lady & Cleva

This album is one of my favourites thats great for them "post- relationship blues" Erykah is rumoured to return this year with a brand new album let's hope it tops the superiority of Baduizm and Mama's Gun.
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on 3 March 2001
I cannot bear to listen to this album being slagged off any more! The whole album is worth paying for, and listening to, for 'Orange Moon' alone. As regards the rest of it, it's not as immeadiately gratifying as 'Baduiszm', but repeated listenings really reveal the subtle power of 'A.D 2001','Cleva', 'Bag Lady' and 'Green Eyes', Badu's most sophisticated song to date. And 'Penitentiary Philsophy' is an excellent, intense, song that is amazing, in comparison to a Jill Scott, Macy Gray or even Kelis track. So buy and adore this album, just make sure you've heard 'Baduiszm' first.
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on 15 February 2001
This album is what it's all about. One of the finest I have heard for a few years. This is one of those CD's you will find timeless. Tracks 10 and 14 are the highlight but all are equally innovative and mellow. If you don't like it the first time the second and third will have you reaching for the repeat button. Spectacular and worth the wait.
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on 17 July 2002
I was in two minds whether to buy this album after looking at the mixed reviews it received on the amazon site. Now that I have , I must say that I haven't been disappointed.
I think the reason why it's gained such mixed receptions, is because the songs aren't as instantly catchy as they are on "Baduizm". But this is not a bad thing. I do agree with one of the reviewers, who said that the last 5 songs are the best; with my ultimate favourites being "Orange Moon" and "In Love With You". "Green Eyes" is a very close third choice for favourite. Badu can certainly write beautiful music, music which holds alot more worth than the majority of the manufactured stuff that seems to be repeated constantly these days.
For me, the first 10 songs had to be listened to more than once in order to appreciate them. But they do grow on you as you listen to them more and more.
If you do buy this album, you won't be disappointed. Also, if you liked "Baduizm" then the album "Baduizm Live" is well worth its money too. Its true what they say, the live album is just as good.
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on 9 January 2002
Mama's Gun is far more experimental than Baduism; it took me a couple of plays to get into it. But now this is in my top ten CD list. I love the rock tinged "penetiary brother" it's pure emotion. I always play the last 5 tracks back to back. "AD2000" is my favourite followed by "Orange moon" and "Green eyes"
The album has a more experimental flavour with a rock track, some old school funk and then a smooth jazzy R&B flavour. I love the lyrics they are full of Erykah's depth and audacity this album feels deeper and more personal than Baduism. Like most nu classic soul albums this is an album to play in its entirety rather than a collection of tracks.
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on 27 February 2016
A brilliant follow up to Baduizm it needs a few listens but then it slowly sinks into your memory & you can't help listening to it again. Love listening to this and Baduizm back to back with a bottle of red wine. Erykah has that Billie Holiday lilt to her voice jazzy & soulful & timeless. The best tracks are at the end of the album although Didn't Ya Know, Cleva & AD 2000 are also standouts.
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on 29 May 2011
Fantastic album, I am so glad my Daughter got me into Erykah Badu with her first album, Baduizm. Mamas Gun is diferant but still of a high standard you would expect from Miss Badu. I would recomend Mamas Gun.
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on 16 October 2015
THE FINEST CHILLED SOUL, So many amazing tracks on this album and as you may have seen other reviews by me in this genre i would also go for Angie Stone and Jill Scott. This is probably my favourite album in this chilled soul style as there are back to back deeply melodic soul driven music at it's finest on here. it doesnt get any better!
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on 5 February 2002
I loved Baduizm, but I like this one even more. It is more musically complex than her first album, and her voice is just as sweet. It is the perfect break up or woman-falling-out-of-love music. Baduism was more sunny, and this one is comforting and just as brilliant.
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