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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

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on 23 September 2004
DON'T BUY THIS ALBUM!!! unless you already own all other counting crows albums except Hard Candy, because you won't truely understand the genius involved in the creation of some of the hybrid songs on this album. The first CD adds a beautiful peace to all the counting crows songs as it is mainly acoustic, Adam Duritz is sublime throughout, even if you think you've heard the songs before by looking at the track list, you actually haven't this isn't the usual live album where everything sounds the same but worse for whatever reason like you realise the singer can't sing, I'll tell you this, Adam Duritz sounds even better live as the passion and complexity isn't lost in the recording studio this time. The second CD is far more upbeat with some of the crows songs actually rocked up a little, listen to this on the best music system in your house for every sure detail, and give it the solid 2 hours it deserves with no other distractions, this will be your favourite album after just one listen if you have loved all of the crows other albums, its just perfect.
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on 3 February 2017
A great album
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on 27 October 2002
What a great (double) record. The beauty of this record is the amazing evolution that Counting Crows songs go through when they are played live.
Counting Crows is the definative live band. Every show is completely different that the last. It is impressive to hear what they have captured on these two CDs. Many songs are repeated between the CDs. 'Round Here, Rain King, and Have You Seen Me Lately, to name a few. None of which are the "same." Each repeated song has a completely different musical arrangement. Each song showing, one, how talented this band is, and two, how tight they are as a group. There is a lot to be said about how well a band can communicate and predict, especially when there is a great deal of improv.
A live record was totally in the natural progression of a band like this. Their shows are what makes them so special. Bands like DMB have great live shows, but the fact that what I hear on their 5+ live albums is all too similar to what is on the CD, makes me not want to buy their live material. It is the opposite with the Crows. Everytime they play, they play a new song, even if it is old. They could release entire tours and you'd never hear the same show twice.
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on 27 May 2016
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on 16 February 2000
If you are a crows fan you must get this cd. It shows the counting crows' songs in a new light. Adam Duritz says They "Know how to play their songs now" and I agree. In the VH1 cd they have taken some of their electric tracks and changed them to be genneraly more mellow and meaningfull. "Mr Jones" has changed and it is beutifull the way they play it on stage, same with "Catapult", "Rain King"(Well Good) and "Angels of the silences". The MTV CD is more lively though and contains songs like "Children in bloom" and "Sullivan Street", which has a whole 2 min' phrase with just Grand Piano and Vox. A totally beutifull CD of a band that have matured musicly since the days of "August". Even Though there are no new songs - except maybe "Chelsea" #10 on VH1 (Bonus Track) - Buy this album because most of the songs are so different from the originals. Check out Their new Album "This Desert Life" Their Best Yet!
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on 26 October 1999
An eclectic double CD offering from, domestically popular, Counting Crows. If you liked the first two 'studio' albums, you'll probably enjoy this. From two, separate sets, the two sets offer you different insights in to the band. From the accoustic, calmer versions of favourites on the VH1 disc to some amazing performances on the MTV disc (the last show in their US tour), including a 10 minute version of Round Here, this set is certainly worth having. Though some songs appear twice, they really are very different versions, and you could easily listen to both discs back to back without getting bored. Probably best to hear the albums first (try August... first), but at this price (2 discs for the price of one), new listners sign here.
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on 26 April 2001
I have seen the Crows 3 times now, once at The Royal Albert Hall, once at The Forum and once at Wembley Arena and they are easily the best band to go and see live - Listen to Round Here from "August And Everything After" then listen to the same song on the live MTV recording - absolute genius. While most bands live sets consist of banging out the tunes exactly how they appear on the albums, Counting Crows excel at changing their songs as much as possible, to give the audience a truely "Unique" experience of them as a live act.
As the old cliche goes - if you only buy one album this year, make it this one. Can't recommend it highly enough.
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on 2 July 2001
A live album - the first sign of a band in turmoil disintegrating and about to break up.
However, dont be deceived by this popular and all too often true verdict of live albums as this two-disc masterpiece is a classic example of how some bands sound better live than they do in a studio.
Adam Duritz, whose voice is too often criticized, whacks out a stunning performance whilst the band and guests also are in top form as the 'MTV - live at the 10-spot' CD (known to me as the red one) whips up 11 incredible transformations of the original songs. Above all 'Angels of the Silences', 'Have You Seen Me Lately', 'A Long December' and also the 1 minute long finale 'Walkaways' are unbelievable.
However, without doubt the best track on the album is 'Round Here'. Somehow, the musical genius that is Adam Duritz cranks out in rock fashion 4 minutes of the almost original Round Here until suddenly it stops and turns slow. The crowd are captivated as Adam slows down the tune until there is a massive crowd silenced and only Adam's piano can be heard. Lyrics from Have You Seen Me Lately are introduced and the song slowly comes to an end.
The VH1 DISK is equally good. Exellent.
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on 3 February 2002
It's Counting Crows, at their best and beyond. There are some bands who are terrible live, some who shine, Counting Crows are THE live band of live bands. You will be hard-pressed to find a better act. Not only do they give you a sample of their music live, they give you both the acoustic and the electric side of it and it's amazing. The songs roll on and on, never-ending it seems in some cases. Absolutely absorbing.
This is a must before you can call yourself a real fan of Counting Crows.
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on 7 April 2001
A must for every fan of Counting Crows! If you liked the studio recorded albums, then prepare to be blown away by this double CD of their live atcs at VH1 and MTV! The album supplies a suprisingly, refreshing, different view of 'Counting Crows' songs. With an awesome acoustic version of 'Round Here' to start the VH1 disc and a mind blowing perfomance of 'Anna Begins' to finish it, you wont ever get bored with listening to these two CD's! Buy, Play, Sit Back and LOVE!!!!!
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