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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 January 2016
Utter garbage, I mean what's with the running about in wee lassie's shorts Mr Rose? Constant guttural screeching Mr Rose? You call that singing?

I was of thinking of Sweet Child of Mine when I bought this DVD thinking the band who produced that were the same as would be appearing in it. I am, as I type out my review, watching this concert for the first time and have already fast tracked through some of it. I can only hope November Rain has not like so many other songs been trashed. I don't know what you're on Mr Rose but do yourself a favour and get off it just as quickly as you can.

I've only gotten as far as Patience and will drop the DVD into the nearest charity shop.
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on 1 March 2000
This album Kicks A$$. It contains the masterpiece guitar work by the extremely talented Slash, and put together with the vocal smasher AxL, it can blow you away!
Songs Like "Don't Damn Me", "Back Off Bitch", and "Right Next Door To Hell" will rock you, while songs like "November Rain" and "Don't Cry" will soothe the savage beast in you, and songs like "Coma" will make you think. this album also contains an excellent cover of the Paul & Linda Mccartney song for Bond "Live and Let Die".
This is a definate for all music collections. The Illusion Compilations I & II kick A$$. THEY ROCK!
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on 4 September 2006
Bought Appetite for Destruction and looking for a follow up purchase buy this album. GNR has changed from the pure hard rock to a more (but still brilliant) tame...mature style. Songs now include piano...classical instruments and bakcing, singers but dont be put off by the more complicated cast this is still a hard rockin' masterpiece.

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on 14 June 2016
A fine album from guns 'n' roses, I love this album a lot although not the their best but I love the tracks, including their interpretation of the wings 'live and let die, dust'n'bones is great and one of my favourites you ain't the first, I also like don't damn me, and November rain, another track I also like is don't cry I love outro of the track as frontman Axl Rose' vocal part when it quavers I found it witty as goes on for a while then finishes. Right next door to hell is pretty cool as well.
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on 4 December 2011
First up, Amazon seem to have grouped together the reviews for this CD album and the bands live video release. How they could make such an easy mistake is beyond me.

So Use Your Illusion 1 was released as the same day as 2 back in 1991. A double album and costing double the money! Not easy for any kids back in the day to own. Here we get 16 tracks of varying quality. And although a bundle of them were actually written during the Appetite era, this album doesn't feel like the same band recorded Appetitte. But hey ho, Guns got huge and this record is too over produced.

We kick off with Right Next Door to Hell which features superb lyrics and a catchy tune and a great starter for the record. Though check out Duff's bass at the beginning and you can already tell that this album sounds too clean. Dust N' Bones is sung by Izzy, and turned up loud is quite a groovy tune, always sounded appalling live though. Live and Let Die is the opposite in that it was wham bam in your face as a live song but is incredibly pedantic and flat on record. Don't Cry is a well written song, though the very original demos sounded much better and the song fails to impress because of the lavish production.

Perfect Crime is a two minute thunderbolt of a song, and one really is impressed with Axl's shotgun lyrics, even if the song was soon forgotten by the band after their US first leg tour. Indeed in any case I don't think it has been played live for 20 years. This frantic song is followed by perhaps the slowest song over the two albums, in You Ain't the First, a little ditty and kooky, but a welcome relief. Bad Obsession is one of Illusions highlights, bluesy and non generic and a great tune. Back Off Bitch does feel a little dated but it is at least sleazy rock n' roll. Now we get to a missed opportuntiy, Double Talkin' Jive. Had this songs solo been 6 mins or so we could have been looking at a classic. Some songs beg to be extended out, some don't (Oasis were always terrible at this). But DTJ should have been a lengthy masterpiece. The band somewhat corrected this for their live shows.

November Rain has been often hyped up. But apart from showing Axl's piano playing skills I have never been a fan of the song. Epic? So what. It always slowed down the live shows too. The Garden is again top form for the Gunners, and it's great to hear Alice Cooper on this track. The video is perhaps the best and more 'real' that GN'R ever did. But Garden of Eden is pap and just throwaway stuff. Don't Damn Me remains by 2014 the only track never to have been played live, a shame since it has a killer riff. But it is very vocal which would be taxing to sing, especially now for Axl. Bad Apples isn't too bad either, without being great. Dead Horse is pap- and for some reason was again played live on many times. The album ends with the 10 minute Coma, a bit hit and miss but it does contain wonderful lyrics and great solos. It is a rock classic of sorts.

All in all growing up with this band, Illusion was a come down, no two ways about it. At the time you support the record as a fan, and it's only as time goes on that you can genuinely reflect more on the album. But the whole double album thing was ill conceived. If they had taken the best tracks from 1 and 2 we could have been looking at a great rock record.
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on 13 September 2014
Still one of the best albums ever, bought it on release on tape originally and loved it from the off, My favourite track is still "Coma" which is a real head F$*@ track and just this makes the album great value. If you love Rock music but do not own this album then I suggest you at least check it out as it is about time it got another airing, it has weathered really well musically and whilst of its time it still works, the definition of a classic album really

Check it out, it is time to re-emerge
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on 22 November 2003
I do love this album, don't get me wrong, but after Appetite and Lies, it's like an offering from a different band. I guess the raw edge of the songwriting is lacking in places, because most of the songs were written after the band found fame, and they no longer had quite the same hard nosed aggression. After all, it's hard to be as angry and bitter in a five million dollar house. In it's place, however, is a more melodic quality, and even now, ten years later, when power ballads seem so painfully cheesy, you can't help but appreciate them at the odd moment. My one big problem with both the Illusion albums though, is that they are so irritatingly over produced, the songs are all a little too polished, and this seems to leave them sounding very contrived, and this from a band whose "cock-rock" posturing all looks so contrived now anyway, it does them no favours. A great album, but one you sometimes have to dig into a little to reap the full benefit.
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on 22 March 2004
This has got to be by far the best music DVD I have ever seen!! Guns N Roses were an amazing band (pre 1994) and this DVD proves it! Both Use Your Illusion 1 and 2 are brilliant and you can't really buy one without the other.
Both Dvds include massive hits like Mr Brownstone, Paradise City, Sweet child o mine and my personal favourite, So Fine. Axl sounds better than ever whilst changing into a never ending supply of t shirts and hotpants!!! Matt does an amazing drum solo on Illusion 2 and Duff blasts out a brilliant version of The Misfits' "Attitude" on Illusion 1. And of course you have Slash with his famous guitar solos! Each member of the band demonstrates pure and utter talent.
Even if you have only just started listening to Guns N Roses (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!) this is a great DVD to get you started. A must for any hard core GNRs fan.
Buy this now!!!!!
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on 3 February 2006
I bought two of the DVD's from my local shop and I am so impressed with use your illusion volume 1 that I cant stop listening to it, Axl's voice is pretty much the best its gonna be for a live stage and his energy is second to non, and the guitar work by Slash, Gilby and Duff is amazing, the introduction to Mr brownstone is the best version I have ever seen, the wonderful "wild horses" which really shows just how talented and gifted slash is, the atmostphere is amazing and just proves how popular Guns N Roses are even in Tokyo, for many reasons this is the best DVD of any music event I have seen and one of the reasons is that Axl talks with the audience and sings the songs with such passion, this is definatly worth buying as you will never regret it
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on 13 March 2001
This is a fantastic album! As I said, not Appetite for Destruction, but still the second best album I own. Great songs = 'November Rain' (an absolute tribute to music in general),'Live and Let Die', 'Garden of Eden', 'Dust and Bones', 'Don't Cry', 'Back off Bitch', Double Talkin' Jive', 'Coma'...Wait, I'm naming all the songs on the album!
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