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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 26 October 2008
Ok, first off, I'm a will this be biased? Probably. That said, having followed the girls from conception in 2002 to the present 'days of glory', I feel I am well equipped to sort the wheat from the chaff where Girls Aloud are concerned. Bad choices are seldom seen with these ladies of course, but for the purposes of this review, let's say 'Whole Lotta History', 'See The Day' and 'Can't Speak French' never fully got my seal of approval...

However, I digress...after the phenomenal success of the 'Tangled Up' album, including the effervescent 'Sexy! No No No' and the stunning 'Call The Shots', it wasn't hard to see that Girls Aloud had found a a new melodic-electronic groove, and if Tangled Up was their Freshman attempt...'Out Of Control' is the graduating class of 2008!

From start to finish, this is pop at its very best. In true GA style, generic genres have been eschewed in favour of a fusion of styles and influences, culminating in some truly amazing's my pick of the very best:

==The Loving Kind==

A collaboration with The Pet Shop Boys, very much in the vein of Call The Shots, with a truly beautiful riff from Nicola that will just grab you instantly.

==Rolling Back The Rivers=

A mid-tempo delight, with some full-on soul from Nadine. And, as we've come to expect, different from anything they've ever done.

==Turn To Stone==

Another electro-ballad, the refrain and middle-eight are to die for...dreamy, ethereal...with some gorgeous vocals from Cheryl.

My absolute standout track on the album...this is potentially as good as Kylie's whole X album (and then some)...6 and a half minutes of sheer perfection..."we're beautiful robots dancing alone"...need I say more?

==Love Is Pain==

This is a beautiful nod to early 90s electronica, and is rendered with delecious zeal...the girls are well in their comfort zone here.

==Miss You Bow Wow==

A definite and decided change of pace, and defintely a standout track...It's Blondie meets Republica, and when is that a bad thing...ever?

==Live In The Country==

Ludicrous...but oh so catchy. This is like some crazy homage to Blur via Prodigy...with a little bit of Bananarama thrown in for good measure...basically it's Sound of The Underground...on should also be noted that the track fades out to the sound of bleating sheep...It's eccentric, out there, and oh so British.

Yes, Girls Aloud are back...not content with being the UK's biggest Girl Band, they are looking to burrow into your concious with the very best album of their illustrious career.

Buy it now.
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on 26 December 2015
After 3 fantastic albums, they leave us with this uninspired and rushed mess. Yes there are some gems on it, namely one of their best ever "Untouchable" but overall I expected the same standard as Chemistry/Tangled Up/WWTNS.
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on 3 August 2015
Another good driving CD. I listen to it whenever I drive to dundrum. And my favourite songs are The loving kind,We wanna party and live in the country . Very good CD. I love GA.They're one of my idols .Love them so so so so much! Very impressed
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on 19 August 2016
The fifth album of "Girls aloud" (and the first one I got to listen to), "Out of control", is actually solid, talented pop music. The girls have distinct personnality, they are produced by the Stock-Aitken-Waterman production house of the XXIst century, Xenomania (led by Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper), and the album is overall very pleasant.
In a way, one can almost feel a musical work in progress that would have gained to be expanded more...alas - "Out of control" was to be the last album of Girls Aloud, which went in hiatus a little bit afterwards.
The album is decidedly "four star" material, and not much was needed to make it a "five star" album.
"Out of control" almost starts too strongly with "The Promise", another UK single number 1. It is a great track that is indeed very 1960s sounding, with a marvelous brass intro: just sublime.
After that, the second single (and Top 10 in the UK) "The Loving Kind" is a superb song written by Pet Shop Boys (at that time working with Xenomania on their own album, "Yes"). One can hear that the production style is very different from the rest of the Xenomania tracks. PSBs play it simpler with a beautiful chorus (yes, Tenant-Lowe got their chorus capabilities back!), disciplined production...and lyrics that are above average for the album. Following on this will be difficult and both "Rolling back the rivers intime" and "Turn to Stone" are not exactly up to it, while the girls' attempt at performing an acoustic/country style song with "Love is key" ends up being quite successful and fun.
"Untouchable" is the third single of the album but also its best track. A 7-minute epic, this song is a real good anthem, beautifully orchestrated, well-paced too. The funky guitar of "Fix me up" and its beautiful middle section make it interesting to the end. Same for the guitar AND the chorus on "Miss you bow wow" - in both cases Nick Coler does marvels on the guitar, sounding funky and disco on one track and souning like The Police on the other...great work! "Revolution in the Head" benefits from a synthesiser backing track as well as a good clappings section that make it special. The best track on the second part of the album though is the dancey "Love is pain": great music and good lyrics too - nothing to add. The big disappointment is that the Girls are woefully short of fuel towards the end of the album, as "live in the country" and "we wanna party" are both turkeys.
So basically we have 4 great tracks, 4 good tracks and 4 mediocre tracks. The album is therefore quite solid enough, but there is a tiny bit of frustration as a little bit more thought and track selection could have made it a classic (the album would have been better without the last two songs). There maybe also the fact that all the tracks bar one are produced by Xenomania, which means that monotony could settle in from time to time.
Again a good effort that could have been fantastic..and too bad the Girls did not pursue what was a very promising career..
In this boxset, the CD of the album is accompanied by a 30-minute making of on a second CD where the girls talk quite candidly about the experience of making the album. This is sweet and a must have for the fans of "Girls aloud".
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on 13 September 2013
I finally bought this after wanting it for so long as I'm obsessed with Girls Aloud and when it came I was very happy with it and nothing to be disappointed with at all its fab and great for Girls Aloud Fans and loved the photos inside! I recommend it!
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on 14 November 2015
I Iove this album it's one of my favourites I love every track although Turn To Stone and Revolution In The Head took a bit of getting use to. They got better and better over the years considering what most girl bands album are like now it's great but it. Although slightly confused with a mix of genres including pop/country/dance/electro pop
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on 6 November 2008
Their best yet, give it a chance, it creeps up on you, 6 Nov 2008

All great songs and albums take a while to get use to and this album is no exception. Those songs that grab you instaneously can grow tired after some time. This Girl's Aloud album is different; much more subtle than Tangled Up which had lots of weak and many manic moments. The energy here is alluring and enticing and I believe some reviewers here have mistaken tired or bored voices for ones that are subtle, less strained and well suited to the different moods of each song. There is a strong undercurrent of electro ambient pop but there are some raunchy and raucous moments too, with the wonderful Miss you Bow Wow, Live in the Country and We Wanna Party. There are also some sweeter moments, missing from the last album, excepting Call the Shots, The Loving Kind, with Sarah's great vocals in the verses and Rolling back the Rivers in Time, which is kind of Abbaesque, but has that great twist and edge last seen in Black Jacks and Biology. Love is the Key is the real edgy one, with a great rhythm and sung with style and humour. The greatest two tracks though are certainly Turn to Stone and the brilliant, if not Girl's Aloud's best ever song, Untouchable which builds up like an intensely, well-crafted story into the most incredible song. Sang with great emotion, but subtle again unlike a lot of their back catalogue, Nadine's vocals are her best ever. Considering the song is so long, you do not notice it, nor tire of it, it moves you along on a beautiful, emotional journey and leaves you feeling satisfied. There are only two weak moments, Fix me Up and Revolution in the Head, which lack that subtlety which is ever present elsewhere. Nadine's voice is also conspicuous in its absence on some of the songs and I miss it, but the other girls have finally been given a more even and well-deserved share of the lead vocals. A truly great album.
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on 14 November 2008
I have this album & thought i'd get a great stomper of a track like Girl Overboard or Call The Shots but I was sadly mistaken.

I like only half of this album.

It's a different sound for them & don't get me wrong it suits them down to the ground but nothing really screams out at me.

My favourite tracks are Love Is Pain, The Promise & The Loving Kind.

Also Untouchable is a definite grower & certainly doesn't feel as long as it is.

Overall a so-so album from the UK's biggest girl group.
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on 18 November 2008
When I first got the album I was close to chucking it in the bin, I'd have happily agreed with those reviewers who gave it one or two stars as it sounded so unlike Chemistry or Tangled Up and didn't strike me at all.

A week later I found myself humming some of the tunes on there and for the past week hasn't been out of my CD player, I really like it now. But it took a week or so to grow on me. I'm no professional music reviewer but I had been initially gutted by the album but I'm glad that a few more listens have made me appreciate the album.
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on 23 July 2014
What an absolute load of s***e. Bought it for the other half, who loves it. I hope I never have to listen to it again. Some words that come to mind...overproduced, can't sing, cringeworthy, painful, diabolical.
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