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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2017
Love the album,lyrics are included,great sleeve graphics.
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on 14 April 2017
very good
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described as rock but there's a lot more than just a good live rock band here - several influence shine through - if you like rock old school or new school this is worth a listen
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on 26 January 2007
rammsteins fifth album,isnt a brand new album as such,for there are 6 songs that were ommitted from previous album reise reise along with 5 new ones,and sometimes an album of leftover tracks can be very dodgy,look no further than the shambles that was metallicas reload,however with rosenrot rammstein have released another brilliant album and deserve high praise.

rosenrot on first listen isnt as immediate as reise reise and thats hardly a shock as reise reise is pretty much perfection,but what although rosenrot may not be as good as reise and indeed mutter it starts to reveal itself after a few listens as a very dark but brilliant piece of work.

All the songs are great and even the inclusion of texas singer sharleen spiteri heightens what is an excellent song in 'stirb nicht vor mir (dont die before i do),the album contains some killer riffs and the attitude is spot on,the band still have a hunger that few can rival,so get this and you will be more than happy.
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on 2 January 2007
I didnt like "Reise Reise", to me it was the poorest album, made for mass-chanting concerts, music seemed too similar and much of the same. It lacked that imagination and blend of heavy music with synth-futuristic sounds.

After that disappointment, i was very afraid to buy "Rosenrot", now im glad i took the risk.

This album is a very balanced piece of work, powerful, inspiring and as good as the 1st and 2nd albums at least ("Mutter" is a mark hard to surpass).

Favorites.. "Benzin", "Rosenrot", "Spring", "Wo Bist Du", "Stirb Nich Vor Mir" (the slow one in the album), "Zerstören" (perhaps my favorite of all the bunch), "Ein Lied"

Other songs arent bad, on the contraty, powerful "Mann Gegen Mann" or even entertaining "Te Quiero Puta!" (the comedy track). I cant seem to find a bad track in here.

In the present-days, listening to a new album with more than 5 good tracks is a rare thing, the majority here is excelent, the rest very good. That's enough for me to consider Rammstein in top-shape and cant wait to hear new stuff from them again.

If you love the first 3 albums, you wont be disappointed at all. 5 star to the art-cover also, "Mutter" and "Rosenrot" album-art are their best to date.
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on 8 March 2006
As a long-time avid Rammstein fan, I was concerned that this was just a cuttings and scrapings collection following Reise Reise. I'd seen them testing Benzin live in Berlin during last year's tour and liked what I'd heard, but what about a whole album of stuff that basically wouldn't fit on Reise Reise? I needn't have worried. Sure, the first couple of listens left me a bit lukewarm, but then the usual Rammstein obsession bit.
Simply, Rosenrot presents us with the guts of a giant stadium rock album. Anybody who has seen them in concert will argue that Rammstein are the world's ultimate live act, and the biggest songs on Rosenrot are clearly crafted to deliver giant anthems on giant stages, with all the theatricals and pyrotechnics that that involves. Rosenrot might lack some of the musical subtleties evident across Mutter or in parts of other albums, but there is a lot to enjoy here.
A solid start with Benzin is followed by the heavyweight single Mann Gegen Mann. After that, we're into three consecutive anthems, building to the enormous Wo Bist Du which will one day be a live centrepiece to rival Sonne and Ich Will. We're on a massive roll now, and the impetus is perversely maintained by an agonizing operatic duet with Texas' Sharleen Spiteri. Bizarre as it may sound, this comes over as a sort of Coldplay riff into German Bryn Terfel into Sarah Brightman wail, which may sound nauseating, but is actually haunting, tender and magnificent. You'll be humming it for days. It also provides a decent vocal stretch for Till Linderman, proving that he has genuine range and depth beyond the usual.
Thereafter, there is less that's truly remarkable - they function perfectly well as solid album tracks, but there's not much of the single or the stadium about them. However, the Mexican buzz of Te Quiero Puta! provides a great tongue-in-cheek diversion, up there with Mein Teil from the last album, and sure to be a lot of fun on stage.
All in all, Rosenrot is excellent. It's not Mutter, but then no other album ever could be. However, there's much here to love, and it makes a great progression from Reise Reise, though probably not an ideal "introduction to Rammstein" for a casual observer. Stick with Herzeleid or Mutter for that, then grow into this. Whatever you do, get into Rammstein - there's nothing else like them.
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on 3 November 2005
Given that the previous four Rammstein albums have been excellent I was expecting them to have fallen down on this one. However I was mistaken. while keeping the same basic formula the boys have reduced some of the heavier stuff to give the album a more tuneful, melodic, even tender feel. Of course the CD does have its fair share of heavy metal. Particularly the track Mann Gegen Mann. In addition some new styles have been tried. The interesting Te Quiero Puta hs a good mix of spanish type music and good Rammstein signature. Overall the album has no poor tracks but it may not appeal to fans of really heavy tracks like Reise Reise and Mein Teil from the previous album.
The album is, like all the others going in a different direction which is what I like about the band. This means that their style does not stagnate and each album is refreshingly new.
Some standout tracks:
Benzin - the first single off the album. Very good upbeat song. If you haven't seen the video do, its great!
Mann Gegen Mann - A very good track makes a good anthem for the album whith its catchy chorus.
Wo Bist Du - A truly haunting track. Excellent chorus.
Stirb Nicht Vor Mir // Dont Die Before I Do - Half English half German, quiet, tuneful, thoughtful.
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on 29 December 2005
I bought this CD with some trepidation having read some fairly lukewarm reviews. I was also slightly concerned at how soon it was released after the superb Reise,Reise. Would it contain the mediocre leftovers from that album?
Well, those concerns proved to be well wide of the mark - this album does not disappoint at all. There are the classic Rammstein riffs, the clever black humour in the lyrics and catchy choruses. But these teutonic titans are not afraid to experiment too. The rather unexpected and unlikely duet with Sharleen Spitieri is a hauntingly beautiful love song, while the Mexican oddity Te quiero Puta is hugely infectious. Rosenrot, Benzin and Spring stand out among the rest, but this is a great album from start to finish.
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on 10 November 2005
I hated reise reise, i mean i trully couldnt stand the album after mutter blew me away. I felt that songs like amerika somehow opened up rammstein into giving me a feeling of too much commercialism in terms of how the style of the music had changed.
I was actually abit reluctant to buy rosenrot but to be fair its pretty good. Its not on par with mutter but comes close. The album is growing on me and i dont care what people say Te Quiro puta is quite a cool song. Abit different but is that not what rammstein has always produced? weird and unusual songs with some heavy guitar riffs thrown in with weird melodic techno.
No this album wont dissappointment, its well worth the buy.
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on 5 November 2005
I'd read a moderately negative review, somewhat disappointed, in one of the metal magazines, prior to recieving my copy of this new CD from Germany's greatest export. Therefore I was somewhat nervous about what I would make of it. I have to say I was a little less that overenamoured of Reise, Reise - their previous release, which I felt didn't quite reach the standard set by their first three releases.
But I have to report I am very impressed with this release, despite it being touted as an assembledge of "left-overs" from Reise, Reise. I've heard the CD through about 10 times this week, and it really doesn't have a weak moment. There is less straight out testosterone-driven power than on previous CDs, but there is far more beauty and passion than we've come to expect.
Favourite track for me is the closing Ein Leid, though I was also impressed by Stirb Nicht Von Mir (despite a previous dislike of Sharleen Spiteri).
The bonus DVD is a little taster of a forthcoming live DVD, which looks fantastic, going by these three tracks.
So... don't be put off by bad reviews elsewhere. This is a really great CD, which lives up to expectations.
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