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on 2 April 2017
This album has so many memories for me. In 1986 I bought it on LP for my eldest brothers birthday, I loved it so much he bought me a copy on tape, so that I wouldn't keep on pinching the LP to play. Then we both moved on to CD. Even to this day this is both one of our favourite albums.This album never bores me. 5 stars!
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on 4 April 2015
Dire Straights international smash hit album - Brothers In Arms issued as a Hybrid SACD - CD

This album stretched to the full the stylistic limits of British Blues Rock Masters Dire Straights and was internationally received as the first CD to sell over a million copies. Many say this is DS best album. Though I think that is - Love Over Gold

If you have equipment that has the transparency and capability to do it this SACD - CD will give you Brothers In Arms in a quality between 48KHz 24Bit to 96KHz 24Bit

Good Value, Good Quality High Definition Music
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on 11 April 2018
if you have a SACD player with a good set up, then you will hear new sounds and better clarity to this classic song that you will have never heard before. I just love this. Why can't they bring back SACD, I have a decent record player with the vinyl version as well as the CD and the SACD beats both of them with the sound clarity and 5.1 sound.

Also not a stupid amount to pay for this.
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on 23 December 2017
First got this on cassette tape!! My wife was expecting our first child and we played it all the time in the car and especially on the way to the hospital on the big day! Lots of great memories from all the songs. Good reproduction.
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on 6 July 2005
When the original CD format was launched it was said that as many people owned Brothers in Arms as owned CD players. The same by rights should be true of the SACD version. 20 years later and the new fledgling format also needs a killer sales-boosting album for people to take it seriously. Brothers in Arms delivers once again.
It has been about 10 years since I last heard a song from this album after giving away my CD copy. Hearing it again brought me as many surprises as the first time round. I had completely forgotten tracks like "Your Latest Trick" and "One World" and they sounds as fresh and stunning as when they were conceived. I simply love this album. So much so that it has reminded me how good listening to music can be. I am talking about music as music (not as background tunes) - sitting quietly and listening purely to this album is just great.
Part of this renaissance is due in no small part to the stunning 5.1 mix. It opens the soundstage right into the room and is never showy or obvious. Just like when stereo is used well and set up correctly, it's hard to discern where effects have been used. Returning back to a stereo recording soon proves just how simply amazing, good 5.1 music can be.
If you liked any of the original tracks released from this album (Money for Nothing, Brothers in Arms or The Walk of Life) then you will love this album. Though the styles of songs on this album change - the quality endures.
....BUY IT.....
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on 2 December 2016
An album I have never particularly liked transformed into a thing of beauty by this tremendous mix.Instruments and tones I have never heard before are revealed by this sonic masterpiece,turning what I considered mediocre tracks into works of inspiration.
Buy this,give your ears a good cleanout and sit(no lie)back and enjoy.
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on 31 December 2017
Awesome album...reminds me of my dad so much. He had it on cassette and I'd walk to school with my Sony Walkman and massive headphones in all weathers singing like no one could hear me....now I'm 45 and still singing like no one can hear me but the cat does pull some odd faces. #VinylRevival
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on 11 November 2016
What can I say. Iconic!. Had the cassette tape when it first came out which was played daily on my commute to work. It set me up for what was a challenging job. I played it so much the tape stretched, and then I moved house and job, and didin't replace it. Have been a Dire Straits fan for years, been to gigs, and have most of their other albums, but just didn't get around to replacing Brothers in Arms. Then reheard it! Now back in the collection..
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on 27 January 2015
A definite a must listen to album for those who love the rock with a hint of blues roots. An album produced by Mark knopfler and dorfsma. It was an album released in1985 that was aimed at the compact disc market and consequently was the first to sell a million in this country.

A great album with the classic money for nothing featuring sting, so far away, walk of life, your latest trick and for me the best track brothers in arms.

the album is pretty much a best of Dire Straits and is a definite must listen to.
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on 5 April 2014
Granted, I haven't much experience of Super Audio CDs yet, but this one must stand out for both quality and good use of surround. Vocals from the centre speaker are distinctly placed, and all speakers are put to good effect with some subtlety. I'm sure I'm hearing bits of the recording that I've never heard before, having had the CD since it came out, and I believe that the spacial element allows a clearer focus on each element. One of the few SACDs to apparently still be in production, and thank God for small mercies.
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