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on 3 November 2015
Black Rose is a sensational album.It contains 4 maybe 5 all time/any era great Lizzy songs that comfortably stand side by side with Lizzy's finest.Regardless of boasting 3 major hit singles,the overall consistency in songwriting is of very high quality.Not only that,the swagger & aggression is to the fore.To this fan the only album filler is S & M & even that contains a sensational guitar solo.This wasn't to be Gary's debut on record with Lizzy as he played on Nightlife & later on Life-Live,but it is Moore's only FULL Lizzy album. Gary Moore is all over this record,not only as lead guitarist but as an excellent foil in the vocal department,to Phillip's singing.Along with Still Got the Blues,this remains Gary's finest album.Some variety in the tunes; out & out rockers,slower tunes & longer tracks,& It's difficult to pick a highlight,I'll go for Waiting for an Alibi (just,over the title track).For me,this epitomises all of Lizzy's strength & qualities & in my view should be right up there with WITJ & TBABIT as one of the band's signature tunes.Along with Jailbreak,Live & Dangerous,& Bad Reputation this an essential purchase for any Lizzy fan.Alas,it wasn't to be,& this line-up imploded on an American tour,with Moore abruptly leaving the band.Bonus Disc.A lot of the deluxe 2nd discs in the Lizzy re-mastering are pretty lousy.This,thankfully contains some beautys.4, Nassau session versions of album tracks,alternate version of Toughest Street in Town.So far,so predictable;Cold Black Night is here,a track called Rockula which is pretty er,filler,& Just the two of us.Now the GEMS;STUDIO version of A night in the life of a Blues singer which is fabulous & then,a different,SLOW version of Don't Believe a Word which really is great, & IS NOT the same as the one on Gary Moore's solo album.Fabulous.Gary's time in Lizzy was only brief,but my word,was it great???Yes,it was!!!!
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on 7 February 2012
I find that I don't normally agree with the general consensus regarding a band's greatest work, but in the case of Thin Lizzy's Black Rose I have to agree with the masses - this is their best album.

Coming at the tail end of their peak period, which started with the underrated Fighting, Black Rose is the last truly great Thin Lizzy album, before the band began it's gradual, but notable, decline. The recruitment of Gary Moore on lead guitar palpably breathes new life into the band, and his effect on their material is obvious. His love for his Irish roots (and for writing songs about them) is clear and as a result many of the tracks have a distinct Celtic flavour, particularly the finale piece Róisín Dubh. The relationship between Phil Lynott and Gary Moore was always volatile (causing the latter to join and then quit the band on three separate occasions) but it is clear that musically the two made a brilliant team.

After the mess that was made of the prvious three Thin Lizzy deluxe remasters, with incorrect tracklistings and false claims that the audio mixes used were new, Thin Lizzy have finally been given the treatment they deserve with Black Rose. The studio album has never sounded better, and the bonus second disc contains many unreleased and/or hard to find songs, including Thin Lizzy's recording of Don't Believe A Word in its slower form, as originally penned by Lynott. A comprehensive booklet with extensive notes on the recording period is also a great addition, and I admit I usually don't even look at that sort of thing, but found the insight very interesting (and quite candid).

In summary, this is Lizzy's finest hour. If you only buy one Thin Lizzy album, make it A Rock Legend.
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on 21 April 2012
Indisputable fact: Black Rose has always been a grossley under-rated album.
And yes, even if the four part title track itself was a mash-up of all the great stuff that previous celt-rock tour support band Horslips ( buy their greatest hits and marvel, ye doubters ) had ever done :-), it ranks along with the album's Waiting For An Alibi as some of the best work that Lizzy ever produced.
The extra tracks included on this DeLuxe edition are of varying interest, but they do put the development of the album into context, which for anoraks like myself is always a good thing. BUY THIS ALBUM ! - EVEN WITHOUT THE BONUS TRACKS IT IS ESENTIAL LISTENING FOR ALL ( CLASSIC ) ROCK FANS, LET ALONE LIZZY FANS NEW AND OLD !!
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on 6 March 2016
Love the Black Rose cover some thing different for. Pop Rock Music
Sorry not a true fan.. follower so cant say to much. But I do like
the music on this album , seams to be a very good collection of songs...
Sure to be many that will love this album as I do so for that
purpose I Give it Five Gold Stars for the music and the cover just Brilliant...
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on 15 December 2017
Another great album not quite as good as Renegade (just my opinion)
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on 8 January 2018
Brought back some very pleasant memories.
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on 18 February 2015
Forget Live & Dangerous and Jailbreak... These is the real deal. Despite Phil Lynots drug and drink problems Gary Moore pulls a stonking album from the hat. The title track is worth the cost of the disc alone. Go for the Deluxe edition as the outtakes and demos are worth a listen. Buy.
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on 29 March 2017
Great Music
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on 13 May 2017
Very Good
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on 12 August 2015
Love the album, but I don't rate the "remastered" quality. My own ripped version of the CD is better.
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