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on 21 May 2017
A heartfelt album from a talented singer.Soulful
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on 27 April 2017
Very good
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on 2 July 2001
There is some music that makes you want to scrunch your toes tightly, squeeze your eyes shut in ecstasy and just scream. The music of India.Arie is so pure and uplifting that it makes you want to do just this. Guitar in hand, India.Arie breezes through this album effortlessly hitting all the right notes, and the funky undertones make you feel so good that you just can't help dancing along. This girl has been inspired by many great blues and soul musicians, all of whom are given credit in various songs on her album, and their influences can be heard in her music. Her voice is not unlike that of the fantastic Lauryn Hill yet more silky and mellow, but she maintains her originality throughout. The lyrics of the first track and debut single "Video" would not seem out of place in a Maya Angelou poetry collection, and are every bit as inspiring and "right on". This album needs to be played up loud, accompanied by the sun for full effect. Improve your life and go and buy this!
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on 31 May 2001
India Arie is an incredible artist. Every song in this album professes honesty; there are no implicit lyrics, no artificiality and hypocrisy. It is like listening to a person opening up her heart, singing out her experiences and her emotions attached with them.
The song "Video" is an inspiring song, reflecting the artist's personality and her views about the kind of world we live in. Other tracks such as "Brown Skin" and "Ready for Love" shows a more sensual side of India. The album also allows us to jive away with the songstress. Tracks like "Nature" and "Strength, Courage and Wisdom", do just that.
My liking favours the track dedicated to Stevie Wonder, and as the title suggests, it is "Wonderful". It is very uplifting and this song shows India's respect to a legend.
A definite, must-have album to purchase!
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on 17 July 2001
These are just three words that leap to the forefront of my mind when I first heard India Arie's fantastic breakthrough album. Rarely do you ever have the sheer, smug pleasure of buying an album on the strength of one single (as I did, having seen India playing "Video" on TOTP a few weeks back) and subsequently discovering that you have stumbled upon a musical creation of such magnificence, that you connect with so instantly.
India's talent shines through, the production is perfect, and there's something for everyone, and every mood in life. From the the sultry "Brown Skin" which smoulders seductively, to the the audibly anguished "Ready for Love", and the funky "Part of my Life", India Arie's Acoustic Soul will bring you to a musical nirvana.
Just buy it. You will NEVER regret it!
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on 25 May 2001
I brought this album after hearing the single 'Video.' I had only heard it once, but I liked it and decided to treat myself to the album. I was a little unsure of what to expect, but when I listened to it, i fell in love. India Arie has one of the best voices in soul and there are some amazing feel good songs on here. My favourite song is the ballad 'Ready For Love' - a smooth, sensual song written and sung with feeling. And of course the single 'Video' is an amazing song that makes you walk out of your door with your head held high and full of self belief! Buy it! Its worth every penny!!
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on 8 September 2002
India Arie is truly a breath of fresh air to music. She is truly what you call a real artist in that she writes her own songs and can play one mean guitar. Kinda reminds me of another musical genius songwriting singer named Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds! Finally, an artist not caught up on money, looks, or whatever is in style, but one that is true to God, self and becoming the best of what you can be. "Strength, Courage & Wisdom" is my favorite song on the album. It's something one should listen to every morning before going out into the world. It's simply a faithful song of inspiration that lets you know who you are and what you're capable of achieveing if you only believe in yourself, think and try! "Simple" shows this sista can get your feet moving as she enlightens your mind. "I See God In You" is simply amazing. Simply put this is how I want to feel when I see my divine mate. She sings it from the heart with wisdom and understanding of love and the Creator. Every song on the album is a treasure. India Arie explores Black culture, spirituality and love in such a unique, innovative and fresh way. She'll make you realize where music can and should go. If you're a Musiq Soulchild fan you'll truly love this woman because she's on the same level if not beyond. This is an album of love, self-awareness, and spirituality that will allow you to resonate on being the best you can be, accepting who you are, and being true to yourself. India Arie's voice is soulfully beautiful, and her acoustic guitar skills are sublime. Get this album so you'll always be able to say that you knew of her then, and you'll hold this treasure of a first album "Acoustic Soul"! This is not a commercial album to me, even though it's better than any commercial album released last year. This album garned her the most Grammy nominations out of any artists. This is truly a gift of spirituality, love and wisdom from India Arie herself to the people of the world! God is Love!!!
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on 24 December 2001
I have to say, from someone who has low self-esteem, it has picked me up and shown me how to love myself which i find very hard. 'Video' is my favourite song along with 'strength, courage and wisdom'. This is the best cd i have bought in ages. I recommend it to anyone. i would like to give it 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!! Go India Arie I love you!
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on 15 May 2001
cd collection.
A very refreshing album, ahhhhh!!! Now exhale!! I'm sure you've heard the debut single Video, which is a great song but believe me there are far more precious gems to be found on "Acoustic Soul".
Brown Skin a mellow, bassy track celebrating ...Brown Skin! The melody and accompanying bass line is incredible and best listened to at a loud volume.
Other tracks that stand out include "Nature", "Simple", the bonus track "Wonderful" (dedicated to Stevie Wonder) but my absolute favourite is "Always In My Head". The song's intro and verse makes me melt...yes I said it MELT....so mellow, it is uplifting.... I could go on all day about this album...Definitely my best buy this year..which is hard to say with Musiq Soulchild's "Aijuswanaseing" also on the market. A beautiful chill out album!!!!
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on 20 November 2002
India Arie not winning any of the seven grammys that she was up for has to be the greatest injustice of 2002 (music wise). She really did deserve every single one of them - one day she will get the recognition she deserves.
"Video" and "Brownskin" are the two most well known songs from this album, but that doesn't mean to say they are the best songs - they're just more geared twowards the commercial market.
The other songs on the album are just as good, if not better, than "Video" and "Brownskin" and if that isn't a good reason to buy this album, then I don't know what is!
India Arie's song writing is second to none, and is on a par with her smooth, soulful (yet original) voice and her expert guitar playing.
I've had the album for almost a year now and I love it just as much (if not more) as I did the first week I had it. It can take a bit of getting used to, so I'll put my neck on the line by saying if you're not into the album after about a month of regular listening, then India Arie just isn't for you!
However, if you like Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Musiq Soulchild, Glenn Lewis, Angie Stone and other soul, nu soul, neo soul artists then India Arie is a MUST for you. Don't, however, think that she's "just another one" of those artists mentioned above - she deserves a class of her own.
Two words - BUY IT.
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