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on 22 February 2009
I love the Cure. Robert Smith is a seriously underated genius. 4:13 Dream is 50 minutes of edgy, raw and angry music that the Cure do so well. I agree with other reviews here that you can't stop playing this CD and you can't get this stuff out of your head. From the first track 'Underneath the Stars' through the current single 'The Only One' and off to tracks like 'It's Over', this band simply confirms what we already know. Their sound is distinctive. Smith's lyrics and method of delivery is compelling. This is a very, very good album. Great rock music is either arrogant or confident or both; it's a fine line. These guys do it well. There are even some surprises in style and sound so it's not 'Cure by Numbers'. Play it and play it loud! Great British rock that is as disfunctional as the crazy times we live in.
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on 1 October 2014
Good but not great.

Too much overblown guitar and not enough concentration on the song quality.

Definetly one of the weakest Cure albums, hopefully the imminent re-imagining double album 4:26 Scream will redress the balance.

One for the fans alone unfortunately.
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on 9 November 2012
Brand new in shrink Wrapping 10.99 plus postage who wouldn't be delighted As im having to rebuy some articles that have gone missing when i saw this going for a song i thought would be silly not get.
when this album first came out i thought it was OK I think some of the songs are the cure by numbers such as Underneath the Stars which has all the Elements of a CURE classic &indeed lots of other CURE fans love it Although id be happy to hear it now & again live its not high on my list Freakshow i liked at first but now i don't. my favorite from this album is the Scream which i was dissapointed that they did not play in recent summer tour > they were playing Hungryghost which has really Grown on me & sleep when im dead .which to me is just Cure by numbers
Very happy with my purchase
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on 10 February 2015
Fantastic last album from the Cure to date......4:14 Scream........Pull your socks up Bob and release!
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on 8 November 2015
Old school
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on 23 September 2016
Hearty but a man shouldnt but his head on a water.
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on 8 November 2012
Strong guitar vibe on this one. Mixed bag of songs - things like Freakshow, Siren Song, Sleep When I'm Dead are eminently forgettable, but The Only One, Real Snow White, Hungry Ghost, Switch and It's Over spill over with humour or depth, sometimes both. Underneath the Stars - nice song - seems out of place here.
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on 1 November 2008
From the very first few seconds of listening to this album I knew that I would love it... the style, the music is so new and yet so familiar; this album is all that was so very grim, cold, dark and vital about Faith, Seventeen Seconds and Pornography, but combined with the maniac electricity that came from Head on the Door through to Bloodflowers. Listening to this album is akin to experiencing the sum of all The Cure's myriad and diverse parts. It is old, it is new, but it is The Cure repaying their fans' loyalty and doing so with unimagined brilliance.

The opening bars of "Under The Stars", one experiences a resonance of Disintegration's "Last Dance", drawing you into a world of deep, dark, dreadful and yet erratically terrifying world that is the musical centre of The Cure.

"The Reason Why" and "Freakshow" enter your ears and infect the brain like a mad contagion... upbeat, with cruel lyrical word play and a sense that Robert Smith is playing with your head, so much like Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, but with that Goth presence that first defined The Cure. "The Real Snow White" is pornographic and spiteful - an erotic delight.

Robert Smith's unique voice and The Cure's time perfected style are a pleasure to the ear and listening to this album proves that the best can get better... incomparable and amazing; this album is the their most astounding and exciting so far.
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on 10 November 2008
I'm a fan of the Cure but never put them amonst my top favourite bands, however owning all their albums... Having listened to it twice i would put amongst if not the best..... there is still enough depressing goth but also catchiness in the songs.... there is still alot of originality in The Cure that makes them unique... dont believe the 3 star voters its at worst 4stars... for me a 5.
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on 9 November 2008
When 'Bloodflowers' was released eight years ago it was meant to be the Cure's swansong. Written on the cusp of 40, Robert Smith looked at Life and found it wanting. It was his last word on love, lust and loss; on age and death; on our ceaseless desire for meaning, happiness and immortality in a godless, uncaring universe.

Except it wasn't his last word. Elvis hadn't left the building after all. Like Lieutenant Columbo in a shabby raincoat and smudged lipstick, Smith returned to add: 'Just one more thing...' with the band's eponymous 2004 album. After the sad, compelling beauty of 'Bloodflowers', it was predictably disappointing. Where the previous work was lush and melancholic, this was by turns stark, angry, incoherent and messy. There was some good tunes trying to get out, and the album got better over time, but on the whole it was an unsatisfactory postscript.

And now we have '4.13 Dream', and it seems that Smith and the Cure have no intention of retiring yet. The good news is that it's better than the last album, and at its very best (the stand-out opening track, 'Underneath the Stars') it bears comparison with the classic Cure of old. Porl Thompson is back on guitar, which means there are echoes of the wailing soundscapes of 'Wish'. There are upbeat love songs recalling the bittersweet exuberance of 'Friday I'm in Love' and 'High' - 'The Only One', 'The Perfect Boy'and `This. Here and Now. With You' and there are hymns to excess ('The Real Snow White') and the aftermath ('It's Over'). But Smith isn't saying anything new, and with repeated plays you'll find yourself skipping quite a few of the tracks ('Freakshow' and 'It's Over' are very much Cure-by-numbers).

But a second-rate Cure album is still head-and-shoulders above so much other contemporary music, and we should be grateful that Smith isn't going quietly. He'll be 50 next April, and he's still raging against the dying of the light.
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