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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 December 2003
blink-182 are one of those bands that seemed like they would never grow up but as this album proves, they have. I'm a huge fan of their earlier releases like Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch and I have to admit that when I first listened through the album I was shocked. Where were the jokes, the funny songs and the great riffs? Had they put the wrong CD in the case?
After I'd listened to the album a few more times it really grew on me and there are many outstanding tracks on the album but at the same time there are still tracks which make you want to press skip on your CD player.
The musicianship is amazing and there are lots of strange effects in almost every song with layers of guitars and one song uses 4(!) basses on the outro so there is always something new to pick up on each time you hear the album and great depth to every song. You can really tell they spent a long time on each song to make it 'perfect'.
If you are a blink fan chances are you'll buy this album anyway to make up your own mind about it, but if you are still not sure whether to get it or not, I would say buy it. You may think it's the worst thing you've heard in ages and blink are no-more (like me) but I can assure you three or four listens later you'll be hooked and realise that, whilst not the greatest blink album, it's right up there.
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VINE VOICEon 18 November 2003
I've always had a soft spot for this band because they got me into the alternative music scene. And, I'm pleased to say, that soft spot hasn't hardened thanks to this new album.
It's different. And not in the way that "Enema Of The State" was different from "Dude Ranch", or different in the way that "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket" was different from "Enema" (though you have to have listened to both of them relentlessly to notice how). The sound is different. It's heavier. Lots of bands have released new albums this last year and promoted them as "heavier" and/or "experimental". Few of them have lived up to that promise. This one does. Sure, it's not heavy enough to genre-shift into the Finch fold (though there were moments where it sounded like it would), nor is it experimental in the way Radiohead are supposed to be.
This isn't an album you can imagine former Blink-alikes such as Bowling For Soup or A Simple Plan ever making. Gone are the purile jokes completely, as are the songs about dating. There's not even a novelty track on here. So not only have Blink grown beyond themselves, but they've also put a distance between themselves and those bands that have sought to emulate them. There's a certain unexpected dynamism, then, that perhaps means Blink will survive when other pop punk acts fall.
So if not Blink, then what does it sound like? Well, it's still Blink. Tom DeLonge's vocals continue to grate, perhaps more now than ever, and Mark Hoppus continues to be the better singer. For some bizarre reason, The Cure's Robert Smith turns up to sing one song with them, and Val Kilmer's ex-wife Joanna Whalley reads out a letter for this album's answer to "Adam's Song".
On first listen, though, the two bands that came to mind straight away were Box Car Racer and 'A', funnily enough. Box Car Racer isn't surprising, seeing as it was Tom DeLonge's side project with the Rancid boys. It's not only the more thoughtful lyrics that have carried over from that defunct band. As for 'A', I have no idea...
Musically, it's not breaking any new ground. However, it's still interesting. It's very much a studio album, evident in the use of a flange effect on drums and overdubbed vocals. Not very punk rock, but I don't think they're claiming to be anymore. I liked the regular use of keyboards, and the increased distortion on the guitars stopped the perpetual chirpy pop feel that has defined the previous two albums.
Whether all that's going to sit well with the rest of their fans is another matter, though.
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on 12 November 2003
Blink 182 return and how they have returned.Theyre music has changed loads.This album contains piano in almost every song,violins in always and some wierd thing but it sounds really cool.With such songs as stockholme syndrome and the acoustic i miss you which are both contenders for the second single off the album you can listen for yourself how they have changed and they've changed for the better.Marks voice has got even more clean on this album.If theres one thing that lacks on this album theres not enough of him singing that is my only low point.My favourite songs are all of them honestly they are that good.Hopefully this wont be there last.Blink are serious now and they've hit us hard
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on 23 January 2004
I only have 1000 words here, I'm not sure its enough. I'll try and tone my review down so its easy.
Basically, I have been a fan of blink-182 since i randomly bought dude ranch one day in hmv. It remains one of my favourite albums, and introduced me to a whole new genre of music. With dude ranch, blink-182 truly mastered the art of the underproduced punk album. With fast beats, poor singing, loud guitars, and toilet humour, it made for a classic.
This album is almost the complete opposite. The untitled album has none of the toilet humour that has become almost a trademark for blink-182, which was a very brave step to take, and has had split opinions. The production is excellent, the effects used are spot-on, and the instruments sound perfectly crisp.
The songs are well structured and well thought out, and the lyrical work has been split really well, rather than with previous albums which in general consisted of either mark or tom singing lead for a whole song, while the other provided backing vocals. The two voices work really well together, and two leads on one song gives the band a sound that not many others have, especially when their voices are so different sounding.
The best tracks on this album, in my opinion, include:
Obvious - great song, the verse sound ties in perfectly with the choruses, and the drum sound used for the verse is excellent.
I Miss You - best track on the album, an excellent acoustic song featuring both mark and tom on vocals.
Go - a great track about domestic abuse. This is a fast upbeat song that just makes you want to jump around and break stuff
Not Now - why this is a bonus track is a mystery to me, as its definitely one of the strongest songs on the album, great lyrics, guitars, and drums
A mention also goes out to All of This, which features the Cure's Robert Smith (but you all knew that anyway), and a final mention to Travis Barker, who really outdid himself on this album with some phenomenal drumming, great job
All in all, this is a rock masterpiece, on first listen you may not like it, but persevere and you will truly love it. I expect this to still be playing in my cd player 20 years from now, it's really that good.
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on 2 March 2004
When people think of Blink 182 they automatically think of fart jokes and fu**ing. Well think again!
When I first heard this album at a friends house I was really suprised at how different it was. Blink have certainly improved as musicians and have developed a more mature style. They really use Travis to their advantage on this album too!
The single "Feeling This" gets the album off to a usual start with punchy melodies, and impressive use of harmonies towards the end of the song, but not much different to usual Blink.
But then it starts. The dark sounds of "Obvious" with its punching chords. The acoustic sounds of "I Miss You" accompanied by strings. The dark, yet emotional "Violence". The energetic "Stockholm syndrome", that starts with the emotional reading of a letter Marks Grandfather wrote to his Grandmother during the Second World War (accompanied by piano)
The lovesick "Down" which fades into a duybstyle instrumental track influenced by Travis's love for hip-hop (Some very impressive drum rolls are use on this!). Then they're back in your face with the catchyness and energy of "Go". But one of my favourite tracks has to be "All of This" with the guest vocals of "The Cures" Robert Smith. Another acoustic track filled with emotion. The pure energy of "Heres your Letter" breaks down and makes way for the emotional piano accompanied "I'm lost without you" which must be heard by fans of Dashboard Confessional.
Overall the album is a lot more emotional than past releases. Think "Stay together for the Kids". Think Jimmy Eat World, and Box Car Racer. This album is a must have for any fans of those bands. And not forgetting... Fans of Blink 182!
I'm not holding back on saying....
.... This is Blinks Best release yet!!
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on 9 November 2003
After Blink released Take Of Your Pants And Jacket, despite its huge success it was clear that Blink-182 had definately moved towards a pop-punk style since their earlier days. Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch were their first two successful indepedent releases and many true Blink fans still rate these albums as their best. When Enema Of The State was released it sky-rocketed Blink to stardom and became their biggest selling album of yet. However with this increase in sales came this change in style. It was said that if Blink continued in the same direction with this latest album then they wouldn't achieve the same success as before and so many people called for this latest album to revert back to the classic Blink style.
Well from what I have heard and read, their self-titled eighth album reveals a different style that hasn't quite yet been shown before. Firstly the album is definately more serious and if you are lookin for lines like, "We wanna f**k a dog in the a**", on this album, then u'll be disappointed. Their first single release from the album, Feeling This, sums up their change in style since the last album. It keeps with their upbeat, pop-punk style with a catchy chorus that sticks in your mind from the first time you hear it. It also incorporates a more deep, punky style in the verses that will satisfy Blink fans from old. Other songs like Go and Violence are more punky and have some great guitar riffs in them. Violence in particular shows that they have definately been working hard for this new album and out of the songs that I have heard so far, this one is the best.
I cannot claim that this album is brilliant because I haven't heard it all yet. However in one weeks time it will be released and I will definately buy it. If you are a Blink fan then you should do the same too because they have worked hard to satisfy a new generation of Blink fans who prefer the more pop-punkish style and the old generation of Blink fans who like me, are still living off Dude Ranch! From what I have heard so far, this album will be enough to keep the legend that is Blink-182! alive for a couple of years yet. Who knows? Maybe next it'll be an acoustic album! Then they will have really grown up (like that could ever happen)...
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on 13 March 2015
BLINK 182 were formed in 1992 and are from a small suburb of San Diego, California. They consist of MARK hOPPUS, tRAVIS bARKER AND tOM dE lONGE.

This album is their fifth to be released, only one has been made after it. The artwork is similar to Nirvana's smiley face, my favourite song is Miss You.

Fun fact: Blink 182 were called Blink, but the Irish band Blink refused them rights so they became Blink 182.
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on 12 July 2004
Blink 182 is famous for their juvenile lyrics and simplistic, effective melodies (you can play most of their songs with the same chords, in the progression, on a guitar). This wasn't that big a problem before, but with their new album, they've stretched themselves sonically as well as lyrically.
There's a lot of experimentation in this album with the instruments. Barker's drumming has become even more complex, and his riffs (particularly the last one on the CD) are at least effective, at most mind-boggling. And while Delonge and Hoppus still work their relatively simple style, they do so with new instrumental variations and ideas. The opening to "Asthenia" plays dark brooding music underneath actual NASA transmissions from the moon, Joanne Whalley reads a letter from Hoppus's grandfather while strings moan, and "Violence" features pure percussion as the singers speak rather than sing.
It's a potent mixture of traditional Blink-182 and their newer, more mature selves. If you want more information on the sound of the album, the men behind the band have provided liner notes on every song, sometimes to excessive detail (I'm not an expert on flanges). Even that helps to underline their new mission. Of course, you need only listen as far as "Stockholm Syndrome," the darkest, bleakest pop-emo I've heard in a long while, to get that. Heavy drums and bursting guitar riffs alternate with moody interims where they quietly sing, "I wish I could explain myself, but words escape me . . ."
As far as the lyrics go, Blink-182 still keeps their general theme of lovelorn angst, but they kick it up a notch. The CD as a whole speaks mostly about the problems of relationships, from someone willingly being used ("All of This"), to the excitement of love and sex, and how they bounce against each other ("Feeling This"). One of their more inspired tactics is to actually guest Robert Smith (of Cure fame) on "All of This," and as Smith quietly sings his sorrow, DeLonge counteracts with his twangy, nasal singing. "With all of this I know now / Everything inside of my heart". While some find it irksome, DeLonge's voice matches perfectly with the style of these songs. And the songs are a cut above the usual depressed pop-emo fare. Rarely do you find cultural nods to Nightmare before Christmas in a song about willing abandonment ("I Miss You").
There are two sides to Blink 182 now. While they still revel in their punk/crude humor (if you doubt that, visit them on tour), their songs are taking a more urgent, insightful turn. One of the more exciting, rare things to witness in music is a band evolving at the risk of alienating fans. With Blink 182, it's the right choice, and they've become stronger artists in the process.
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on 29 September 2013
Bought this Cd for my nephew. It was received well before due date and less than £2, so he was over the moon. Have bought 5 Cds here for my nephew. Very reasonably priced & quick delivery. Would use again. thanks.
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on 26 December 2003
The guys from Blink 182 have grown up over the last couple of years. The bands general "adultness" has increased dramatically. Gone are the fart jokes and dog songs, Blink 182 has changed their style of music completely.
Compared to the previous album, Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, this self-titled album really improves the reputation of Blink, as they go from making joke songs to spending nearly a year putting together their best album yet. The songs seem to be more mature, and with each one comes an unexpected change to this new stance.
The first single, Feelin' This, is up there with the best songs they have made so far. Other songs such as Violence and Go are contenders for second single. The quality of all the songs is high, so if you liked Blink's older stuff, be prepared for a change. If you are a die-hard fan, you'll like it anyway - it is most definitely a change for the better.
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