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on 10 December 2016
If possible I'd give this 4.5 stars - dropping 1 star (20%!) from "I love this" to "I like this" is too harsh for me to do so although I don't love the entire album all tracks except Mother are enjoyable. I'm not sure why or how Mother made the final cut of Synchronicity - it stands out like a sore thumb. The songs I absolutely love are (no surprise really!) Every Breath You Take and Wrapped Around Your Finger, the latter of which has a similar sound to Dire Straits' Ride Across The River.

The album opens explosively with the title track (part 1) them immediately slows down for the 'tribal' sounding Walking in Your Footsteps. The next 3 tracks are the low point of the album with Mother being the lowest point in my opinion. Synchronicity II brings us back on par - it's a stonking good track that pumps its slick guitar lick down your throat and makes you want to dance and sing. The other three singles from the album follow and these 4 tracks are the highlight before the album closes off with the pleasant but not wonderful Tea in the Sahara and Murder by Numbers. I have a 1987 CD not the remastered version, and having heard the remaster I'll happily stay with my old 'original' CD.
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on 6 July 2016
I wanted to buy a Police album and this is (mostly) the one that tops many lists online. Apart from 'Every Breath You Take,' I was oblivious to all of the other tracks, 'King Of Pain' sounded pretty familiar. I was half expecting 'Roxanne' or 'Message In A Bottle' to be here too, but alas no!
This was their last album and it sounds very mature for a band that is often (bafflingly after listening to this album) labelled Punk! Melody is king here, and experimentation a close second. There are guitars, there are synths, there are lots of instrumentation, but they are all mostly in the background and there are also some weird effects that pop up every now and then, see 'Walking In Your Footsteps.'
The highlights are of course 'Every Breath You Take,' 'King of Pain,' and, well, take your pick. There isn't a bad song here really, though 'Mother' is very much a black sheep here and quite a jarringly weird one at that. It's totally at odds with the rest of the tracks and sounds like King Crimson soundtracking a man with Oedipus Complex having a meltdown! Which is pretty close to what it is, so I guess...that makes it a success story!?
'Synchronicity,' has a cool electronic synth riff that leads the song and its sequel is also great and are among the most upbeat songs on the album.'Murder By Numbers' is a cool, laid back, almost bluesy closer with (like most of the songs) deceptively dark, twisted subject matter.
Production is flawless, as are the vocal lines/melodies carrying each song. The lyrics book has all the lyrics and the packaging is very tasteful indeed and iconic to most. The album is also surprisingly short, and there is absolutely no excess fat/filler, nothing drags on longer than it should.
Only loses one star because of my personal taste. I feel it lacks tempo sometimes and all the songs are pretty close to being the same bpm, or at least it feels that way to me. I would've liked them to give their more upbeat past a nod, but that's just my opinion. Fantastic and classic album though, and one I may just give back it's missing star with more listens.
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on 14 September 2016
Recently replaced my vinyl of this with CD, along with other Police albums.

I remembered this as my least favourite of their albums, and it certainly has some (for me) forgettable tracks - I could certainly live without the title track, and Mother is just a mess. But "Walking In Your Footsteps" is wonderful, as is "King of Pain". Add to that the hits "Every Breath You Take" and "Wrapped Around Your Finger", there is far more to enjoy here than not.

A nice surprise was the old B-Side "Murder By Numbers", which my vinyl copy did not have. This actually sounds far more like contemporary Sting than the rest of the album, although I know it was recorded around the same time as the rest of the album.
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on 28 December 2015
This was another really good Police album... I love the sound these guys could generate together... And this album is packed full of gems... The sound is as tight and as interlocking as ever... Dare I say that Stewart Copeland is as accomplished a percussionist as Neil Peart? I think he might be... And dare I say also, that Andy Summers is a better guitarist than The Edge even though when he uses some delay, there are some similarities? I think that is true too... Worth owning... but then all their albums are...
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on 15 July 2013
The CD is good. The SACD is better overall, though it lacks some drive on tracks like Synchronicity II. but the SHM SACD is streets ahead of either. The drive is there, the transparency is better than analogue, and there's nothing between you and the group. Sting's voice is raw and alive, the drums have real punch. I only wish everything was sold in this format. It's a pity about the price - but it's worth it.
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on 3 September 2014
Excellent album but just needs one track removing from it........obvious if you listen to all of them.
Don't know why they left this one track on the album must have been the stress.
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on 18 November 2017
Just as I remembered
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on 5 August 2016
excellent item - great price - quick delivery - A+++
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on 20 December 2015
I've always loved this album
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on 11 October 2015
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