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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Hellbilly Deluxe
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on 4 October 2017
Cool band
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on 11 June 2017
Best band ever
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on 20 March 2007
This disc was BUILT for the dancefloor! Woo! Now, White Zombie were a GREAT party metal kinda band and Rob follows a similar path on his own but it is by no means the same stuff regurgitated. Hellbilly deluxe sees the songs constructed more often with the synths (which were there in Astrocreep too but to a lesser degree) and with a slightly less hardcore attitude to the grooves. This is more easy to pick up and play and rob's vocals are less rap-style than before. On a cursory listen it is just the same idea as before though: you get your gigantic riffs (not QUITE as good as J's riffing on Astrocreep) and your Hammer horror samples but I feel this may be more accessible to music fans who are slightly less metal-inclined. Bottom line is- yep, get it, it's great! But it aint as good as Astrocreep 2000.
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on 22 February 2003
Rob Zombie has certainly managed to forge his own special place in the hard-rocking halls of popular music. He went all out in the gimmick department, but it definitely works. Having little familiarity with White Zombie at the time this album was released, Living Dead Girl served as my mode of introduction to this "unusual" artist. I immediately found his music disturbing, unique, and definitely appealing, but I initially hesitated in buying Hellbilly Deluxe. Once I heard Dragula, though, I had to get the album. As a horror fan, I enjoy Zombie's close affiliation with the darker paths of life. He can be a little scary, I suppose, but the hint of whimsy that can be discerned in his music is made much clearer when you get a look at the little booklet that comes with the CD. The disturbing cartoon references bring to my mind images of wonderful old monster movies, Weird Tales magazine, and those vintage horror comics that eventually became victims of government citizenship. Rob Zombie knows how to have fun with extreme horror, and that makes him a great guy in my book.
Personally, I love the way words and small speeches are incorporated into his music (not to mention the joys of hearing random screams in the background); it helps make listening to Zombie a surreal experience. This does mean that you don't really have 13 songs on the album, though; a few of the tracks are short musical bridges connecting one great song with another. This is not a problem, though, because everything goes together to make this album an experience that transcends simple music. As for the music itself, I love its driving beat, horrorific overtones, and powerful vocals. The guy's not going to win any singing contests, but it doesn't matter because his presentation is excellent in all facets of the music-great lyrics with pulsing, rhythmic beats that worm their way into your brain and chest, letting you pretend for a while that your heart is black and nothing really matters beyond experiencing life in its most fundamental and necessarily unclean ways. I wouldn't want to go out in public in a Zombie-fied frame of mind, but this music is a great way to relieve the stress of mundane modern life.
Living Dead Girl and Dragula are the most familiar tracks on here, but there are plenty of songs of the same high caliber. Superbeast gets the show off to a great start; the relentlessly pulsing beat of Spookshow Baby is awesome; Meet the Creeper and The Ballad of Resurrection Joe more than hold their own, and Return of the Phantom Stranger has a mesmerizing quality in its monotone lyrics, sneaking up on you from side to side before unleashing its full torrent of force upon both ears simultaneously. There is a great cohesiveness to the album as a whole, making it almost impossible for you to simply pick and choose different tracks to listen to; Hellbilly Deluxe essentially requires you to listen to the whole thing in all its complete glory ever time you put the disc in your CD player.
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on 15 August 2005
Ever since the Murderdolls screamed their way onto our stereos, i've been a fan of this sort of metal. ROB ZOMBIE...ok so it's sort of corny, and so is the music come to think of it, but does metal really have to be serious to be good? No. Bands like System of a Down have proved that more then once, and Rob is about to show us the darker side of his talent.
Many would argue that he should never have left White Zombie, but Hellbilly Deluxe is his first solo album, and his proved that his a metal genius, and in my eyes is up there with the likes of Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer & AGNB) and Kurt kobain. mainly because he's taken some well known tunes and reproduced them into tracks such as DRAGULA with brilliant lyrics. Ok, so maybe they're not as obscene as Wednesday 13's from the Murderdolls, but when you blast them from your speakers, who cares??!!
Make sure you listen to Superbeast...the best track on the whole album!
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on 19 June 2008
I was always wondering what Rob Zombie's music sound liked ever since falling in love with his film 'House of 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects' then it wasn't until I found out that he was directing the remake of my favourite film Halloween I though OK I have to check this guys stuff. Hellbilly Deluxe was the first that I got mainly because of friends tellingme about 'Dragula and Living Dead Girl' the first time I put the cd into my cd player the introduction was creepy with Sheri moon Zombie talking about the Devil and her creepy laugh then Zombie hitting us with the first heavy track 'Superbeast' I began to lose my mind in my room...the music, the lyrics and mainly Zombie's voices began to make me start me jumping around and really getting into his stuff.
With the likes of Dragula, Living dead girl, Demonoid Phenomenon, meet the creeper, Return of the phantom stranger and my favourite cause of its awesome heaviness The ballad of resurrection Joe and Rosa whore. This is one of the most fantastic albums ever released and you must own it in your collection. What a perfect way to start of your Rob Zombie collection then starting with this.
The book is amazing colourful and full of amazing artwork by Zombie himself which is done is a EC comic-book 'Tales from the Crypt' type of way. This album should have more stars if possible and out of his collection this is the absolute best but also bare in mind check out therest of his albums cause you won't be dissapointed.
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on 30 July 2012
I was very interested to hear where Rob Zombie would go after the break up of White Zombie, and was eager to hear if his stuff would take off where the flawless Astro Creep 2000 left off. I was disapointed when to my ears it didn't. I don't know what 'it' is, but Astro Creep had it and Hellbilly Deluxe doesn't. It makes me realise how much the other members of White Zombie helped to make a sound that was so great, but Rob just doesn't have it by himself.

Overall, I think Hellbilly is an essential listen to anyone wondering where Rob would go after White Zombie, but Astro Creep 2000 part 2 this is sadly not. Hellbilly Average is more like it. I know that is a bit like saying 'Shaun of the Dead isn't Spaced', because they're two totally different things, but Atro Creep, like Spaced, was so brilliant it was always going to be hard to follow.

Fortunatly though, American Made Music To Strip By sits happily along side Supersexy Swinging Sounds and in my opinion is the best solo album Rob has his name on. They are people who will state that without the original material, a remix could never exsist, which is true. But the remixes of songs from this album just have that extra something that the original recordings lack.
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on 23 March 2008
ok so rob zombie was a man who had a lot to prove with this release after white zombie had folded and as the obvious focal point for the fans we all waited eager to see what was coming.
and ultimately what we got was shafted!
the reason being that whilst the super charged industrial metal on this recording is superb the quantity of it isn't
this album clocks in at 38 minutes long for its 13 tracks 5 of these tracks serve as little much more than intro or filler tracks and they last a couple of minutes each which leaves you 8 songs to fill the remaining 30 minutes or so
the music that remains feels like a stripped down steroid fed version of white zombie and is as expected excellent its just > shame that i feel short changed when i listen to this album because of the feeble run time
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on 22 October 2001
hellbilly Deluxe is obviously a change from most alternative albums, and is obviously a good change.it seems to be bix of everything: metal, industrial, techno, punk, dance, this variety makes it worth a listen, even a purchase!
The standing out tracks must be meet the creeper, superbeast, dragula and living dead girl, but most of the other songs are great. Unfortunately it is far to obvious that rob zombie focusses on image a bit too much, and the song titles and lyrics are far too stupid to be scary!?! Also from time to time the songs become very predictable eg. you know its gonna go: verse, pre, chorus, then a short fill in techno smaple. Its too obvious.
Overall its a very good album, not a killer, but is worth the buy definately! :-D
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on 7 April 2001
This album is almost a continuation of White Zombies massive 'Astro Creep 2000'. This will be an instant hit with all Zombie fans, but may need a more adventrous metal head to take the plunge. This is a truely stonking album my favorite being 'Demonoid Phenomenon'. 'Don't lie to yourself, it gave you pleasure!'
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