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VINE VOICEon 8 February 2014
This High Fidelity Pure Audio disc has to be the best version of this album I have heard glorious 96/24 sound captures all of the nuances of the album so well.
The music is so well known that I cant really write about it the hits 'Sir Duke' and 'Isn't she Lovely' are stand outs as is the 'Pastime paradise' which younger viewers might recognise as something else.

While the sound quality is excellent, disc presentation is kind of strange with a horrible menu and no track details, just a track number to pick from.
The disc auto starts on the LPCM track which is great, but why also include DTS MA and Dolby True HD when they are all effectively the same, though on some players Dolby THD suffers from a horrible Dai-norm issue, because it was predominately designed as a film encoding and not for music.
For me a 5.1 mix would have been the icing on the cake again a wasted opportunity.
Despite the above I have to give this 5 stars this is a great release and after all it is the sound that counts.
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on 27 May 2017
Stevie Wonder ,musical genius,delivers SONGS IN THE KEYS OF LIFE that everyone should have in their collection.The title is true to its words.Shares universal joy and pain in musical philosophy of past present and future for our world still resonating in outstanding tracks like 'As', 'Pasttime Paradise ','Blackman'.....Just as music is a language we all understand,we must continue to remember connect common knowledge that. '...the world was made for all ...'.A musical and literary masterpiece of the 20th century.Buy the vinyl with this cd
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on 4 November 2013
I have owned this album both on vinyl and non remastered CD.The vinyl sounded good but the audio on the CD was really flat and lifeless.It has since been remastered on CD but I'm so glad they decided to bring this wonderful album out on Blu Ray audio.It may have only got a stereo mix which as some have pointed out is a wasted opportunity instead of a 5.1 surround mix but what a difference in sound quality.

I'm hearing things I've never noticed before and highly recommend a purchase.This album was the last of four classic Stevie Wonder albums.
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on 25 January 2014
I heard about this format on radio 3, and was curious about whether it really would make a noticeable difference to sound quality on my very ordinary audio system (Philips domestic blu ray player; 10 year old Sony AV receiver; Eltax speakers).

But this is an album I have on vinyl, and which I used to love. And since the move to surround sound for movies, the amp in our living room no longer has a vinyl input, and the old records hardly ever get played. So I gave it a go.

Wow! An immediate, undeniable improvement in sound quality. This is the best sound I've ever had. I've demonstrated it to friends, and we all agree there are things on the recording we've never heard before. Much more clarity, presence, and a general sense of spaciousness to the sound.

If you've not tried this format, I recommend you do.
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on 19 July 2016
Sometimes it is necessary to return to ones youth and playing this album id just that and memories came flooding back. Some albums age well and this is one of those. If you are new to Stevie Wonder start here and you will not be disapointed. What brouught me back to this album was a programme on iPlayer where various artists performed his music and I needed to hear the music performed as I remembered it.
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on 11 February 2018
Always had this album. Had 3 copies of the vinyl and this is the 2nd CD copy. This is the 2000 remaster. Better sound quality, original artwork reproduced. I was six years old when this came out. Love it.
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on 27 January 2017
I bought this because I have the original on vinyl and wanted a CD. I was also able to download the songs immediately to my laptop which was excellent.
In my opinion this is one of the best albums of all time, wonderful songs that are still as relevant today as when it first came out on vinyl.
Would highly recommend the album.
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on 22 January 2018
Stevie Wonder is certainly one of the Genius musicians of the 20th Century. I prefer Talking Book, Innervisions, and Music of My Mind to this album, finding all 3 more adventurous and creative. But hey, I own them all.
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on 22 December 2013
I am really enjoying listening to this Blu-ray audio copy of songs in the key of life. The album is a classic of course but the sound from this new format is superb it really conveys a wonderful warm and full bodied analogue sound through my system. I just can't get enough of these Blu-ray discs. Played through a box standard Sony blu-ray player hooked up to the stereo with van den hul cables. Well worth the 10 quid spent.
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on 8 June 2017
CD arrived on time and as described-A CLASSIC ALBUM- a fantastic collection of songs to enhance any existing soul/motown collection or great for anyone just starting out with their collection-do not hesitate to buy this CD !
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