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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
This Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)
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on 31 July 2000
The thing about this 'spoof' band is they are by far the greatest rock band seen in the modern world. I doubt if even the masters of rock, the ancient Greeks, had ever performed to such a high standard.
Any album that has the lyrics: "My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo, I want to sink her with my pink torpedo" can only rise to the greatest heights that the musical world can soar.
If you like rock, don't buy this album. On the otherhand, if you love rrrrrrrrrrrrock buy about 4 copies, just in case you lose three of them.
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on 1 March 2014
Like Monty Python's The Holy Grail or The Life Of Brian, the movie This is Spinal Tap contributed more than its fair share of immortal cinematic lines to everyday life. When we talk about turning things up to eleven - that's Spinal Tap. Ditto references to people dying in 'bizarre gardening accidents'. And you can also add the euphemism of 'mudflaps' for someone's backside.

The film, directed by Rob Reiner, is a rockumentary (some would say mockumentary) about then-fictitious (subsequently real, though no less self-mocking) heavy metal band Spinal Tap. And this is its soundtrack.

In truth, the five-stars I've given it are probably misleading. Judged purely for its musicality, it's probably deserving of two - Big Bottom, Sex Farm, Hell Hole and Tonight I'm Going To Rock You aside, the rest of the album are just really dirges. But one assumes you're not buying it for the music - you're buying it, as I did, because it's part of the whole ... Tap experience.

Play Stonehenge and in your mind you're watching the band come out onto a miniature Stonehenge set. The music is merely there as a poke in the ribs that takes you to a place in the movie. And for that, it gets five stars.

The lyrics are generally very clever (as in deliberately-over-the-top clever - you won't find subtlety or nuance here) and there are some that produce a genuine belly laugh, even if you know them well ("Big bottom, big bottom / Talk about mudflaps, my girl's got 'em / Big bottom drives me out of my mind / how can I leave it behind?" still makes me giggle and maybe, at 50, that's a sad indictment of me...)

The production quality doesn't stand the test of time - but bear in mind this was a very low budget 1984 movie with a low-budget soundtrack that became a monster cult hit - so no amount of remastering is going to clear up all of the sludgy sound - and I guess that's also part of the appeal.

If you loved the movie, buy the soundtrack. If you haven't seen the movie, watch it and THEN buy the soundtrack.
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on 21 December 2015
The first time I’d ever heard of this band was after watching The Simpsons episode The Otto show. I watched the movie ‘This is Spinal Tap’ twice and really enjoyed the humour and the music so this time around I thought I’d look into the accompanying album and bought it. The original album was released in March 1984 and this updated version was released in 2000. Referencing the movie; after dispute over which album cover was appropriate (for the fictional album Smell the glove), the record label decided for it to be plain black and that’s what this is. Luckily there’s a sticker on the case cover so you know what album it actually is! The album features 13 tracks, impressively all written by the actors portraying the characters in the movie – Christopher Guest (as Nigel Tufnel), Michael McKean (as David St. Hubbins), Harry Shearer (as Derek Smalls) and co-written with a guy called Rob Reiner. The instruments are also performed by the 3 main guys plus a keyboardist, drummer and synthesizer and arranger. So this is a REAL fictional band. This CD version features 2 bonus tracks.

Although this album does feature songs from the movie there are a few songs unfortunately missing which were on the movie, which is disappointing. "All the Way Home", "Lick My Love Pump", "Jazz Odyssey", "Saucy Jack" and the band's a cappella performance of "Heartbreak Hotel" are not here.

It kicks off with the anthemic Hell hole in hair rock Spinal tap style with the usual humour. There’s an impressive guitar solo towards the latter part of the song. Tonight I’m gonna rock you tonight has some amazing guitar displayed in the intro which is heavy metal fast. I love that riff. The lyrics are pretty dodgy; he sounds like he’s singing about a little girl. Heavy duty shows a slower side to their heavy metal performance with a trudging rhythm. The lyrics are about their desire to produce ‘heavy duty rock n roll’! The interlude has some really fast synthesizer sound effects. The end part features a guitar riff taken from a piece of classical music. Rock and roll creation begins with some dramatic sound effects, dramatic vocals and an extensive intro and carries on in a similar style. America starts off essentially as an acoustic guitar ballad which builds into an electric metal sound about the band’s excursion to America and their amazement of it.

Cups and cakes is really different with a horn intro and based around a piano rhythm, the vocals are soft and the lyrics are sentimental; about the importance of taking tea. It’s actually one of my favourites. Big bottom takes things into the blue zone, with the singer remarking on how great his girl’s ‘bottom’ is and how much he appreciates it. The vocals are to the point and the lyrics are boastful. The song features bouncy synthesizer. Sex farm is another adult song with the theme being obvious – it’s about sex surprisingly with farm based euphemisms. It’s different! Stonehenge was one of the highlights of the movie and it’s definitely true here too. The sound is really atmospheric with a spoken intro and outro from Nigel and vocals in between mainly carried by David. Gimme some money sounds very 60’s much like the following track. This one has a fun rock n roll vibe with, humorous lyrics, and a heavy keyboard background rhythm. Nigel once again smashes it in the interlude with a syrupy guitar solo! Listen to the flower people is a hippy track featuring an Indian instrument (I don’t know what it’s called) to add to that hippy rock vibe. Christmas with the devil is quite a fresh take on the old Christmas song tradition with a metal/rock sound, aggressive vocals and the message being that the devil rules at Christmas. It’s different that’s for sure. Christmas with the devil (scratch mix) is a bit longer than the previous track and features more effects in the intro and outro. That’s the only difference I can recognise.

If you enjoyed the music from the movie then you should surely enjoy this album too. It’s a shame there aren’t more tracks on the album which are also in the movie but the content that is here is really good. The more I’ve listened to the songs the more they’ve grown on me. Now I’m looking to collect their other releases (the non-fictional ones!).
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on 28 February 2004
What a great soundtrack! The songs are what make the movie for me. With songs like Big Bottom, Tonight We going to Rock You and Give me some Money, you know you are going to laugh.
The guys in Spinal Tap do play all the instruments on the soundtrack and are all very talented. The songs are very well written, the lyrics making you laugh every time, there are riffs and solos aplenty.
It's not musical genius but still very good!
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on 17 July 2011
Just to be clear, the seller was fine - great service. Howeful the audio quality was appalling - no dynamics, depth, subtlety, drama or insight. Lesson is - never buy the "digitally remastered". It essentially means they've squeezed all the dynamics out to make the average sound level higher, the way they do with pop music to make it compete on the radio. For some reason they have started doing this with older music as well. Don't buy.
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on 30 October 1999
Spinal Tap are superb musical parodists. This is an excellent spoof on early 80s Heavy Metal, so convincing some folk thought they were a real band! But watch the film "This is Spinal Tap" to appreciate the joke completely.
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on 27 February 2006
After reading some reviews I noticed that some look at the mighty Spinal Tap as being a spoof or parody! - Shame on you! - I didn't think the visit to A&E was a parody after my ears bled after listening to Venus de Milo or the time when I slipped into a temporary coma after listening too much of Shark Sandwich in the same sitting!! - These guys live the dream and all naysayers are over-looking the genius that is Spinal Tap.
Search out your lycra and spandex and rock til' it hurts.
"Hello Cleveland!!!!"
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on 20 January 2013
Firstly, to understand the cover, watch the film! But if you haven't seen the film, then surely you wouldn't be here!

This is a selection of the songs that you hear in the movie- essentially, the soundtrack, but because it's a movie about a ban it does feel a bit more like a normal band's album release. It doesn't actually sound overly comical or "silly", nor does it contain dialogue.

The music is decent, but not classic- but then it's not really meant to be classic rock anyway. I enjoyed it.
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on 19 December 2013
Arguably the greatest rock band ever, perhaps ranking among the greatest geniuses of all time; people like Mozart, Michael Fish, Dappy and Pixie Lot even. My only problem with this work of excellence is that the album cover should be all black.
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on 6 January 2000
Metallers, this is it, you wanted the best, you got the best.. this is spinal tap!
if u r a korn fan do not bother with this albulm, because this is real metal, filled with charisma
listen to it with your dial at 11
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