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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 27 January 2006
No nonsense party rock, and we all need a bit of that in our lives dont we? Try it out and dont let the trendy people tell you its rubbish.
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on 14 October 2003
The lyrics are simple. The tunes are simple. The vocalist isn't difficult to emulate. So why has no-one come up with this before? This is one of the genre-defining albums. Grossly underrated, this isn't likely to be for everybody. But Andrew WK and his band have an unknown energy; they love their fans and we love him. A fantastic album.
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on 13 November 2001
I GET WET is just the album I have been waiting for. Being a fan of the Heavy Metal classics such as Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Poison, Judas Priest and Saxon I was beginning to get fed up with the current crop of Rap-Metal bands invading the charts, and just when I'd given up hope along comes Andrew W.K. Right from the albums opener you are assaulted with raw, riff laden rock 'n' roll anthems like Party Hard, She is Beautiful and the amazing title track I Get Wet. This album is a must have for anyone who likes their music powerful,raw and rockin'.
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on 13 March 2003
This man... This scruffy looking man... He looks like my groovy punk-rock uncle. I love Andrew WK. I heard 'She Is Beautiful' on Kerrang, and I dashed out for this album! It stayed in my CD player for weeks, the only other time that has ever happened is when I got into the Punk/Rock/Metal/Mosher scene whatever you want to refer it as and I heard Green Day for the first time. That changed my life, and so did this.
Andrew WK like one of the other reviews say, is quite simply a god. I now own every available recording by him bar one, which I have on order. Buy this CD, you will love it!!
The songs are so catchy you'll be trying to sing along on the first play, its just one of those albums you will not tire of.
Every track offers a new tune to learn and sing along to, from speedy, thrashy but all around catchy stuff like 'Party Till You Puke' to more sobering yet still loud tracks like 'Don't Stop Living In The Red' it is all awesome. This is one CD that you'll like so much that even if your best mate said Mr. WK was rubbish, you'd wanna knock him out, and probably will!
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on 2 September 2005
This is not an album that will be remembered as a classic, it isn't a work of genius and isn't particularly original... but 'I Get Wet' was never meant to be any of those things.

The singles 'Party Hard' & 'Party Til You Puke' are the only tracks which are really good with only a couple of others being particularly interesting, and even those are extremely cheesey. The album pretty much has one sound - big loud guitars, a strong beat and Andrew WK churning out simplisticly catchy choruses, which pretty much always includes the word 'PARTY!'

Despite all this however, 'I Get Wet' is a surprisingly enjoyable listen. The cheesey-ness has got to put a smile on your face and after you've got drunk with all your buddies you'll be shouting 'PARTY TIL YOU PUKE!', playing it at top volume and waking up all the neighbours.

'I Get Wet' may sound like Meatloaf discovering heavy rock but it's great fun; it serves its purpose as a feel good party album, but nothing more. 3stars
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on 26 January 2002
All I can say is this album truly rocks. Every track is a gem, partly because they sound very similar, but different enough to tell the difference. Many people have criticised Andrew but I honestly can't see why. Tracks such as 'I Love NYC', 'Ready To Die' and the title track 'I Get Wet' are superb. With the recent nu-metal craze this album is for those who enjoy real, head-banging rock, but with an ever-so-slightly punk twist. Every track on the album is marvellous and if you buy this album I promise you won't be dissapointed.
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on 31 October 2001
I get wet is an unbelievably good record. From the first few seconds to the very last note our senses arte assaulted by andrew wk's superb mix of heavy rock riffs and anthemic pop sounds. It is at once uplifting, terrifying, relaxing and nerve shattering. It's music that sets us free. It's music that releases us from the everyday drudgery of modern living. It's superb.
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on 6 February 2002
Hate Robbie Williams? Detest 'Pop Idol'? Great. You'll love this CD, just over half an hour of sheer rock and roll bliss. Imagine Steve Jones of the Pistols on guitars, overdubbed to the point that they form a tidal wave of sound, a mountain side bigger than the Clash on Tommy Gun, faster than the Ramones. There is more testosterone here than in a thousand Gold's Gyms. Add some rinky dink keyboards for a laugh, over which these huge, huge tunes bump and grind like Iggy Pop's 'Real Wild Child', (or his forgotten classic 1988 "Instinct"album). First albums are often disappointing because the artist's ambition outstrips the available talent. No such danger here: this is a situation where someone has set out to achieve a specific sound and is right on target, right on the money. And then there is Mr W.K. , whose chief preoccupations seem to be partying, girls, and well, that's about it. And the less he is interested in, the better. His vocals are just right: he's enjoying himself, frequently sounding overwhelmed by the sheer power of the genie he's unleashed. He is mining the gold seam of rock and roll and he knows it. In the long history of rock and roll it is frequently the case that coming up with a 'Be Bop A Lula' or a 'Wooly Bully' is a million times more difficult than delivering a self-indulgent, reflective piece of work. This self-penned album strips out any danger of a guitar solo or anything vaguely arty. No ballads, thankfully. The short playing time is a bonus: this really is a case of 'less is more'. Mr W. K. knows the value of economy and is clearly a major talent. Let's hope he doesn't waste it, because in 2002 very few young people have what it takes.
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on 22 November 2001
Andrew W.K. Fact or fiction? An artist in his own right or a bizarre offshoot of Dave Grohl's musical master plan. The jury is still out but, quite frankly, who cares? The simple fact is that W.K. is responsible for the most heart bustingly supercharged noise crescendo of an album in years.
Imagine vintage Van Halen with Dave Lee Roth's ego excess replaced by Joey Ramone's dumb downed rhetoric running face first into Spector's 'Wall Of Sound' and you're getting somewhere near the aural blast of Andrew W.K.
After laying down the noise manifesto with opening track 'It's Time To Party', the band proceed to throw all manner of musical influences into the blender only for it all to come out spitting blood and looking for butt to kick.
From the Beach Boys through a mincer grunge of 'Girls Own Love' to the awesomely pumped up ska of the title track (surely the next single) via the stripped down punk thrash of 'Party 'Til You Puke' there genuinely is no weak track on this album.
Some may complain that there are no 'lighter' moments. Heck! IF YOU NEED THE SPACE TO BREATH YOU SHOULDN'T TAKE THE RIDE! This record will take you by the throat and shake you mercilessly before leaving you in an exhausted heap of shattered nerve endings.
At 39 years of age, I had given up hope that music could be this honest, this raw, this downright exhilarating. For that, I thank God for the phenomenon that is Andrew W.K.
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VINE VOICEon 23 April 2002
Who could possibly live up to the hype granted to Andrew WK by the NME? Well Andrew WK for starters.
Andrew is one of the most honest performers I have ever seen, both live and on record he lives and breathes his dream of making good, honest, fun rock music. I Get Wet is the proof.
Forget your miserabalist Nu-Metal doom merchants and give this a spin. It will fly out of your speakers, grab you by the jugular and will not release until the last chords of Dont Stop Living in the Red die down.
Quite simply, it's one of the most enjoyable records I have ever heard and it rocks you to bits.
Go on, you know you want to!
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