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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 22 July 2006
I've been waiting nearly a year for this album to come out and after a lot of changes, Pharrell finally releases his solo debut - And (largely) doesn't disappoint. The production is top-notch and Pharrell raises the bar again for all his contemporaries. However, anyone who's followed Pharrell's career knows he can't really sing. His falsetto style is fine when he's singing a hook for other artists but on tracks like "I really like you" & "Say with me" he fails to convince. On the flip side, for a producer his rap songs are suprisingly good. His flow is not good by any means but the lyrical content is varied, suprisingly for a rapper, real.

The stand out tracks are "Young girl" and Baby which sound like tracks he might have composed for Justin's new album had he not fallen out with the label. The cameos are well worked and Jamie Cullum's appearance on "You can do it too" is suprising but welcome.

All in all, great production and well worth buying.
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VINE VOICEon 26 July 2006
Who knows what really goes on in Pharrell's mind? In this, his first solo album, Pharrell (half of The Neptunes and chief N.E.R.D.) calls on some of the hottest talents in Hip Hop and R&B, and the result is this fifteen song extravaganza, part Hip Hop, part R&B, all with the slick production and smooth mixing that made him a music phenomenon.

Three singles have already been released from this album, at least two of which are guaranteed instant hits. "Can I Have It Like That" features the one and only Gwen Stefani, and you couldn't want a better lead off track for an album. The other heat generating single is "Number I" with red hot Kanye West, and this one is tucked away near the end of the album for a hit "sandwich" that'll be pretty hard to beat. The third single "Angel" was released in the UK and is one of the tracks that Pharrell handles on his own, falsetto and all.

Watch out also for "How Does It Feel" a steamy Hip Hop track (Remember that this album has a parental advisory warning); "Raspy Sh!t"; "Keep It Playa" with Slim Thug (this one has a great hook); "That Girl" featuring Snoop Dogg; "Young Girl" with Jay-Z; and the last track "Show You How to Hustle" featuring Lauren, where he goes by his rap name Skateboard P.

As if that weren't enough, fans of "The Artist Formerly known as Prince" will absolutely love "Baby" featuring Nelly, and for a nice spiritual touch, Pharrell gives a shout out to the Almighty giving thanks for his talents.

Do you really need more reasons than these to get this album?

Amanda Richards
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on 14 August 2006
Pharrell is an awesome talent, but he fails to give his first solo album a unique identity from his work as one half of the neptunes. All the songs are good, but sound far too familiar and have been done better previously when he was working with other artists. "Can I have it like that" is probably the most enduring song on the album and despite the fact it has been out a year, it still feels fresh. Other immediately outstanding songs lose their sheen rather quickly. "Baby" with Nelly is ok upon first listen, but frankly the productions seem so basic and Nelly's whine really adds little to this song. "Number 1" has a great chorus but there is little variation to the dominant series of bleaps to the soundtrack. "Young girl/I really like you works well as 1 track, a really good variation in sound and it blew my mind on the first listen. Jay-Z is really on top form here and is the only duet that adds anything to this album, along with Snoop Dogg who is suitably smooth on the laid back "that girl." For me, this is a fun album that it worth buying for summer, it just has a total lack of depth that has left me bored already. Check out "The neptunes present the Clones" for an example of what Pharrell does best-production.
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on 25 November 2007
`In My Mind' is not a bad album at all. I'm also a fan of The Neptunes work and N.E.R.D. songs and was anxiously awaiting for this album. I know there are a lot of people (even dedicated fans) who are sort of hating on this album and the have there reasons to due to their high expectation or later on founding out that Pharrell's solo skills wasn't as strong as they hope for. Pharrell does make an attempt to make every song sound different, which I appreciate, it's as if he takes on a different persona for each track. Once you hear it at first you'll be like WTF but then once you give it a second or third try you start to get a feel for this album.

I notice that a great deal of musical artist has gotten into the 80's vibe from the past few years. It's sort of like they all decided to text message each other one day and agreed to bring it back old school. For whatever the reason maybe it's all good because I'm feeling the vibe right alongside with them.

After hearing this album numerously I still feel Pharrell can produce great '80s-synth driven R&B lyrics/swaggers and some awkwardly delivered hip-hop flows. Pharrell obviously doesn't sound like any other artist and may not be the best lyricist but he continues to stand out on his own.

There are a number of tracks on here that I like and there were some that had to grow on me. The best tracks (in no particular order) stood out to me are: "Young girl/ I Really Like You,"- the production in this is hot. "Take It Off (Dim the Lights)" - great song to lay back on and the lyric is cute but cheesy at the same time. "Baby" with Nelly (can't stand him)- love the beat and the song because it reminds me of "Push it" by Salt n Peppa is really good. "Show You How to Hustle,"- is also great everything about this track comes together rather nicely I can't get enough of it. "Angel,"- love the beat and the song. "Our Father,"- (song about Jesus) - is good. I was shock with this one because I never thought he got it in him to make a song like this, something or someone humble him enough to do it though. "Number One," with Kayne (cocky) West- is nice but I heard it too many times. Finally, "You can do it too," is good because it sounds like it came from N.E.R.D album (Provider).

Other than that, `In my Mind' is a good album. Pharrell is able to maintains his Neptunes production here and it shines but he does has to figure out how to solidify his music to be a steady individual act. I still recommend this album to all his fans and for those who are curious should grab hold of it and give it a try.
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on 25 August 2006
I am a big fan of Pharrell Williams but I felt let down by this. The best tracks here are the already well known singles: Angel, Can I have It Like That and Number 1. Much of the rest of the album is characterised by poor guest appearances and limited production. Williams hasn't taken his unique vocal styings or beats far enough here and the input of Chad Hugo is missed severely- his instrumentation would have taken this to another level. The key problem is that Pharrell raps on half the album and he's no rapper. The album improves significantly when he sings on tracks such as Stay With Me and I Really Like You. As I consider Pharrell to be a music pioneer along the lines of Roy Ayers, the Mizell Brothers, Don Blackman etc I find it pretty deflating when he veers into cheesy hip hop/ R&B such as "Take it Off". This is a work in progress rather than a finished article and disppoints in a way reminiscent of The Clones album from 2004. Buy it if only for Angel with its wonderful Curtis Mayfield style vocal and for the artwork which is brilliant. We can only hope that the next time Pharrell gets Chad on board and drops the bomb.
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on 16 January 2007
I have followed The Neptunes since Kelis released "kaleidoscope" and have amassed a huge collection of their work since then. This album is not of the calibre of kelis' "wanderland" or "kaliedoscope" or as good as the two N.E.R.D albums, but it is still a decent album..

The standout tracks for me are "I really like you", "baby", "number 1" and "take it off".

The album`s main flaws are Pharrell`s lyrics (limited to bragging and second rate prince sexiness), and well lets be honest, Pharrell isn`t the greatest of rappers. Also, you think the Lord would recieve a better beat and praise than what Pharrell offers with "our father"

The album is really good, but i still believe Williams can do better.
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on 12 September 2006
Pharrell's biggest quality has always been his immense diversity as an artist - whether it be rapping, singing or producing. Unfortunately, it is this diversity that has prevented this album from being what it always had the potential to be - a classic.

The simple truth of it is that Pharrell is a much better singer than he is a rapper. The evidence is clear upon listening to the album - which is split between songs where Pharrell raps and ones where he sings - the r&b tracks are far more listenable than the hiphop ones. Average at best, the listener gets tired of Pharrell's one-dimensional flow and unimpressive lyricism, and after the first 5 or 6 songs is tempted not to listen to the rest of it. However, that would be a big mistake..

The album's saving grace is where Pharrell turns his hand to singing. Admittedly, the high notes he hits on 'Angel' sound a little suspect, but it is songs like 'I Really Like You', 'Young Girl' and 'Number One' which flourish. It is not only Pharrell's soothing vocal chords, but the fact that his production is also much better for his r&b songs than his hiphop tracks. Although he has been known to produce hiphop classics for rappers such as Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, the rap beats on this album are repetitive and annoying. The r&b production, however, is superb.

By the time the album is finished, you wonder whether Pharrell's next album could be a classic if he sang much more than he does on this one, and drafted more guests in to do the rapping next time. As it is, however, it seems that Pharrell is unsure exactly which one of his minds he is letting us in to.
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on 22 March 2014
cant go wrong with this album. one of my current favourites along with girl. also had a nice poster. didn't like the clones album apart from frontin.
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on 14 April 2013
After hearing this album several times. I can't stop wondering when Pharrell is going to release a follow-up to this one.
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on 13 March 2014
I love these old tunes I really likel the beats and it's also nice to just listen to on the whole I'm very satisfied
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