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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 April 2006
If you are not automatically put off by his unashamedly controversial choice of words, and if you have a sense of humour, you will be struck by how clever this man is! He doesn't waste a word!

Mathers seems more interested in taking a moment to try to understand what is wrong with everyone; if his music is so utterly against the grain, why do so many people feel the need to buy his records (How is he any different to Elvis?) Why do people confuse "Hip-Hop with real life"? And why should he have to relinquish his freedom of speech just because he is saying something provocotive?

Yet while he asks these questions, he simultaneously expresses his understanding that from a white, middle-class point of view it is scary to see your kids walking around and listening to eminem swearing away. He accepts that while he doesn't believe he should be scape goated for the actions of his fans, he does get affected by what his songs make people do. He concedes that it's nuts how quickly he got to the top, he feels he "sold his soul to the devil" in order to give his daughter the life he never had. and in perhaps his bravest song, he proclaims his absolute devotion to his daughter in "Halie's song".

Basically if you like to mock our current political climate, then you will probably enjoy having a laugh while you listen to this album. If you think the political climate at the moment is all fine and dandy, and/or you have no sense of humour or if "beep" words make you want to cover your ears and whistle loudly then this album probably isn't for you.

For me, this is a very funny and talented man who has a lot to say. we need more people like him!
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on 30 May 2002
The Eminem Show is undoubtedly the best album that Mr Mathers has released. His lyrical rhyming is superb and this album thoroughly establishes his place as one of the best mc's ever. Dr Dre's production is simply amazing. This album is dark in tone and is for the older audience purely because it carries less commercial appeal than the previous two.
Here is my track-by-track rating.
1. Curtains Up (Skit)
2. White America- A huge rock sounding track, which introduces the change of style. 7/10
3. Business - Catchy, funny and ever so slightly camp and obviously Dre produced 8/10
4. Cleanin Out my Closet - The most emotional song he has ever recorded. Stunning. 8.5/10
5. Square Dance - Again a change of style,
very southern sounding. Think Bubba Sparx..only better. 8/10
6. The Kiss (Skit)
7. Soldier- Dark and angry, production on this track is superb 8/10
8. Say Goodbye Hollywood - Another 'rockier' track. Technically this song is amazing.8/10
9. Drips - Eminem and his protégé Obie Trice rapping over slow beats. Charming song 7/10
10. Without Me - You've all heard this
one !!! 8/10
11. Paul Rosenburg (Skit)
12. Sing for the Moment - Superb. The song features a sample from Areosmith.One of the standout track. 10/10
13. Superman - Simply Brilliant. This is Eminem at his is best 9/10
14. Hailie's Song - A first he actually sings on this track, and he ain't bad. A bit slushy but still there's something about it I like. 7/10
15. Steve Berman (Skit)
16. When the Music Stops - D12 take to the mic. Slick and with powerful message. 8/10
17. Say what you Say- The 'Battle' record. A late addition to the album to coincide with Eminem's and Dre's lyrical battle with Jermain Dupre. Powerful. 8/10
18. Til I Collapse- The other standout track. Nate Dogg adds his vocals to this outstanding song. Could be the best song he's ever recorded. 11/10
19. My Dad's gone Crazy - Hallie Jade (Em's Daugther) pops up in this song. Good fun and Em does a great impression of his mother. A great way to end the album. 8/10
20. Curtains Close (Skit)
Overall I would give the album a 9 out of 10, you need this album in your life. Don't believe the sceptics he is an A grade rapper not a pop artist. As this album proves.
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on 30 July 2004
Hard to think that Eminem mangaed to follow up the superb Marshall Mathers with an equally excellent, hell I'd go as far to say 'better' album.
It's not the Eminem that most pop fans are used too, a more nasty, angry and intelligent side of his personality. The rhymes and the beats are second to none, makes you realise how dull and generic most commercial rap is these days.
Mathers realy shows off his incredible lyrical talent and rhyming skills on all the tracks, I'd go as far to say that all the tracks are worth listening too and even on repeated listens you shouldn't find yourself skipping tunes which is something I'd say can't be said for his previous albums. There's less collabarations with other artists and thank god there isn't too much D-12 on the album holding up the proceedings.
I wouldn't say there's really any stand-out tracks on the album, they're all on the same excellent level, but I also wouldn't say there's any tracks that manage to top for me his greatest tune 'The way I am' not necessarily a massive problem though as the album is a hell of a lot more consistent than previous albums.
Overall an excellent album that I highly recommend, if you've shunned Mathers to this day as being a pop wannabe then I really suggest you give this album a try, his lyrical talents are really 2nd to none and the production of the album is superb. A really angry and dark Shady is on offer with very few comedy tracks that I feel kinda held up the previous albums, hope to see more work to this quality by Mathers in the future.
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on 28 August 2002
Being the wrong side of 30 and lived through the anger of punk, ska and the pap that followed anything that comes out of anguish always rises an eyebrow. Enter Eminem to totally blow cobwebs and sneer away. From the opening White America to My Dads Gone Crazy the whole CD brings out all the things that you wanted to say years ago but never really said.
Having bought the "My Name Is" cd single when it came out I kept away because of the hype but returned when I heard Sing For The Moment (track 12) which is the first song to make me actually listen for years - this is real - listen.
There is still the same take or leave interlude bits to make the album "feel" hard but sound "passe" but get over that and the tracks are birliiant.
I recomend this to anyone who remembers he anger of The Jam, the intellegence of Marillion, and has a teenage daughter. Listen with an open mind to the lyrics and then listen again - I defy you to stop clenching your fist.
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on 17 June 2002
Although not a fan on his previous work, I found myself strangely addicted to it when my own writing was given a high-powered injection after hearing The Way I Am on the radio AGAIN. But, for once, a clean version of his album is available. I can now listen to his thoughts on the people taking him TOO seriously and about how he loves his daughter.
My preferred tracks will no doubt change over time, but they are currently:
Sing For The Moment: A look at how he and fellow rappers influence kids and why parents hate it. The first few lines caught my ears especially: "These ideas are nightmares for white parents whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who lkes earrings" - just like my family.
Hailie's Song: Eminem being sentimental (and SINGING!) whilst also telling a bit about his relationship with Kim. The chorus stays in your head for days - I have even composed it as my ring-tone!
Saying Goodbye to Hollywood: A straight-out look at how he just wants to raise his daughter and rap for a living, but gets caught up in the hidden politics of being famous as well. Well-written lyrics in this one, but then that applies to most of the album.
'Til I Collapse: The answer to the question: "How long are you gonna keep this up?". He also explains how people seem to hate his offensiveness, but he'll keep doing it being no-one else is good enough. The chorus is a corker.
Surprisingly, even though Without Me was the reason I bought the album (after noticing how he's toned himself down), that track took quite a back seat when I played the album over and over. One thing - what happened to drips? It's 4 seconds of silence on this album, yet the website has an essay of lyrics for it. Surely Mr. Mathers hasn't taken the Korn approach to filling up the first 12 tracks of an album? Odd that.
To round-up: This is a good album for people who didn't like his content, but liked his style. People expecting him to go into gorey details about drugs and violence again, you'll be dissapointed. He's mellowing out. That makes this album more likable (in my opinion)
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on 3 May 2002
Another great album highlights Eminem's now firmly established star. After an excursion with D12 Eminem is back on solo form, with a slightly more optimistic album this time. The first single from the album, Without Me, has the distinct pop feel that charecterises Eminem's unique take on rap and is catchy, typically insulting everyone in sight, from Limp Bizkit to Moby to Dick Cheney. Also, Eminem has retained his coherent lyrics and has not lapsed into saying words that rhyme. The album is varied: What You Say, with Dre is a bit of more traditional rap and She's the One with Royce Da 5"9 an amusing rant about trailer park trash. All in all typical Eminem: if you liked the Slim Shady LP and the Marshall Mathers LP, you will love this.
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on 14 February 2004
What a show!!!!!! Rather than just a music c.d you can say that its pure entertainment. I could hear it over and over again and still say that there isnt one sond wich i do not like. It is a life story transformed into this excelently produced C.D. Believe me if you do not have this C.D you are missing on one of the best C.D of this year and years to come!!!
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on 26 July 2004
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on 7 November 2003
This is simply Eminems best album. Each song is as good as eachother. The best song on the album has to be "Say What you Say" with Dre
This album ranges from Eminems dark side to his homourous side. It has excellent perfomances from, Dre, D12, Nate dogg and obie Trice. There is also an appearance from his daughter in the commical song "My dads gone Crazy"
Excellent album, i give it 9/10
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on 6 February 2004
best cd i eva listened to .. trust its so much better than the marshall mathers LP, and all that came b4 it, its truly an amazin record, and no cd collections complete without it!!
Best tracks r white america, cleanin out my closet, superman, sing for the moment and til i collapse. my track ratings:
1:curtains up (skit)
2:white america - 10/10
3:business - 9/10
4:celanin out my closet - 10/10
5:square dance - 7/10
6:the kiss (skit)
7: soldier - 8/10
8:say goobye 2 hollywood - 8/10
9:drips - 7/10
10: without me - 9/10
11:paul rosenborg (skit)
12: sing for the moment - 10/10
13: superman - 10/10
14: hailies song - 8/10
15:steve berman (skit)
16:when the music stops - 8/10
17: say what you say - 9/10
18: til i collpase - 10./10
19: my dads gone crazy - 7/10
20:curtains close(skit)
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