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on 27 September 2016
I have had the black version of this smoothie maker for almost 3 years now, and recently purchased the silver one for a friend, which in summary would tell you how I pleased I am with this purchase. However, for those wanting to know more, here is my detailed review.

I bought this initially to make “smoothies” – without really having any idea of what and how to make. The reviews online looked decent enough, and I decided to take the plunge. Since then there has been no looking back. I have used it to continually make the same milk shake recipe that I like the most, and it always delivers. The recipe is basically some milk, chocolate protein powder, and some cut up frozen bananas. Yes, frozen bananas. And this beast of a machine turns it all into the most delicious milk shake I have ever had.


Performance: The blade is incredibly strong. Despite the horrible sound it makes while slicing through the indestructible frozen bananas, the machine ensures that there are no large chunks left by the time I am done with this. The milk shake comes out nice and thick, exactly the way I want it, with no lumps of bananas in it. It is fast, ruthless, and in less demanding jobs, can get you the final products within 10 seconds or so. I have periodically used it for other blending and smoothie making purposes as well, and needless to say, it’s a walk in the park for this bad boy. 6/5

Size: The overall footprint of the machine’s base unit is quite small, with good grip at the bottom to ensure it doesn’t slide or anything of the nature. It means it takes very little counter space and I don’t need to stow it away every time I am done using it. The cups (or containers in which you actually blend items) are on the larger side, which means you can make more of what you want to make, which is an ideal combination for me: less machine, more smoothie. The holders themselves come with separate caps, which you can put on them, and turn them into travel mugs. This can be especially handy for people who like their breakfast smoothie on the go. Just quickly whiz it in the machine, put on the cap, and you are set to go! 5/5

Reliability: 3 years of crushing frozen bananas and the blades were still rock solid. However, I did end up breaking the inner mechanism, basically the plastic gears which connect the blade to the motor and hang on for dear life as the blades spin around. It was mainly down to my own rough treatment of the machine, as well as making them blend such solid items which admittedly shouldn’t be blended to begin with. I ended up buying replacement blades which cost me almost 8 quid, but it was a worthwhile replacement. If you are put off by the fact that I eventually broke something, then don’t be. As I said, I gave it a pretty rough treatment for almost 3 years after which it finally gave way. And even then the replacement didn’t cost much, which is an extra bonus. 4/5

Operation: Operating the machine is actually quite simple. You basically put all the ingredients in the containers, and you screw on the “cap” with the blade on it. You turn the entire thing upside down (don’t worry, it doesn’t leak at all), connect it properly to the base unit so it locks, and then twist the dial to start blending. Once done, you simply disconnect it, unscrew the cap, and you can drink the smoothie directly from the container. You could also screw on the other cap which turns into a travel mug i.e. it has an opening at the top from which you can drink, and a flap to close the opening so that it doesn’t spill when you aren’t drinking.

None that I can think of. It truly is a very powerful machine, with excellent results, and able to withstand quite a bit of rough treatment for years to come.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. When a friend of mine recently asked me to recommend something to him, I immediately bought him this without any hesitation, and now he shares the same belief in this machine as me. For the performance it gives, the price is actually quite reasonable, and I don’t see why I would go for any smoothie maker more expensive than this one.
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on 4 June 2014
I've had quite a few blenders and smoothie makers over the years, but once I tried this one, I was hooked!

1. Compact design that doesn't take up too much room on worktop.
2. Makes great smoothies.
3. Soooo easy to clean, and in you know it's clean as there aren't any bits you can't get into, unlike some smoothie machines.
4. Handy lids for if you want to transport your drink, and they don't leak!!

Not really anything more you could ask for from a smoothie maker.

My one has been going strong for the last 4 years, and I bought one for each of my sons to take with them when they went to university.

Interestingly, of all the smoothies we've done over the years, hubby and sons all have the same favourite one, and it's probably about the simplest one to do too, although it does need a little bit of forward planning:

Whenever you have an over-ripe banana, slice it up and freeze it (with slices in a single layer) in a food bag. (Having the slices in a single layer makes it easier for the blade and motor to deal with). Or, like us, buy a big bunch of bananas, let them go very ripe then slice, put in single layers in food bags and freeze!
Put milk (we use skimmed and it's fine) and frozen banana into smoothie maker.
It's as simple as that.
If you blend it a little longer than you think you need to, it will thicken up slightly, which seems to add to the texture.
One of my sons has likened it to a McD's milkshake!!
This smoothie doesn't seem to need any ice added, presumably because the banana is frozen.
(It's nowhere near as good if the banana isn't frozen!)
This smoothie doesn't keep well, so it's better for immediate consumption rather than to make ahead.

Anyway, back to the smoothie maker:

Buy it, it's great!
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on 6 February 2010
I believe the smoothie maker really is a must-have, especially for all those looking for a cheap, quick, and (most importantly) a delicious way to bring more fresh fruit and veg into their daily diet.

Apart from the colour (black), this is essentially the same model as the silver-coloured Kenwood Smoothie To Go SB055 Smoothie Maker, which I originally bought over two years ago now, and which is still going strong. (And used at least four or five times a week on average over that period, that's my first and only smoothie maker). So I suggest you check out the other reviews (including mine) on Amazon about that model too.

Note for first-time users: Don't be conned into buying any smoothie recipe books; it's like telling you how to boil an egg! I say: The recipe for any smoothie is simplicity itself: Half a dozen ice cubes (essential); some tap water (or other liquid) for lubrication (also essential); various fruits of your choosing, veg, nuts, fresh yoghurt - and you're away! Be original: Make up your own recipes as you go along, So now you have no excuse for walking past the fresh fruit and veg counter next time you're in your local supermarket. Equally good with frozen ingredients, even frozen spinach works (although better tasting with fresh soft fruits, easier on rotor blades too, see second update below).

Please note that the motor in this smoothie maker, based on my experience with the silver-coloured model, is robust and reliable, but common-sense tells you it is not designed to run like a car engine. I've used my smoothie maker regularly for almost two years now, it still runs as good as new: but I never keep the motor running for more than ten or fifteen seconds at a time. It's simply not necessary - indeed, I usually find less than 10 seconds is more than enough time to do the business. (And I believe this also keeps the motor in good health).

Highly recommended. The smoothie maker is a must-have, especially for those looking for a cheap, quick, and delicious way to bring more fresh fruit and veg into their daily diet. Don't miss out!

Update: July 5th 2010 - Today, I had my first problem after over two years' regular use with this smoothie maker (silver model). Motor whirred round, made a lot of noise, but failed to turn mixture and make smoothie! Cause - Overloaded with fruit, I had not properly sliced the mango/apple chunks, and I had perhaps also been too sparing with the tap water for lubrication. Remedy: Switched off motor - immediately - when this happened. Simply took out some of excess load (into the second beaker) and also cut up/sliced up the apple/mango more/added some more water. And tried again. Voila! Problem solved. Even regular users of this product can sometimes misjudge and overload the beaker in this way - but the problem is easily remedied - just remember to switch off and reduce the load - and not to blame the smoothie maker! And of course never keep the motor running when the mixture is clearly not turning, you must reduce load and/or add more liquid.

Further update: July 28th, 2010 - Today, another problem! This time, smoothie maker (silver model) made horrible loud screeching noise, and turned mixture much too slowly. Cause - Rotor blades damaged. The rotor blades are in the lid unit, these are delicately balanced, and they can be damaged by anything too hard, and once this happens, difficult to repair, even though they still look okay, they must remain in perfect balance. This was my mistake (again)- a small, very hard piece of fruit included in the smoothie mixture, should have been removed. The motor in the main unit still works fine - and as I also have a spare Smoothie 2Go SB055 - previously unused - I found that merely replacing the rotor blade unit in the lid solved the problem. I decided to phone Kenwood to buy a spare rotor blade unit, but they refuse to sell this as a separate item, so if you don't have a spare, you must buy a complete new smoothie maker! (The customer rep told me that they can't sell the rotor blade unit as a spare because it is now 'obsolete'. But as I pointed out, it is not obsolete at all, as Kenwood continue to sell this item whenever they sell a complete Smoothie2Go unit, indeed it is an essential component, of both the SB055 and SB056 models. I said to the Kenwood rep that I wanted to complain about this poor service, and was referred to their website, but could not find anywhere there to record this complaint).

Anyway, in summary, my smoothie maker (silver model) continues to work just as well as ever, despite this problem, albeit I had to cannibalise my spare for a new rotor blade unit, which Kenwood refuses to sell as a separate spare item, preferring to inform customers that it is now 'obsolete', so they must buy a complete new smoothie maker. (What would you think if you had to buy a new car, whenever the fan belt goes, because the manufacturer refused to sell the fan belt as a separate item, telling you it is now 'obsolete'?) I still think five stars for the smoothie maker, but now I deduct one star for poor service from Kenwood.

Further note (3rd November 2014) Thank you Veterinario for pointing out that you can now easily buy replacement rotor blades (at a very modest price too) direct from Kenwood . For more details, copy and paste the following link into your browser: http://www.4kenwood.co.uk/food-preparation/smoothie-frothie-maker/blade-assembly-complete/product.pl?pid=1689478&path=590713:626599,642769
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on 18 April 2016
Loving it. It comes with 2 plastic mugs. Has 2 speed options. All in all I am happy with it. I use frozen fruits to make my smoothies and no big chunks get left behind in the drink. However, I found I had to chop my apples and bananas into small sizes else it would just take longer for drink to be ready. Made a yummy smoothie this morning. A great way to have breakfast on the go when you don't have time to actually make breakfast or even lunch.I am happy with my purchase. A good alternative to fattening ice cream would be fruit and yogurt smoothie for the kids...

In my pictures I made a smoothie using oats, banana, some leftover watermelon in fridge, frozen berries, teaspoon honey and coconut oil. :)
review imagereview image
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on 10 January 2018
In principle, and for the price, this machine works very well. I bought it in May 2016 and it has lasted until December 2018 when it made a big noise internally and stopped working. We changed the fuse in case it was that but we think the motor burnt out. My only criticism whilst in working order was that the seal is not bullet proof. One came loose and got tangled around the chopping blade so I had to replace it with one of the seals from the lids and does have a tendency to leak a bit. But all in all for the price a good piece of kit.
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on 31 October 2017
I've had this smoothie maker for 3 years and a half and it's still going strong. I use it for many different purposes: blending nuts to create vegan sauces, turning rolled oats into oat flour, blending chunky soups to a silky consistency, making ice cream out of frozen banana... It's not powerful enough to blend nuts or non-watery food without adding liquid but I don't think you could ask much more for this price. Being able to just change the lid and take your smoothie with you is definitely a plus. I recommend it for anyone on a budget who can't afford a pricier blender.
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on 1 July 2016
@ it looks nice
@ It' is quite small
@ it is cheap

@ the glass it will look opaque soon showing hundreds of small cracks
@ the blu O-ring came loose after few months ( better use warm water than hot to clean it, I guess )
@ It is quite noisy
@ words printed by the main button are gone, I have only the red dot left.
@ it's smell like burn after 20 sec of continuos use.

ps: I don't use a dish washer
review imagereview image
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on 16 December 2017
I got it a two weeks ago, so far has been working all right but yesterday I put ice cubes for the first time and I noticed black liquid in the main part, under the mug. As if the motor was struggling with the hardness of the ice. It's a shame as without ice the smoothies are not so tasty and too warm for me. Also, the colour wasn't silver as we ordered, it's white with green additions, but it's not so relevant. Otherwise it's still working well and I hope it'll last.
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on 28 November 2013
I probably like most other people who have bought this thought this was such a novel idea. 'oh wow look, an easy to clean personal blender for me! no mess!'

I still think that today, but after having this for about 5/6 months i've come across a few problemos.

I should probably start by mentioning that i use this every day without fail for my breakfast. If anyone out there is a weightlifter you'll know the importance of a good breakfast. few scoops of oats, few scoops of protein, a banana and some milk and im good to go. That's what i put in here every day. Sometimes i throw a bit of peanut butter in to liven it all up a bit, break the cycle yada yada. If you want a decent breakfast to set you up for the day i swear by this.

The problem is that after i've had this, alike many other teenagers, im in a rush to continue with my daily cycle of rushed tasks. I end up leaving the shaker and coming back to clean it either that night or the next morning before its next use. the blades in the lid are particularly hard to get behind with a cleaning utensil, even a finger cant fit behind. that means if like me there is some stuff dried on, fruit, oats or whatever other exotic goods you use, its a nightmare to get off from behind the blades. The blades should be DETACHABLE for easy cleaning, they aren't. suddenly this easy to clean beauty isn't so easy to clean.

On the topic of cleaning, if you wash this by hand like i do, you hurt your hand when washing it out because of the tapered nature of the cup which has grooves on the inside for some reason unbeknown to me. always end up smashing my knuckles around whilst scrubbing it out.

aside from that, i often get a harsh sounding noise when i turn the thing on to actually blend my drink. its like the blades are grinding on something that isnt as soft as oats or a banana, more like rocks. strange because i dont eat rocks or condone eating rocks. perhaps this is a fault with mine and the motor is a bit dodgy, or perhaps all of them are like this. it didnt sound like it at first and i havent blended anything i shouldnt have, perhaps its wear and tear. sign of poor quality perhaps. It still blends my drink though.

apart from that i cant really complain. i get a nice smooth shake, and for those using only fruit dont worry about it leaving lumps. as long as you blend it for over 10 seconds you wont get anything other than a smooth drink from what ive found. sometimes i just pulse mine when its got a banana in because i like the lumps.

Overall this bad boy does the trick. Just don't expect it to be as easy to clean as you think. submerging it in water immediately after drinking is a good idea to keep the remnants loose, but wouldn't be a problem for all of us rushed folk at all if the blades were detachable.

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on 9 April 2015
Terrible! I bought this item after a recommendation from a friend. Two weeks after I bought it, he warned me that his motor had burned out after only two months of ownership. I used mine carefully to avoid the same fate... but guess what? The motor burned out after only a handful of uses. I didn't keep the receipt, so no refund. I've contacted Kenwood to ask them why they are selling a product with such an obvious fault (such a waste of resources), but they have not even bothered to respond.

I've now invested in a more expensive brand which is doing the job. Buy cheap, buy twice. Lesson learned.
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