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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 15 February 2009
I have the original album, but decided to buy this newer version for the bonus tracks and the DVD. I loved the track 'Run' so thought it was worth buying this album just for that track alone. I also thought the sound quality may have been touched up.

The good news is the bonus tracks are brilliant even though there are only 3 and the DVD is also very nice addition two.

The bad news is compared to the original album the sound seems flatter. You wouldn't notice it unless you compare the albums straight after each other. The vocals on the original sound clearer and more vibrant in my opinion. The difference isn't massive, but I can tell a change.

So really, apart from the disappointing sound quality, this album is worth the extra dosh for the bonus tracks and DVD.
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on 2 January 2010
Leona Lewis stormed onto the music world back in 2006 with her Christmas number 1 'A Moment Like This'. Then about 11 months later she continued an actual CAREER (something only achieved by xfactor singers Will Young, Alex Burke, JLS and Leona) with 'Bleeding Love', coming straight in at number 1. Then she nicked snow patrols lyrics and released 'Run' which again got to number one. Plus, the album topped the billboard 200. That's quite hard to do.

This is enough (probably not but i don't want to write any more) to show you that i like the album and that leona is exteremly popular with everyone else. I will conclude by scoring her songs as it seem everyone else has (out of 10);

1. Bleeding Love 10
2. Whatever It Takes 8
3. Homeless 9
4. Better In Time 9
5. Yesterday 9
6. Take A Bow 8
7. I Will Be 8
8. Angel 9
9. Here I Am 7
10. I'm You 9
11. The Best You Never Had 10
12. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 9
13. Footprints In The Sand 10
14. A Moment Like This 10
15. Forgive Me 9
16. Misses Glass 9
17. Run 11
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on 18 November 2008
Leona is a fantastic singer, and it is wonderful to see someone with actual talent win the X Factor. And Spirit is, I feel, a 'must have' album. However, as one of the millions who bought Spirit when it first came out, I really do feel the record company are taking the mickey with this release; it is just pure, cynical money grabbing without any thought to fans of the artist. Is it worth buying the album a second time basically for Run? I'll leave that to the consumer to decide.

The unfortunate thing about this is that while consumers are happy being ripped off like this, the record companies will continue to take advantage. Maybe one day people will learn.....
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on 3 February 2009
Every track is sensational
Desreves to be played in its entirity on any medium
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on 19 October 2008
I'm sure this will be very good - however I can't help feeling that in recent years music companies are seriously screwing over artists fan's - we all bought Leona's album back in December last year through to now and then they have the cheek to re-release the album with TWO more songs (admittedly on this you get music videos as well, however with Rihanna and Chris Brown, the albums were literally released again at full price with THREE extra songs. So true fans who aren't illegally downloading have to buy the entire album again, Why don't the just record a whole new album - it's blatant money grabbing from their record companies.

Like I said though if you haven't bought Leona's album yet, do get this as there is some FANTASTIC music on it. =D
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If you don't already own Spirit, this is great value. However at the time I'm writing this, the best of the new tracks "Run" is not available for download - leaving many fans who already have the standard version of the album annoyed. Why it isn't available for download, when millions of people watched her sing it on X Factor as a guest last week is something I'd very much like to hear her record company answer. I guess there's not one executive who could answer that one without loosening their collars and wiping a trickle of sweat off their forehead. Oh, wait, it's record company executives I'm talking about. What was I thinking?

Seriously though, if you don't already own the album this is a 5 star purchase - really good. Leona is world class, and time has proved that. As someone who voted for her all the way through, I am so happy that the system actually works once in a while (unlike with poor Laura White, who should have won the 2008 show). Leona's songs - though a bit "American" in style - have grown on me more and more over time. It's only because of the "rip-off factor" that I have taken one star away.

UPDATE: I've heard it's been announced now that "Run" will be available for download from 1 December. I suppose the delay was so the album would get to number one again, which worked, but I'm glad I didn't pay a second time for the album just for the song, as I guess many other people did.
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on 29 November 2008
Spirit - The Deluxe Edition [CD+DVD] I thought twice about re-purchasing this album, but then decided to risk it. I don't know whether anybody else has touched upon this, but apart from the so-called "single mix" tracks, which are different from the original Spirit album, most of the other tracks seem have been tweaked too; I'd even go so far as to say they have been subtly remixed.

Whereas the backing track music could sound a little thin and plodding on some tracks before, this now seems to have been redressed, and the music and Leona's voice do appear to be much richer, smoother sounding, and refreshing, giving - to my ears at least - all the old tracks a breath of fresh air.

Therefore, for Leona fans at least, even without considering the three new tracks available on this deluxe edition, I think this re-issued album is well worth buying.

Well I hope it's not my imagination, and I don't think my ears are lying to me, but maybe someone else should confirm this too ... Anyway, I think it sounds much better!
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on 9 December 2008
To be perfectly honest 12 months ago I wouldn't have been seen dead buying anything that was a result of a TV show. Even when I heard her debut single and grudgingly had to admit it wasn't bad I couldn't see myself forking out for the album.

This all changed last week!!! When I first heard new single 'Run' on the radio at work it sent shivers down my spine but I had no idea it was Leona until I asked a colleague and was jaw droppingly amazed so as soon as payday arrived I rushed out to buy it.

Since then I have been listening to this album non-stop and I finally have to concede that a true star has been found due to the X Factor.

If you are thinking of purchasing this album I highly recommend it. It reminds me of how Mariah Carey used to sound when she first started out and even draws comparisons to Whitney Houston and other great female singers. Truly unbelievable voice.

I really hope she has a long career and is not another here today gone tomorrow act as on the strength of this album she can only get better and better.
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on 22 January 2013
Leona Lewis with her attractive appearance and seductive style appealed to me but after listening closely to a fairly similar and repetitive delivery I found it a real turn off.Inevitably I compared her version of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face with the Roberta Flack original and found Leona's whingeing diction a very poor second.With training time and diligent practice she may aspire to the cultured recording finesse of those who set the standards before her, but in the meantime she has talent and is simply a work in progress .Paying good money for her albums which are virtual copies with slight variations is not my preferred option.
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on 1 December 2008
Ok so I have some issues with manufactured pop... but had to admit that Cowell's latest progeny had some talent... this re-release is nothing short of criminal though... with only a year between this and the release of the original Spirit album it would appear that for the best part of a year Leona has been pampering herself and the media, she certainly couldn't have spent long in the studio. Please grant us some intelligence - I can understand a re-release after a career spanning a decade and a few albums... what next? An autobiography... "Leona.. my life in music". Get real... I am really wondering how many innocent people bought this without realising that they all ready owned most of the content... my advice... save yourself some money... log on to iTunes and buy woefully sparce new content and save yourself a packet...
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