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on 19 June 2015
After a *lot* of searching I bought this for my new home cinema set up. Other people have provided much more detailed reviews, so I'll keep this brief.

Mounting: The parts baffled me a little and the instructions are crap. I decided to use my own screws and plugs - two each side and it has been up there without movement for a couple of months now. Definitely a two person job!

Action: It extends and retracts very smoothly and with very little noise. The attached control and the remote control both work very well. Adjusting the maximum and minimum extents is also simple and is achieved using a plastic key that is provided.

Screen: My screen is actually suspended between my back room and extension - honestly it's not as weird as it sounds and it actually looks very good. I do notice that the image bleeds through the back of the screen, so obviously not all the image is being reflected back (losing some brightness). I have noticed a few ripples and curves developing, but they don't really bother me. As many other people have stated, the chemical smell is really quite strong, but this does go in time.

Summary: I honestly don't know how something like this can be manufactured and sold at this price for any kind of profit. It is a solid unit that feels very well built. Yes the screen is pretty entry level, but the next step up will cost somewhere in the region of triple the price so I really can't complain. I'm using it with my Optoma GT1080 and am very happy with he setup and would certainly recommend it. If you're a videophile with lots of money spare, you'll probably want something more premium, but honestly, this is a very good product for the money.
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on 16 December 2014
I have owned this for 4 years. I only raise and lower it very occasionally and it always works fine and is quiet. I had to return the wall control unit on the first one when it arrived, but it has been fine since. I had to buy some angled brackets from B&Q to allow me to fit it behind a beam so that the main container was hidden as the existing brackets tend to be designed to place it on the front of the mounting area. You can also adjust the end stop on how far it extends which is useful. I have not used the cable that allows it to be connected to the projector such that it opens automatically but this seems a useful feature.
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on 17 November 2017
Very pleased with this. Ordered 106" glass bead version and arrived quickly and in good packing. Didn't spot any damage and fitted it within about 30 minutes on my own. Slight short term smell but not abhorrent like reviews of other screens and quickly dissipates. Only minor negative is that the length of power cable AFTER the control box could be longer but easily addressed with a short extension cable.
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on 11 March 2014
The perfect companion to my InFocus IN116 projector. Very nice image from my usual sitting distance of nearly 4 metres. Very easy to use once it has been installed; either via the buttons on the power cable or via the remote control. It is also possible to control the amount of screen which leaves or retracts into the housing.

I can clearly hear the motor when opening or closing the screen but it's nothing I didn't expect and only lasts a short time. The screen does have a strong chemical smell when you first open it but that diminishes over time. Also, if you are considering hanging it on an interior stud wall, make sure you find the studs because, whilst not really heavy, it is heavy enough to question whether plaster can hold it for a long time.

All my family and friends are well impressed by my set-up. It is relatively cheap and so presumably there are better screens available at a higher price. Not being an experienced projector guru, this is certainly good enough for me though. Haven't watched a movie on my TV since owning it.
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on 12 January 2013
I've had a projector for a few years now, and we watch films most nights on it. I had made a screen out of battening and canvas that worked really well, but when we moved my new cinema room provided me with a problem. The only place to put a screen was over a small side window. Without this window, the room (situated between the front room and the kitchen) would be a little too dark during the daytime, and I wanted to have it as a dual purpose cinema/playroom. I purchased this screen on a whim, reasoning that the price was good and it would solve a problem without any messing about making a new screen.

Even though this is definitely a budget screen, the quality is outstanding. It's thick and strong, and the metal bar that the screen retracts into is strong and well-made. All mounting bolts were included, and all I ended up having to use was two rawlplugs and long screws. Whilst this is fairly heavy, the frame mounts distribute the weight excellently, so all that is really needed is two screws to hook the whole thing on to.

My projector is an Optoma pico projector, and is a little dull at times being a low,powered LED projector. I purchased it to avoid having to buy any more bulbs, and once you get used to a source that does not light up the entire room during bright scenes, it's perfect for films and gaming. This screen makes my pico look even brighter than it has ever looked before, which is a real bonus.

I tend to buy electronic items with a vague plan of when I will upgrade them. I can see this screen being used for many years to come. It does not need upgrading- it's that good.
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on 3 October 2013
My first projector screen and i am well impressed with the quality for the price obviously i have nothing to compare it too but i`m still impressed.The motor does make a noise when the screen is moved but its not excessive, the edges do curl slightly at the top (the black edge ) but does not effect the picture.The trip adjustment to control where the screen stops when lowered or when retracting back into the case is a bu**er to adjust when fitted to the wall fortunately for me the screen was perfect out of the box others might not be so lucky.
FIVE Stars all the way.
I like it I like it a lot!

Have used now for over twelve months with no problem the screen is the same today as when I fitted it. Brilliant.
Still FIVE Stars all the way
I like it I like it even more !

Edges are now curling a little more and is noticeable if you look for it but for the price this screen is still exceptional value
My screen is almost always down I have noticed that when retracted and then lowered the edges curl more and take a couples of days to flatten back.
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on 23 July 2013
Wanted to change my manual screen for a while as it has seen better days. Read the reviews and was very worried, this can't be that good for under 80 notes, my old one nearly cost that. Need not have worried this is as good if not better than my old screen. Picture fills it, image is crisp and colourfull, and that's before you talk about it's automation. I decided to hang mine on hooks from a beam and it hangs true. The unit is solid and fixing it tight to something with the supplied bolts would probably stop a slight vibrating I get from the case when the screen has about a foot left to roll up. My motor is not noisy.

If I had to be picky it would be there's no manual override so if the motor dies your stuffed, but considering it's price it's a bargain.
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on 17 May 2014
I have purchased 5 of these screens over the past 2 years- not because they break, but because they are so good. I have a building company and when we are refurbishing clients houses, if it will fit I always recommend one of these screens. 

I first had a 120" version myself and was very happy with it, I have since purchased the 92" version as well. 

I have been so impressed I have even on 3 occasions installed the housing in the ceiling crated a small gap big just big enough for the bar at the bottom if the screen to pass through meaning the screen and casing is completely hidden and emerges from the ceiling when required. If you want to do this, white 15mm plastic stop beads are excellent for trimming the appeture. 

There are a couple of drawbacks for basic installation, fixings, cable position is short, cable position is fixed. However, if you are half sensible this won't be an issue. 

I will almost certainly be installing another one of these screens sometime soon. 

Importantly think about your chosen projector and it's throw range and position , as well as your room size while deciding your screen size. I would highly recommend googling 'projector Central' and using there great calculator tool to see how your system will fit and perform.
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on 5 November 2017
Good screen for the cost and easy to wall mount, loses a star as is a bit of a pain when pulling down with locking consistency at the exact same level every time and when rolling back up sometimes locks on way up and needs pulling slightly down again to start the retracting process again.
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on 30 September 2015
Great Projector. The cable does protrude from the end a little, and the wall control is not in a convenient place for me (I want it tucked away, not in the middle of the wall) but I have this mounted next to the ceiling and with a pelmet built in front, which is great as it can't be seen until you want to use it. Also had to look hard to find the adjustment screw which was not clear in the instructions....
Great value for money though... as long as the motor holds out.
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