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on 15 August 2017
good to listen to
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on 1 June 2016
Very Good Album From Kaiser Chiefs Many From Matthew
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 September 2014
When I first heard the Kaiser Chiefs years ago via 'I Predict A Riot', I immediately hated the song, and when the radio starting playing 'Everyday I Love You Less and Less', I decided that I've give this new indie band a miss. However, subsequent hits on later albums, and indeed a change in my musical taste at the time, made me warm to them, and eventually I bought their 2005 debut 'Employment'. I now love those aforementioned songs, and although I still think they become repetitive after a while, I make sure I mix them in with other songs.

My favourite track, indeed my all time favourite Kaiser Chiefs song is 'Caroline, Yes', and this is also on the record, alongside other greats like the pop gem 'Modern Way', the meaningful 'You Can Have It All', and another big hit - 'Oh My God'. On a whole, it's an excellent rock album with upbeat songs of sheer raw energy. The mellower, Britpop influenced 'Team Mate' provides a rare softer moment, and could easily be mistaken for a Blur song on first hearings.

For a debut, 'Employment' is a triumph, and even those who dislike the Kaiser Chiefs can't rightly say that they don't had their own, indefinable sound, which is something they had from the start. With four huge hit singles on board, 'Employment' is probably the studio album that casual fans will want, although all these songs, along with 'Ruby', 'Angry Mob' and 'Never Miss A Beat' can all be found together on the recent compilation Souvenir : The Singles 2004 - 2012.
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on 22 May 2005
Employment is a truly addictive album, you'll find yourself singing along in no time. It seems like the Kasier Chiefs might have lost their rhyming dictionary when they wrote this album, so look out for some comedy rhyming (since when did 'beaten' and 'police men' rhyme?? but they pull it off!)
This is very upbeat, the kind of music to pull you out of a bad mood and make you want to dance like a mad thing. There are occasional air guitar moments, head banging moments and dozens of sing out loud opportunities. A real must if you're looking for something a little different to spice up your record collection and keep you smiling for months to come.
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on 22 April 2017
fast - good value, great!
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on 15 December 2005
I've reached that grand old age now when I can happily moan about how dire modern rock and pop is and how much better it was in my day blah blah blah... except that thanks to the likes of Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs it's actually not half bad. Ok so you can trace back their influences to the late 70s - early 80s new wave but then again you could trace back The Rolling Stones and Led Zep's influences to 1930s Mississippi. For my money the Chiefs are the best of the current crop, largely due to having a sense of humour which is more than can be said of their self-consciously cool US counterparts. The melodies are damn catchy too. I challenge anyone to listen to 'I predict a riot' and not have the chorus buzzing round their heads for the next 24 hours. That and 'Oh my God' are the highlights IMO but overall there are only a couple of mediocre tracks. There are at least another 3 or 4 that could be put out as singles on top of the 4 that have made the charts. So to anyone who wants to moan about the current state of UK music I suggest you give this a listen and you might stop for a short while.
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on 1 February 2006
My 15 year old daughter introduced me to this album. She has good taste, but I am 53 and very little music has impressed me in recent years. She says this is the KC's first album. To be honest I'm amazed. She plays it a lot, and I listen to it, a lot! It's excellent, though I wouldn't have a clue as to what style of music it is, no doubt she will enlighten me. I detect some quality 60's, elements of 70's and some Punk (which I hated at the time). If this is their first album, what will follow? So, why only 4 stars? Age and experience! But, I'm still impressed.
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on 21 February 2005
Hype, hype, hype, and errr a bit more hype. "Grown up" music these days (by that, I mean indie/alt rock etc) is turning into just as much of a publicity contest as the Pop-Idol stuff. Another year, another clutch of 5-star debut albums from NME - "the best debut album since... oooh, last week!" You can rely on them almost as much as you can rely on the second album being slagged off, no-one buying it, and the band drifting into irrelevance. But people, I am here to tell you that Kaiser Chiefs are genuinely something different.
As a whole, the sound is so old, it's new! It's also a real mixed bag - there are elements of The Jam, XTC, glam rock, 80s electronic music, the list goes on. The first three tracks alone are probably worth the price of the album, and the sheer energy from a loud play of I Predict A Riot is probably enough to power your house for a few weeks!
But I have request to make: PLEASE don't let this album get hyped up too much, go out, buy it, enjoy it, but don't push them up only to let them crash again - it happens far too much these days...
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on 2 April 2005
After 2004's proliferation of rather impressive British bands, The Kaiser Chiefs seem like they're not going to let 2005 be a musical disappointment. This debut album is really enjoyable and catchy and won't let people who like 'I predict a Riot' and 'Oh My God' down. They're a top band who have a similar attitude to Blur and other mid-90's Brit pop acts, yet they fit perfectly with other new acts such as Bloc Party, with music magazines like NME constantly mentioning them in the same breath.
The album is, unsuprsingly, riotous, good fun and smart arsey (in a good way.) Suprisingly, however, some of the lyrics can be tender and sweet, particuarly in songs such as 'You Can Have It All' and 'Team Mate.' The stand out track of 'Employment' is 'I Predict A Riot' and people shouldn't expect all the songs to be as classic, which is one of the reasons why I'm only giving the album 4 stars. Another reason is that the album is a grower, and took a few listens for me to really get into it and might not grab everyone immediately. Overall, The Kaiser Chiefs should be in every indie kid's CD collection because all 12 tracks are good enough to be singles. They may not be as trendy and arty as Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand or many of the bands that were big last year but they're just as good and just as worthy of success.
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on 20 August 2005
I have agonised over the rating for this album, wanting to give it a four (though certainly not a five), wanting to call it a great album ever since i saw them in April,but sadly it aint a great album, though a good one.
I suppose i was one of their first fans,being a fan from the first time "i predict a riot" stunned me into thinking here is a truly great sensation about to hit the charts.The fact is the singles "everyday i love you less and less", "oh my god" and "i predict a riot" are all excellent sing-a-longs.
But apart from these and the wonderful "you can have it all", it's not too spectacular.I'm not one of these people who get carried away by all the hype like the other reviewers because i do have 300+ albums and therefore high standards.
"Saturday nite" has a great riff that i've heard before but not much more than that, "na na na na na" is a bit lazy,like a Blur b side, though enjoyable live."Time honoured tradition" aint much cop either with it's "uh uh uh uh..." chorus.
So it's enjoyable stuff for the most part but by no means worth too much hype i feel. But the most important thing is the answer to the question "should you buy it?" - of course - it's worth it for the 3 singles alone but don't go expecting a modern classic.
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