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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 31 March 2017
Great product, highly recommend and will buy again. Impressed with product. Delivery was speedy and excellent
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on 27 April 2017
Brilliant album. They were great then, they're still great now. Incredibly inventive songwriting, witty lyrics and Tony Visconti producing. So many great tracks, but Hospitality on Parade is definitely a big favourite of mine. One of their very best.
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VINE VOICEon 18 July 2011
To me Indisceet was and is one of my favorite albums of all times. I adore the diversity of all the songs on here .....I love 'Looks, Looks, Looks and Hospitality on Parade...but my real loves are for the unusual. Without using Hands, brilliant, Under the table with Her.....fantastic....(is it from a dogs point of veiw or a childs...I havent worked that one out yet) It aint 1918, Rockabilly glam....They are really eye opening tracks. The only one I am not keen on is T*ts but I suppose that is cos I am a girly. (well maybe not so much of a girlie now as I bought the album when it first came out !!!)How are you getting home goes from smooth to rock in a blink of an eye, Miss the start Miss the End (for their such very good friends) was good .....Get in the Swing was bought out as a single....Pineapple .....very strange but okay ...The Lady is Lingering ...smooth as silk.....

I couple of years back I introduced a Canadian friend to this CD...he promptly pinched mine and I had to replace it!!! I didnt mind, its great to know that he was shouting about this album in the provences' LOL

Great CD thank you Ron and Russel
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on 16 January 2007
Growing up in the 80's in Los Angeles I discovered Sparks during there "Whomp that Sucker" and "Angst in my Pants" New Wave period. After the quality of the next two records dwindled, I kind of lost interest, until a girl I met in London turned me on to "Kimino my House" and "Propaganda". Here was the pure genius of Rock and Pop I'd been looking for! It was a little like Queen,The Sweet and Bowie but weirder and better! Then in the 90's I bought the rest of their records for my collection and "Indiscreet" was the strangest and most glorious one of all. A regal, let them eat cake, kind of record! "Happy Hunting Ground" is a blast of operatic, pop, rock pre-punk madness.!! "In the Future" pre-dates 80's new wave (and their own 80's song "I Predict") and "Tits" is a classic! If you're into Sparks, buy this genius record right away!!
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on 1 January 2015
The fifth Sparks album from 1975, and the quality bar is still set extremely high, coming barely a year after their two earlier classics Kimono My House and Propaganda, this album is equally as good as those earlier classics.

If you're into leftfield, quirky, intelligent and often hilarious genre breaking pop music, this is the album for you.

A definite five star must buy, very highly recommended.
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on 6 March 2014
And thus endeth Sparks' British (and most commercially successful) era. The final album in their so-called 'Island Trilogy' (even though there was a forth LP for Island Records - Big Beat, the following year) was more varied and self-indulgent than it's predecessors, as if they knew they wouldn't be making another album with this wonderful backing band. Because of it's eclectic nature, it doesn't flow as well as Propaganda or Kimono My House but it's just as strong as those aformentioned albums. My highlights include the brass band-led single Get In The Swing, the frantic Happy Hunting Ground and the bouncy hoedown-esque It Ain't 1918. It's heartening that a record this unique and experimental (albeit with huge pop smarts) could be a (minor) hit. Essential Sparks.
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on 23 March 2014
How to begin ?! Well, decades ago when I was a respectable tween over there in Germany, I accidently discovered this furious band sparking loads of musical things in me. The first time I heard Sparks music - back in 1977 - i haven`t heard anything alike before.

Listening to falsetto vocals, dancing on elaborated, highly melodious tunes, packed in rapidly changing sounds and styles nearly knocked me out. This sonic storm vehemently defined my musical preferences and taste to this day.
There`s almost everything in this album`s music. The Meal brothers created a most enjoyable multi-layered soundscape, dominated by powerful chords, lofty vocals and various rock-orchestral sounds, structured and shaped by neck breaking stops, shifts and breaks.

You name it ... a bunch of styles and directions, craftly combined by these masterminds. From proto-punk, new wave bits over glam rock and classical borrowings to swing and jazz ! What a caleidoscope of various musical styles, not to speak of criptic cutting lyrics like in Tits or Looks, Looks, Looks.

The sound of the 2006 remaster benefits from a more differentiated acoustic pattern, even revealing marginal sound features while emphasising the power and punchiness of the dominating instruments. How entertaining !

Trying to describe the music in length and detail would certainly exceed this little review. Only this much: Crashing rock figures, string quartetts, military stomps and meaty beats.The idiosyncratic siblings adress fear of maturity, infidelity as well as sexual frustration, arranged and produced by the talented Tony Visconti. You`d better listen to this skillfully arranged tonal richness.

Russell Meal commented on their affluent work of art: `I think INDISCREET does have a lot of Englishnes about it`. Strangely enough another American essentially assisted to create this very Anglophile record. Weird !

Yeah, this album constituted my predilection for British English music and culture. Strange, ain`t it: High grade Anglophilia caused by a bunch of Americans.

At last: The Meal brothers musical effusions couched in songs that seemed determined to cover as many genres as possible.
As Ron said at the time about INDISCREET: " I`ve created a monster".

Yeah so, he did - so share and enjoy !
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on 4 August 2010
This cd is an all time favourite of mine and is a timeless piece of work written by the "Mael"brothers ,how on earth Russell sings so high and at such length is beyond me ! ,this albumIndiscreetis fun to listen to and the lyrics at times a bit risque !!My overall opinion on this delightful cd is it,s money well spent,the price was very reasonable and the delivery was spot on 10 out of 10 !!!
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on 1 October 2014
Another Sparks album, if you like them, get it and enjoy the sounds, if you dont like this sort of thing it will rub you up the wrong way all day. If you dont know if you like Sparks then if you like Beyonce, West Life, Green Day or One Direction then you are going to hate this with everything your soul contains. Its not like that stuff. Not at all. Nope
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on 31 July 2009
Released in early Winter, 1975, this is one of those Sparks albums that demands...and gets...five stars. The final hurrah of the band as a group in the truest sense of the word, the brothers ditched Dinky and co. and headed back to America after this album. Although not as well received as the previous two `English` albums, there are some amazing songs on here. Ron Mael`s heart must have been broken by the poor sales, considering some of the stuff he was up against, and the effort he put into the tracks. Tony Visconti produced it, rather than Muff Winwood and it shows. Not necessarily in a bad way though. The contrast between for instance, `In The Future` and `Miss The Start, Miss The End`, couldn`t be greater, each uniquely Sparks and equally fabulous.
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