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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 17 August 2008
But it comes from such a catchy song that you just can't help it. But now the album has been released, it's an opportunity to see if 'the song of the summer' is just a one-off or are there other gems there too. And I'm pleased to say that the album is a very welcome surprise. Noah and the Whale have crafted a quirky, original album. The lyrics are witty and perceptive and set in music that is kind of folksy-pop. The singles 5 Years Time and Shape Of My Heart do stand out but only by a notch. All together, the album is a joy to listen to and will leave you smiling. And at just over 42 minutes, it doesn't outstay its welcome either.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 December 2013
'Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down' was Noah and the Whale's debut album, and like a lot of people, I bought it on the strength of the top ten hit '5 Years Time', a song that was stuck in my head for at least two hours after the first hearing.

Not all the songs on this album are so up beat and catchy, but some of the best music can be found with the tracks that have darker lyrics. My personal favourite is 'Give A Little Love', which conveys the truthful message that it is unable to be loved without loving first. A very simple story, it nevertheless is a standout, and despite not being as radio friendly as '5 Years Time', would have made a good single. Another good song, that was released as a single and then re-issued again (which '5 Years Time' was), is 'Shape Of My Heart', where Charlie Fink sings about being hurt by a girl before, he thinks now that he doesn't want to fall on love again, but recently has.

Five years later, I can still play this album and enjoy it. Their second album 'The First Days of Spring', and the third 'Last Night On Earth' especially, were far better, but 'Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down' remains a very singable debut with plenty of songs to make you happy, and to reflect.
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on 2 November 2008
I bought tickets to see them live in Glasgow last week based on hearing 5 years time. Absolutely loved them. Think they are bit of Jonathan Richman meets the Waterboys sound but they were a true delight. Bought the album after seeing them - uplifting, energising and sensitive. Played it constantly. Love it to death! Think the videos are mental but sweet and make me smile.
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on 25 June 2008
Having followed Noah and the Whale for a good few months and having seen them live a couple of times in Manchester i can safely say that they are good. Songs like "Rocks and Daggers", "Mary", "Beating" and the new single "5 Years time" will have you dancing and smiling in seconds.

Live, NATW are pretty special, working the crowds and getting everyone involved with their lively mainly upbeat music. There are also some slower and darker tones to some of the songs and lyrics and they are definately not just your typical pop group.

Including a violin, bass, drums, egg shaker(!), and glokenspiel and music box they create multi-layered sounds that can build into high energy, barn-dancing-esque madness!! This album is well worth buying and is definately going to be album of the summer whenn it eventually gets released.
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on 21 August 2008
I can't agree with the last reviewer who stated that there is one good song and ten whiney ones. That is far from the mark. Some reviews on here may put people off this album because they make out that it is a 'whingey folk album' which paints it as a singer with acoustic guitar scenario. This is wrong. There ARE the odd song like that but they are always supplemented by the gentle backing of Laura Marling. And then you have the other songs which make great use of all manner of instruments. I won't mention 5 years time as everyone knows it by now. The other single Shape of my heart has some nice mexican horns etc, Rocks & Daggers (the best song on the album) has some fiddle and some nice changes in tempo, 2 atoms is another up tempo number. I can see how this album would irritate people, but I think there is more to it than meets the eye. Give it a go, at least listen to it from start to finish before saying it's rubbish! I Like the Wes Anderson inspired videos as well!
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on 19 July 2015
I got this CD for about £3 alongside some others. I particularly got it for '5 years time', but I thought as long as a few of the other songs sounded nice, it'd be worth it rather than getting the MP3 on it's own, right?

I got the say, gave it a few listens but quickly got put off by the singing. It was... awful, and only '5 years time' and 'atoms in a molecule' really appealed to me, and even then the latter wasn't as good as the first. It sat on my shelf for a few months, before I finally decided to RIP it and add it on my phone since I was getting tired of listening to the same old songs.
It wasn't until then that I really sat down to listen to the disk as I worked. After getting past the initial singing, the lyrics and the melodies were really appealing and had deep, interesting meanings, and I really began to fall in love with all the songs.

Every song as some moments were the melodies, the singing and the lyrics all fall together perfectly and I fall into a lull, immersed by the songs. Sadly, there are also moments where the singing is pretty jarring and poor and puts me off. It took me a while of listening to look past the bad moments and be able to focus on the good, and now I like to listen to the album when I'm going to sleep or I feel particularly emotional.
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on 13 January 2012
I purchased this on the strengh of the reviews that I had read and I must say that I was disapponted after all the hype. The songs were weak and had no strong melodies that made me want to play it again, although I have but with the same responce. It's ok and that is about it. If I was playing my music system on random then I would accept one track but not a whole c.d.
Other reviewers said the lead singers voice was similar to Tom Petty but I could'nt hear it, Lou Reed and Ray Davies certainly spring to mind but not Tom Petty. On the the whole a pretty average album with no real strong melodies.
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on 8 August 2008
New Folk doesn't get much better than this. If you want killers tunes you'll love this record - The Whale are set to conquer the world and earn a much deserved place in your heart.
Back in March 08 I had the privelidge of meeting Charlie Fink, Urby and co when they came in to BBC Wales Cardiff to record a session. Twenty minutes in and it was obvious I was in the presence of true genius. Listening to a promo of the finished album it's a like a thunderbolt to the soul - gut feelings are always right - this record has moments to lift even the saddest weariest of eyes into a wry happy smile.
What makes The Whale so wonderful is the romance - the melancholy in the lyrics make a 42 year old feel like he's thirteen again and running through fields of flowers, birds, bugs and heart shaped trees.
The singles you'll know and already adore, but prepare to be enchanted by Laura Marling's backing vocals on 'Second Lover' - 'I'll love you in reality and dreams' - it's one of touchstones of this record. Grown up sentiments from a young bang with a knack of making you feel life's worthwhile again - in spite of credit crunch, spiralling debts and unfullfilled promises - if you buy this record/download the tracks I'm pretty sure they'll be played and played and played - if 'Peaceful the world lays me down' was an lp you'd wear out the grooves - 'there are ghosts and demons in the dark' - Charlie sings on the title track - but you just know that inside his head - things will work out just fine. Or will they? There's more than enough heartfelt philosophizing to make Camus blush. Stand by to revel in the next great record of 08 after Fleet Foxes. 30 seconds into 'Mary' you'll remember what it's like to fall in love all over again.
If you buy this record you'll be inspired - and that's what makes it stand head, heart, neck and shoulders above the rest of the young pretenders.
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on 11 November 2008
I feel that the album is actually better overall than the single - tho can only be pleased that the single brought attention. It is a considerable accolade to say that the sound reminds me of one of the best indie bands for many years - Neutral Milk Hotel.
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on 10 March 2014
I Was so excited when this was released and although it has some good tracks, its nowhere near as good as previous albums - theyre playing safe now instead of their usual exciting experimental music. Obviously writing for the populace - what a pity.
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