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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 8 October 2007
This Album is truly Amazing. Every track is a face melter.
guitar solos are second to none.
The Talent of this band is out of this world.

Buy this album, Alter Bridge ROCK.

For fans of good talented music, (none of this EMO, Pop, Rap Rubbish)
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on 22 October 2008
Blackbird, Alter Bridge's second studio album and the follow up to One Day Remains, is another quality collection of Hard Rock, slightly harder than it's predecessor but musically stronger.
Lyrically, Myles Kennedy contributes more on this album, after all One Day Remains was written mostly before he joined.
The result is an accomplished rock album bursting with distorted guitar riffs, elegant choruses and brilliant solos, Alter Bridge have delivered a truly unique album.
It's a shame it appears to have sold less well then One Day Remains, that's tough on Alter Bridge because overall this is a much better album.
It's a less mainstream rock sound, but no-one can deny Alter Bridge have delivered a hard rock classic right here, no arguments.
Track Picks: "Watch Over You" and "Ties That Bind"
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on 31 January 2012
When I first heard blackbird for the first time I was quite blown away with the tracks that were recorded onto the album including songs like "come to life" which had a heavy melodic style to it whilst also giving a grungy feel at the same time. Other heavy songs with a very good structure in them included "White Knuckles" and "Ties that bind" which were heavy but unique in there own way, "White Knuckles" was quite a fast track which had good drum and guitar patterns through the song. "Ties that bind" opened with a good guitar riff with a good build up to the chorus of the song.

Whilst blackbird had many fast and heavy tracks there were also quite slow melodic tracks like "Wayward One" which starts off slow and builds itself up to quite a loud powerful chorus then takes its way back to a nice slow verse with a nice smooth drum pattern, and good guitar riff, the vocals go well with song, it makes the song have more feeling and emotion. Another similar song to "Wayward One" is "Brand New Start". It has the similar drum pattern and vocals but it is very different in its own way. It also has the similar build up to the chorus with powerful vocals and very dynamic instruments. The band in my opinion have succeeded really well with recording this album because it shows how they can create such a different sound from there last album, also it also lets you feel how they can play such amazing solos and perform rock like ballads like "Blackbird".

I think alter bridge has brought out a very well written album, with some songs that leave you amazed and some songs you just want to listen to over and over, with the unique vocals of Myles Kennedy and the fantastic dynamics and sound of the instruments, this bands album is no question of a doubt one of the finest and unique sounding albums to hit shop shelves and if they continue to create wonderful sounding music like this they will continue to sell millions of copies around the world, if you have not listened to the album i highly recommend that you do so because it is a beautifully made album that needs to gain more and more reputation from around the globe.
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on 4 January 2012
Again I'm late in reviewing this album even though I bought it when it was first released. And what an album it is! Heavier and darker than One Day Remains but no less enjoyable. Tremonti remains as kinetic and brilliant as always but is now augmented by Kennedy on rhythm and occasionally co-lead (the outro lead on the title track is Kennedy in an ode to a dead friend).
The riff work has a much harder edge to it this time, if it weren't for their commitment to keeping melody the driving force some people would no doubt call this metal. What it is though is heavy rock of the highest order; it may not be the happiest of lyrics, but the hooks and rhythms more than make up for that.
After a rumbling bass line and crunching riff open Ties That Bind things settle down into a, as previously mentioned, darker and heavier cadence than ODR until the utterly sublime Before Tomorrow Comes drags you straight into a melodic overload that would have held its own on the previous record and from there on in the whole album kicks it up a gear. The guys demonstrate a fantastic ability to write, both lyrically and musically, songs that seemingly plumb the depths of despair before rising on a crescendo of optimistic melody to leave you amazed, Rise Today being a stunning example. This being a winning formula, it's one they show no apology for reusing, nor should they. Finishing with the rebellious We Don't Care At All, a fantastic showcase for what they can do when having fun this is an album that will reward with multiple plays, stunning work.
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on 9 October 2007
I have always liked Creed, so when they split up I was pretty much devistated. Luckily for me Alter Bridge came along. The first CD was really awesome, I loved how it was much heavier and allowed the always great Mark Tremonti as well as his band mates Scott and Brian to play the way they were supposed to. The debut album was a good album, but I wasn't as into it as I would have hoped to be. The only thing was that I didn't have the respect for Myles yet. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but with some albums you just get this really nice feeling when it's COMPLETELY awesome. When Alter Bridge went on tour I saw them in Chattanooga. I gained a new respect for every one of them. This CD reflects THEM more I think. The guitar riffs are INSANE, I love Mark's style. The drum beats are really awesome, Phillips is a great drummer.Brian Marshall really did a great job in this album too. I am really glad they got Myles as a singer, his voice is great, I actually like his better than Scott Stapp's. I could tell they really loved playing this music. This CD is really great, I think anyone could enjoy this if they enjoy good music. Some songs I really like is "Ties That Bind," "Come To Life," "Rise Today," "White Knuckles," "Blackbird," "Watch Over You"(which is a really sweet song, kind of has the feeling of "In Loving Memory"). Buy this CD, if you liked the first CD you will NOT regret it. This CD is a MUST buy.
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on 21 October 2011
This album is just amazing, at first some of the songs seem alien to you, you haven't heard them before and since the songs aren't advertised why should you? but believe me when i say it but they are catchy best way to describe what this ablum does to you is the music video for party rock anthem, but honestly for 5 quid no-one should complain don;t get me wrong a relatively unknown band here in the UK but in the states they are big business i'm not saying no-one has heard of them just small amount of people know who they are just like bands like dream theatre or puddle of mudd etc. All in all though a great album by a great artist and only a fiver no moans no gripes can;t lose, nuff' said
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on 21 January 2017
Much better than expected. Saw them recently live and they left me a bit cold, not reqally knowing their music that well. This CD is great though, especially the title track and the beautifully sad Watch Over You. Ideal if you want one AB CD.
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on 22 September 2009
Having lived through Creed with some of the masterful tunes they produced Alterbridge took it a step further with "One Day Remains" and topped it off with "Blackbird". This is a musically clever album, a cut above the mediocrity that resides in the music industry at the moment. Having seen them live 3 times I can not understand why they rae not more widely recognised for their talent. Heartfelt songs, with a message and no swearing (Linkin Park please note...do you think they'll read these reviews?). Having bought this album 2 years ago I have never stopped playing it! In my books the track Blackbird is up with classics such as Stargazer, Freebird and Stairway!
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on 30 March 2008
Having enjoyed the "One Day Remains" album I bought their latest offering "Blackbird",and boy,am I glad I did!!!
This collection of 14 songs is simply outstanding and it's almost impossible to pick a favourite-they're all brilliant.
Miles Kennedy delivers soaring vocals,combined with Mark Tremonti churning out a blistering sonic attack on lead guitar-with plenty of Zakk Wylde style riffs and solos thrown into the mix-watch out Zakk-these guys are real good.
Any true rock fan will adore this album,and hopefully i'll get to see AB play live in concert sometime soon.
Excellence of this calibre is rare.
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on 28 April 2016
I love this album!!

If you haven't heard it already, and are into the rock genre, I seriously recommend this album. Myles Kennedy is a fantastic singer, and Mark Tremonti is an equally fantastic and talented guitar player.
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